New Year. 

 New LifE !

   (NOT New Year, New You!)

You don't need a New You. You need a Happier Life. Let's Make it Happen in 2021

We all want to be happier in life. Especially after 2020. 

And if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we need to prioritise our happiness, the important things in life. 

To feel successful. To feel joyful, calm and content.

And  if you are not feeling that right now you need to change your life. Pronto! 

2021 is going to be a year of Change! Why not change your life for the better?

 Well, let’s face it, making a life change is BIG!

And it’s scary…

And it’s hard to do without support.

What you need is someone to be on your side. Someone that is going to help you. Be there for you and support you on your journey.

Where can you find someone like that?

You start by getting yourself a Life coach.

A life coach will give you the objective perspective to see where your need to make changes in your life and support you to make change happen.

This NOT New Year. New You. 

It’s Not you that needs to change. It’s your life! 

And you DO have the power to make that change happen. With a life coach it will be simpler, easier to do. Not to mention quicker!

Let's leave 2020 behind. make 2021 the year your life changes!

Give yourself a gift that will transform your life so you can create the happiness you deserve

Grab our Special Offer New Year Life Coaching E-gift certificates so you can begin 2021 with your own personal coach.

how this works ?

Select the gift certificate you’d like to purchase from the options below. Once we have processed your order, (within 2 working days) you will receive an email with a pdf e-gift certificate with a personal gift certificate code and instructions on how to use their voucher.

Our e-gift certificates will be available for purchase up to January 31st 2021. And can be used throughout 2021 ! Terms and conditions apply.

We have two different vouchers depending on where you are in your life. Wether you are looking for clarity or happiness you will find the answer here.

what would you like the most in 2021 ?

 A 75 min intensive solution-focused  online  Clarity coaching session. You will not only get clear about where you are going in life but how to get there. After the session you will recieve an action plan outlining how to  move forwards.

An E-Gift certificate for 3x 1 on1 online life coaching sessions. Nothing is more powerful and effective in changing a life than meeting with a life coach regularily. This will bring clarity, guidance and support to take actions. Changing your life beyond recognition

why wait for a better life when you could be living it here and now ?

what people say?
Emma-Jane is the most awesome coach and person I have ever met! With her kind and loving spirit she is able to let you see yourself and your life in a whole new light, and believe that anything is possible . I would not be at the place I am today if it wasn't for her. Thanks to Emma-Jane I now believe in myself and feel like I can conquer the world! I can't recommend her enough. If you feel lost and don't know what to do, Emma is the best person to contact and coach you to what could be the best investment you have ever made, namely in YOURSELF
Ragnheiður Hjálmarsdòttir
My sessions with Emma-Jane were really wonderful and helped me be more empathetic with myself in viewing my life. My outlook turned around with the help of her tools and insights. I highly recommend working with Emma-Jane!
Ragnheiður Hjálmarsdòttir
During our sessions I gained a better understanding of my core values & powerfulgoal setting techniques (which worked!). I really recommend trying out life coaching with Emma-Jane for everyone who wants to change something in their life for better!
Iza Wenderska