How to Declutter your life – Starting with the art of decluttering your time

In 2010 Francine Jay’s “The Joy of Less” was published and slowly but surely ‘Decluttering’ has become a thing. As Maureen O’Connor said “Decluttering is the new Juice cleanse”. We all love the idea of a minimalist home. A minimalist lifestyle and potential minimal stress the lifestyle promises. However, only a few of us actually manage it.

Personally I am clutter queen. As I sit writing this I am surrounded by a few piles of projects I am working on and I have a bag of donated clothes and belongs to explore on my break. (Kindly donated by someone who is decluttering their own home. There is some irony there). Let’s face it I am a borderline hoarder.

This coming month I have decided to dedicate a month to clearing and decluttering my life. (It’s a part of my happiness project February theme). And I’d like to invite you along for the ride. But before I throw myself into reaching my goals of 50% less stuff, cleansing my diet and clearing my garden. I want to share with you a secret. A secret that I believe is the biggest key to work/life balance and in general a life of minimized stress. The art of decluttering your time

This is one aspect of my life where I am am a master declutterer. My time. For the last 4 years I have become seriously good at not overloading myself and becoming efficient. My work is done and my free time, is mine. No matter how much stuff I have around me, I know what I am doing and when I am doing it. Decluttering my time has given me, well more time. More freedom and funnily enough the ability to accept and let go of things in a way I didn’t think possible. So would you like to know how?

Here is my simple guide to decluttering your time. It takes a little while so don’t expect to have this in the bag overnight. Just keep on going taking baby steps. And eventually you will find that like me you have become the Master of your own time and have time to spare!

Minimize decision stress and create healthy habits

This was the ultimate step for me. There are many mundane things we have to do in a day that take time and energy. Hundreds of decisions about when are we going to wash up, food shop, what am I going to eat, have I remembered to do the washing. I like many of us got so sick of these tasks. I resented them. Procrastinated, which took more of my energy and it all became an unmanageable mess. Until I created a habits schedule. Basically I looked at my skeleton week. And plotted these things in. Empty the dishwasher in the morning. Create a weekly meal plan and then shop one day a week. I minimized the clothes wash down to 3 times a week and allocated a time when I would actually put the clothes away. I also plotted breaks, training and me time in. Now the week doesn’t always run to schedule. However I have this back bone rhythm in my life that I return to as a foundation. It gave me a huge boost of time and things got done. Maybe not in the Disney princess the animals come in and magically clean the house situation. But in a way that I felt as if they had.

So the trick is simple. Look at the mundane tasks you have to do in a week. See how you can dedicate specific times to doing that in your weekly rhythm and then plot them into a weekly schedule. This is my current schedule which you can use as a template for your own.

Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 13.14.06

You will notice I don’t allocate specific times for jobs just an area of the day to do them such as morning, afternoon and evening. I also don’t fill it with the little five minute jobs like emptying the cat trays or getting the post. This schedule is for the big jobs that take chunks of time. And the bonus if you have kids is that they really respond well to this kind of structure too.

Choose an end of day time

This has been another light bulb in decluttering my time. And a light at the end of the tunnel on the more challenging days. An end of the day time is that point in the day where you are doing nothing you have to do. No house work. No work. No calling people. No just have to send that email. Nothing. I am lucky in that we don’t have kids so my end of day time is earlier than most people with a family. Mine is dinner time. I make the food so Mr T does the dishes. 5 days a week after dinner that is it. I am done. That is my time to indulge in my hobbies, relax, take a long bath, read. It means that I have to plan my work day according to the time I have from getting up to 19:30. And as that end of day time is so damn precious to me I get my stuff done. It reminds me to put myself first. And means I have gotten good at saying ‘well I didn’t get that done today but that’s OK. I will rest tonight and make it the most important thing to do tomorrow’. I have more energy and more freedom. My clients who have kids do this too. Even if it is just an hour before bed, having the end of day time allows you to relax, reboot and be ready for the next day.


These are the two most important starting bricks for decluttering your time. There are many other time management strategies out there and you can read some of my articles about them here on the blog. These two are special because they focus on your life. And it’s all well and good having things you want to achieve and tasks to do, but if you don’t have your everyday life in order and know when you are taking some rest you are not going to have the energy to do all that stuff.

