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Re:root offers different services to reconnect you with your self, Re:root with your natural rhythm and support you in your life’s journey.  With Re:root’s creator Emma-Jane you can choose the coaching that suits you and your lifestyle. Re:root provides Holistic Life coaching, Student coaching and Employee coaching.  Scroll down for more information.

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Student Coaching

Re:Root provides both private 1 on 1 student coaching over skype, as well as an in house coaching packages and/ or workshops for Educational Establishments within Denmark, or coaching and workshop packages over Skype. Re:root can also provide coaches for SPS mentor positions in Denmark. Lastly we have a Coaching for Teachers workshop to help you get the most out of your students


You can also participate in Re:Root’s workshops using Celtic and Nordic spirituality as inspiration for connecting your personal growth with nature’s cycle . Scroll down for more information.

Discovering yourself and participating in transformational learning processes is strengthen by being in a supportive communal environment, if you prefer to work within a group then Re:root workshops are available in Denmark, UK

Walking the Wheel of The Year Personal development program

Walking the wheel of the year is a personal development program 29511713_1794601577501974_8986755050787171911_n (1).jpginspired by eight ancient Celtic and Nordic spiritual festivals. Honoring the turning of the seasons.

In the workshops, you will connect with nature’s energy, the rhythm of life, and use this as a catalyst for your own personal growth. Throughout an 8 part personal development journey you will work with a deep connection with nature, your lighter and shadow self, self-love and power a well as the manifestation of your dreams. In each of the workshops, you will experience reconnection with the earth, personal growth, crafting, a shamanic journey, and a ceremony to honor the earth and yourself.

What is the Wheel of the Year ? Find out here!

Women’s circles

As in days when we lived in tribes women need a space to relate, to connect in order to process and grow. In our modern society, we are taught that our sisters are our competition. However, when we work together we become an empowered unstoppable evolving creative force. Find out more about Re:Root’s women circle workshops here.


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