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As much as it is a wonderful experience, parenting brings challenges. Especially when your child is on the Autistic Spectrum. No matter their age young, or even adult autism has an impact on the whole family and especially on you as parents. 

Many in your shoes feel lost and don’t know how to cope. It is hard to know how best to support your child’s emotional and physical health whilst empowering them to live with their invisible disability and nurture their unique talents.  

Emma-Jane has a background of working with children and young adults upon the Autistic spectrum. Together you can find strategies that you can use to support your child to be more independent, cope and thrive with living with their Autism at the same time strengthening your relationship with you child.

For me Autism is an old friend. At home I grew up with an Autistic brother and later specialised for 5 years working with Autistic children in both special needs and traditional schools and as a paedagogic mentor to young adults with Autism. This has given me a plethora of first hand experience and practical tools to help you to support your child. 

Parent Mentoring is a monthly skype process. In our first session we will identify the area where you most need support. I then bring to the table tools which can help and you can put in to action straight away. Each month we will meet on skype to track progress and find the right strategies that will help you and your child and your family. 

I can support you

We will work with:

  • Communication skills for you and your child
  • Structure and support
  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • Supporting sensory issues 
  • Using Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Positive behaviour support systems 
  • Self awareness for the autistic adult
  • Melt down strategies
  • Study strategies
  • Preparing for living away from home

Parent mentoring aims to support you as the parent to support your child to live and work with their condition to have the best possible quality of life quality.

NExt Step

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