Student Coaching in Academic Institutions

A coach for your students

Study stress, exam stress, results pressures are just some of the challenges faced by students in further education. And as teacher there simply isn’t enough time to help each student with their challenges whilst trying to educate them and meet your own workload deadlines. This is where having a student coach can lighten the load by supporting your students to manage the pressure of student life and fulfill their potential. Giving you the freedom to maximise their academic potential. 

Re:Root currently offers student coaching with Denmark. (In English and Danish) On a weekly basis the coach can provide one or two days worth of 6 coaching sessions. Students will receive private life coaching supporting them to deal with both study and life challenges as well as acquiring skills such as time management tools that will benefit them now, in exams and in the future. Re:Root student coaching focuses on Foundation Skills, Future Skills and Exam Skills method.

Student coaching has proved an effective tool for boosting student performances and decreasing student drop out rates. In one Danish Academy drop out rates went from 32% to 3.2% in one year after establishing a regular in house student coach. 



what the students say
“After being careless student for longer period of time, I was basically lying to myself that I have enough time for study. As the time was ticking, exams getting closer, I was under huge stress and highly demotivated for continuing the study. E-J really helped me out with time management and motivation during study to finish everything, while being focused on reaching my life goals of becoming a person I want to see in the mirror.”
John Doe
GREGG- Student
“Throughout my entire education (2 years), I have had Emma-Jane as a coach. She is an amazing person and is super skilled at what she does! I have evolved more than I ever thought possible, which has given me a completely different outlook on life. I finished my education with great results and I now know exactly what I want to do next in my life. And how I am going to do it.”

HEIDI- Student
what the teachers say
“Jeg har haft den store fornøjelse at arbejde sammen med Re:Root og Emma-Jane i forbindelse med coaching og vejledning af studerende på Erhvervsakademi Dania i Viborg. Samarbejdet startede i efteråret 2017 og fortsætter. Samtalerne med de studerende drejer sig om alt fra en snak om depression, bivirkninger af overfald, ”hvad skal jeg med mit liv”, eksamensangst, generel angst, til de lidt mere ”alvorlige” samtaler som endte i konkrete anbefalinger om at tage kontakt til læge, psykolog eller psykiatri, hvor den hjælp vi tilbyder på ingen måde er tilstrækkelig. Samtalerne var både på dansk og engelsk efter behov. Jeg ser dette tilbud som en enestående mulighed for at kunne tilbyde en studerende en hjælp, som jeg selv eller mine kollegaer ikke er i stand til at give. Den coach og vejledningshjælp, som Emma-Jane har ydet, har helt reelt bevirket, at udfordrede studerende er kommet igennem deres studie og dermed videre i livet. Det har helt klart en positiv effekt – både studiemæssig gennem bedre resultater ved eksamen og mindre frafald, men også samfundsmæssig, da det giver nogle dimittender, som er mere klar på at møde ”den rigtige verden”.
John Doe
METTE PEDERSEN -Rektor Erhvervsakademi Dania, Viborg
“ I have had the great pleasure of working with Re: Root and Emma-Jane in connection with coaching and guidance of students at the Business Academy Dania in Viborg. The collaboration started in the fall of 2017 and continues. The conversations with the students revolve around everything from a talk about depression, side effects of assault, "what do I do with my life", exam anxiety, general anxiety, to the slightly more "serious" conversations that ended in concrete recommendations to contact doctor, psychologist or psychiatry where the help we offer is by no means sufficient. The conversations were in both Danish and English as needed. I see this offer as a unique opportunity to offer a student a help that I or my colleagues are unable to provide. The coaching provided by Emma-Jane has, in effect, caused students to come through their studies and thus further in life. It clearly has a positive effect - both in terms of study through better exam results and less dropout, but also socially, as it gives some graduates who are more ready to meet "the real world".
John Doe
METTE PEDERSEN - Head Dania Business Academy, Viborg