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skills to equip your people for the fast paced world we live & work in

Life today can be overwhelming. People need to be flexible, to have an agile mindset, be able to coordinate deadlines, balnce work and life, family life and more. Many people are not equipped to deal with the pressures of our fast paced lives. Which is why stress levels are rising.  In Denmark 30.000 people are signed off from work due to stress every day and 41.3% of students experience high stress levels during their education. 

soft skills, mindfullness & self awareness tool reduce stress dramatically

Re:Root’s workshops provide your people with the skills they need to cope with the pressure, be productive and have a good work life balance. 

Our workshops can be tailored to be relevant for students, employees or specific situations within your organisations. Workshops can be for 2 hours, half a day or a full day dependant on your requirements. 

Using multi sensory learning techniques during the workshops the participants have the opportunity to try out tools they can begin to use in their own lives,  studies or career right away. 

Our workshops are centered upon self awareness, soft skills and mindfullness tools to encourage personal growth, self motivation and agile mindset. Our policy is that no-one leaves our workshops without a tool they can use in their life straight away or learning something about themselves. 

workshops available

These workshops are available in house within Denmark or alternatively as an e-learning package you can implement within your team development programs. All workshops can be provided in English and Danish.

Time & Project Management

This workshop focuses on time management within work and personal life. Using structuring, prioritising tools, as well as individual / group agile project management tools.

DURATION: 2 hours

forming healthy

Without a doubt  life is busy. And very often people don’t know how to form healthy habits that will help them with their work/life balance. A valuable skill in all areas of life. This workshops teaches participants to decrease decision stress, get organised and minimise stress.

DURATION: 2- 3 hours

coaching for
teachers & leaders

As a teacher or team leader sometimes you will need to coach your people. And you are missing the tools to do just that. This workshop is a tool kit for teachers  and leaders needing to motivate, get organised and improve their team at work or in the classroom.

DURATION: half or full day

Give an amazing presentation

Oral exams and public speaking fills people with dread. In this workshop participants learn tools to help them give their best possible presentation or speech.This workshop can also be given for teachers / sales personale or anyone who want fresh tips for presentations.


DURATION: 2- 3 hours


This workshop investigates why do we have anxiety, tools to help control presentation and exam anxiety as well as looking at dealing with imposter complex. This workshop can include presentation and NLP skills

DURATION: 2-3 hours


Conflicts happen at school and at work. It’s something we can’t stop happening. But there ar positive and negative ways of managing conflict. In this two part workshop participents learn their own conflict style, to be aware of how they react to conflict and try a variety of conflict management tools.

DURATION: 3 hours per workshop / full day

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