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Student Coaching

Re:Root offers two student coaching packages available over Skype. Foundation Skills and Future Skills.  The tools within each package will not only support you during your studies, they will also help prepare you for your life after education. You can choose a package or to combine coaching packages. Each package of 6 months of hourly sessions of coaching over Skype. I work with transformational processes, based on the Re:root methodology that is both practical and natural and most importantly co-creative.

Foundation Skills

Foundation skills are tools to help students know themselves, combat study stress, self confidence issues, and provide tools to assist them with managing their lives.

Foundation skills include:

  • Self Awareness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Time management  and personal organisation
  • Improving memory
  • Communication Skills
  • Oral Presentation coaching
Future Skills

Future skills are life management tools that will assist students to identify and achieve their goals as well as teach them to maintain a sustainable healthy work life balance.

Future skills include:

  • Life balance /quality tools
  • Conflict management
  • Identifying and achieving goals.
  • Stress management
  • Finding Life purpose and creation of a life plan
  • Optimizing your CV and Linked In profile
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