Take a step to declutter your time this week and join me next week as I embark on my month of February cleanse and find out which area of my life I am going to declutter next – right after I check out that bag of stuff 😉

Have a great week <3

Make time for what matters.jpg


#lifelesson101 –  The healing power of crying

This week I had a shock, a big one. It rocked the stable foundation of my world, opened up a plethora of old wounds and is still at this minute trying to bring me into a horrible depression. Needless to say it sucked balls. And yes I know millions of amazing strategies to deal with situations just like this. However at the beginning of the week when the thunderclap hit all of that flew straight out of the window and I was a complete and utter mess. The fears took over, the tears kept coming. I broke in a very soggy way.

Now I guess you are wondering how a life coach and someone who works on a daily basis with personal development can react so emotionally to something in this extreme way? Well honestly I am human. Most life coaches have experienced traumas, have unresolved baggage and fears just like anyone else. (And if you meet one who hasn’t I would  seriously question them about it). The only difference with being a coach is that when these things happen once we get to a place where we have some sense of objective perspective we start to analyse, process  and learn from our situation. Eventually we use the tools that we recommend to our clients and begin to  recover.

However how do we get there to that stage of objective perspective? Everyone is different. In my case, specifically this week I often resort to the healing power of tears. Crying some people are against it, some people are for it as a healing tool. Personally I agree with the latter. For me tears are cathartic. I am a person with very strong emotions, both a blessing and a curse. When I get upset, really upset, my body becomes so full of emotion it blocks out everything else. For me crying, sobbing even wailing in the extreme times helps me release my emotions.It’s as if releasing the tears, releases the pain physically and sort of empties me out so I can begin to cope.


And science backs me up on this. Scientists have even found by looking at tears through a microscope crying for different reasons creates tears with different cellular structures.  Read the fascinating Topography of tears to find out more.) 

Moreover in recent years scientists have discovered that when we cry emotional tears:

  • The tears release toxins and hormones produced by stress
  • The tears released help you manage stress and give pain relief.
  • Tears improve our moods and brings a sensation of relief
  • Tears actually improve our vision
  • Tears kill bacteria
  • Tears help clear out our nose and lungs

It’s actually amazing when you look into it how good for us crying can be. (you can read more here.)

I was once in a relationship where if I cried it would anger my then boyfriend as he believed that when people cried it was just to manipulate other people to feel sorry for them.  (You can see why heis an ex right!) However on some level he was right. Crying is way to communicate to others that we temporarily can’t  cope and need help. We start as babies and carry on as adults. We all need other people and crying when we can’t cope anymore is a way to communicate we need help when we don’t have the  strength to ask for it or to speak about our situation.

Trying not to cry is very unhealthy especially for our brains, which get horribly overloaded with stress hormones and problem solving when we are hurt and not crying. Crying things out gives the brain the opportunity to problem solve without the stress.

So if you feel bad about something allow yourself to cry it out. Medically and mentally it is good for us to cry when we are hurt (or when we are happy for that matter). You are not weak if you cry. It is when you think about it part of the problem solving process and is necessary for physical and mental health.  Of course if the crying becomes uncontrollable or  happens for no reason or even starts to affect your daily activities this is depression and you need to go and seek professional help)

Another benefit I have found to crying, or consciously allowing ourselves to cry is that it gives us a chance to tune to why we are upset. In extreme cases it can often be behind the emotional upset are some deep rooted fears that are being provoked. And this is where crying becomes really useful because if you can identify the fears and begin to work with those then you beginning to problem solve and develop yourself on a really deep level.

So what life lesson have I learnt this week? Simply that crying when bad things happen is actually part of my self development. Surrendering to the stress, to the situation has freed my mind and has now identified some unconscious fears. Of course that leaves me with something new to work through and that’s ok. By processing we learn, we re:root with ourselves and from there we evolve to enjoy our life’s journey. Bad times will always come, and we we allow ourselves to release and see them as an opportunity to grow they will always get better. So next time you need to cry do yourself a favour and let the tears flow unashamedly knowing you are doing yourself and your body a favour.

Have a great weekend <3


Release your tearsand cleanse your heartCrying brings with it a brand new start

How to get empowered and change your life in 4 steps

Are you stuck in a life that you don’t live and want to change but have no idea of how you can do that? Believe me I know it, I’ve been there. The world seems limited, you feel completely powerless and the biggest challenge is that when we are there, it is is so easy to play our victim role and believe we cannot change our lives. And what we believe of course comes true. We don’t believe we have the power so we don’t have the power. It sucks.

