Re:Root MEthod

Imagine a world where everyone is Happy.

Living a Life that is content, fulfilled. Accepting their perfect imperfections. Daring to live a life that is right for them.

Wouldn’t that be an amazing world to live in?

We all just want to be happy and that is what Re:root helps people to do. Be Happy

Whether in work or play, spiritually or professionally Re:Root equips people with the tools they need to rebalance their life and discover the confidence to dare to live a life that brings them joy.

With holistic life coaching services, workshops and content Re:root supports people to root within themselves, get rid of the BS that is holding them back and find a path in life that makes them happy.

Ultimately making the world a better place to live, one smile at a time.

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The Re:Root MEthod is inspired by nature and is based on 6 principals

  • Life is a journey to be enjoyed
  • Like a seed we have inside us everything we need to transform
  • In order to live a happy life we need to create strong roots and environment to grow
  • Your life path has to be right for you no-one else
  • Our lives only change when we take charge and take practical action towards our personal growth
  • Growth is a co creative process

Nature has been growing and manifesting long before humans ever existed. The blueprint for transformation, growth and evolution surrounds us. As we are part of nature it stands to reason that if we use this blueprint and apply it to our own lives we will connect with our growth potential and transform just as the tiny seed transforms into an Oak tree.

By Re:Rooting within ourselves, connecting and understanding our potential we can both grow a strong foundation, create the right environment for our growth and transform our lives naturally.

"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better" Albert einstein

what is the re:root coaching method ?

The Re:Root coaching method is a holistic approach to coaching. Which means we look not only at the areas of life you want to transform, but at your whole life style in the here and now. We work with internal and external process. Because the internal affects the external and vice versa. From looking within and reconnecting or Re:Rooting with ourselves you will connect with your potential and discover a new understanding of the perfectly imperfect being that you are. By looking internally you will strengthen the roots and foundation for your growth, As we transistion to working externally you will work with conscious living techniques and growth mindset to create the right environment for your growth as you begin to take practical action to manifesting your coaching goals. The ultimate goal is that you are enjoying your journey in life. And because of this there is not cut and paste method of coaching as we all need different things to help us grow and have different things that make us happy. With the Re:root method we focus on you growing and developing in the right way for you and you learning to use tools and process that will continue to create your own happiness and a live you love long after your coaching relationship ends.

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"Nature is not cruel. It is not kind. Nature simply is.

You are part of nature my friend.

You are not wrong. You are not right. You simply are.

And like nature you have the power within you to grow, evolve and be what ever you want to be.

The power is in you.

It is up to you what you do with it."

Emma-Jane Cross, Re:Root 

Growth is a Co- Creative Process

Within nature each life form supports another to grow. The slow growing trees such as Beech and Oak cannot grow strong without the fast growing Birch’s canopy. Insects carry procreative pollen to assure the continuation of life. A strong plant grows with the support of its community. By the giving and receiving of support. I see this co creative relationship in nature as a mirror of the coaching relationship between coach and client. IT is a challenge to grow alone without support. In fact nature shows us that it is near on impossible. So when you reach out to a coach for support and inspiration you are powerfully increasing your growth potential and chance of success. 

The RE:Root method applies to every part of life

One of the things I love about working with the Re:Root coaching method is that it can be applied to every single aspect of human life! If you want to transform your life then you need to grow. And that applies to your personal life, your business or your spirituality. All growth begins from withing. Each manifestation begins as an internal vision. The process of Re:Rooting internally and then Re:Routing your life externally is a blueprint that both you and I can use whenever we want to make a change, develop and grow.

How can I re:Root ?

I offer a free 45 minute consultation session for potential clients to find out how we can work together to transform your life. Have a look at my services or send me an email to  to find out the many different ways you can Re:root your life and Enjoy the Journey 

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