The holiday season is almost here! Christmas is so close. The Winter Solstice is even closer. Yule is one of the only times families gather together which makes it amongst other things a time of celebrating the living people in our life that we love. In fact it is one of the only times we consciously make it important to show the people and community that we care about that they are special to us. Often by giving gifts. There is a lot of talk around this time of year about the over commercialism but gifts  play a special purpose in forming relationships.  

However the holidays is not the only time we get given gifts. We actually give and receive gifts every day of our lives, often unnoticed. Yuletide is perfect for taking time out to learn more about these gifts, to learn more about ourselves and to be even more grateful for those people that make our lives special and our own ability to light up the world. And this is the time, more than ever, to make it important to acknowledge the gifts we give and receive in our lives. In fact for me nothing makes me feel more blessed, confident and abundant than this process. 

Find the gifts that your nearest and dearest give to you

Look at the people on your Yule gift list and brain storm the following:

  • Who are these people ?
  • What is their relationship to you?
  • What gifts have they brought to your life? ( This can be stability, lessons, love)
  • For each gift think about your life and why is this teaching necessary to you life today.

Choose one of these people and write them a letter thanking them for the gift they bring to your life and telling them how much they mean to you.

If possible spend time with them over the holidays. Get to know them on a  deeper level and you may find that you have only just scratched the surface in your understanding of the gifts they bring to your life.

The gifts you give to others

Gifts do not only travel one way. As we receive from people in our lives we also give gifts from our own heart. It can often be a challenge to recognise our strengths we bring to others lives.  However your gifts are as unique as you are and they light up the world in their own way. By acknowledging and naming them you will get a wonderful sense of how amazing you truly are.

Identifying the gifts we receive in our lives and the gifts we give brings an overwhelming sense of gratitude and confidence. Have a think – What gifts do you give to others? If it’s hard to think of you can ask your family and friends to help you here. Try asking yourself:

  • What do your friends come to you for help for? 
  • What qualities I try and give to the people I love? 
Take a moment to meditate on your gifts. Own them and appreciate them. These are your contribution to the world.

Everyone has something special they share with the world. Taking the time to look into what you give and what you receive in your life reminds us what is truly special in our lives. We really are lucky to be here and to be us. There are so many things that had to go right for us to be here and now right in this moment. That really is the most special gift of all. 

Have an amazing week 



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