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Holistic life coaching


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Life coaching is a co-creative partnership that will help you identify and change those areas of your life which you find unfulfilling or unsatisfactory. 

How can life coaching help me?

There is no cut and paste method of coaching as the process is as unique as you and your life.

Life coaching can help you in many different ways. As your coach I can support you to:

together we can transform your life

what our clients say

Through my coaching I started to see my life purpose, made a plan and suddenly things started to fall in place. I am more relaxed, more focused on good things and have a better understanding as to why I do what I do and be more aware of this. I accept myself and that has turned my life around.



Life coaching is mind blowing. You never just get the answers. Instead Emma-Jane supports you to look inside and by doing that you keep growing as a person. I know where I want to be in life and how I want to get there and I am reaching my goals”


How does Coaching work?

During the 45 minute Skype consultation we will discover how we will work together. If we both feel that we are a good fit to work together, you will create your coaching goals. Each month we will have an hourly Skype session where I will support you to achieve your coaching goals. Coaching is a co-creative process, which means you lead your coaching sessions.  I work with the Re:Root Method. A holistic coaching method where we look at your coaching goals in the perspective of your whole life, conscious living and using practical tools to activate your transformation. The ‘magic’ of coaching happens not just in the sessions but by you using the tools and working with the agreements you make in your session. I offer an initial 6 months coaching package which will be tailored to your needs.