Now if you are in this particular situation and right now feel as useless as a chocolate fireguard, you will be ecstatic to know that there is a way out! There is a way of turning these beliefs around and empowering yourself to make the changes you want in your life. (See now you feel happier right!) Belief is the key here. Lynne Twist (author of “Soul Money”) says “what you appreciate, and the way you direct your attention, determines the quality of your life”. No, no don’t run away. I know if you are feeling helpless right now that appreciating where you are in your life might seem like the last thing you want to do. However consider this when you appreciate where you are it frees up your energy from focusing on where you are not, ergo you then have the energy to re-see the possibilities, create a vision, commit to it and then act to change. So by appreciating the now you actually empower yourself to change your life.

No matter how you want to change your life the first step is believing you can. I’ll never forget the moment when I decided I was going to be a life coach. I was washing up in Mr T’s flat feeling dissatisfied with my life.  Then the idea hit me that I would become a life coach, changing not only mine but many other peoples lives for the better, that I would create a community of people wanting to Re:Root their lives. In that moment I 100% believed I could do it. I was empowered and from that moment on I have been re seeing my possibilities, created my vision and have been committed and acting upon my dream ever since.

So if you want to change your life you need to begin the process of belief starting with appreciation, create your vision, commit and then act. Even if right now you are still thinking yeah, yeah, I can’t do that try following these 4 steps to empowering yourself to change your life, you will surprise yourself.

  1. Appreciation

So what are you assets? And I don’t mean just physical I mean your community, your support network, your talents and skills, your hopes and dreams, the resources you have to hand. Write all of this down. See how much you have, more than you thought.  Now on a new piece of paper name each person you have in your support network. Write by each person the qualities that they have told you that they appreciate about you. It can be anything, funny, good at making cheesecake whatever it is write it down.

How do you feel now? Still without power, I’ll put money on it you feel more confident and richer in your life right now that you did 10 mins ago. All that changed was your belief and appreciation.

  1. Vision

Now look into the future. I want you to imagine yourself 25 years from now having successfully made the change you want to make in your life. See it clearly and the surrounding life circumstances. So for example you want to be self employed imagine yourself there, successful, that your kids have grown up and you have paid for them to go to college. See your life 25 years from now how you want it to be. Are you there? Can you see it?

Now the difficult question ask yourself how did you get there? What were the possibilities and the opportunities that you found and created for you and your family? What got you through those first few years? What was the breakthrough? Tell yourself the story not just the events but the emotional shifts. Did you stop letting your fears rule your life, did you set boundaries?

  1. Commit

So now is the time to commit. You can see your previously unseen resources, maybe from your visualisation you have some ideas on how to manifest and create the changes you want to make. So you need to make a plan based on these two sources of inspiration. Your resources and your vision. Write down what actions you need to take to create your change? What resources do you need to use or source?  By making this action plan you are committing to being the kind of person, the empowered person who will make this change in their life.

  1. Act

A dream without action is just a wish. Take the plunge and do the first thing on your action plan as soon as you can. This is the step that puts you energetically on the path to making the change you want. For me I joined a spiritual fitness center, where mind body and spirit was in focus. I found like minded people and surrounded myself with people working on their lives, a few months later I was running my own workshops and writing my book. This first action is really important and so is the second and the third and so on. Before you know it you are on your way.


SO how do you feel now? Hopefully more empowered with a clearer idea of how you can make a change in your life. This formula works for both big and small changes, For example right now I am going to use it to help me start eating healthier and I am still using it to create my community. The important thing to know is that this is the start. It is the moment when you consciously choose to empower yourself and cross over the fear and victim hurdle. Sometimes the feeling of being empowered and belief does go away and if you feel that then go back to step one and appreciate where you are, what you have and who is with you. Appreciation is the most powerful tool in the self empowerment tool kit. Remember wherever you send your attention and appreciation determines your life quality. It’s your choice, so choose what makes you happy and enjoy your journey!

Have a wonderful, empowering week 🙂


#lifelessons101- Let frustration be the catalyst for whimsy and brighten your day! (1 min read)

Whimsy. It’s such a lovely word isn’t it. It means playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor or acting on a whim. And in this serious world of self development I feel we have more of a need for whimsy, in both of it’s meanings.

It was comedian James Vetch who said “Let frustration be the catalyst for whimsy” and I think this is genius. Frustration is something we all feel at times, if you are very unlucky it can be everyday. But what would the world be like if we took those frustrating periods in our lives and turned them into something playfully quaint and fanciful. Wouldn’t that be much more fun.

And honestly it would be healthier too. After all conscious living is about being in touch with yourself and choosing you reaction. Choosing whimsy over stress will make you both happier and more positive in your everyday.

Here are a few ideas on how to bring more whimsy into your life – enjoy


Ok, I know this might sound strange however when we are frustrated it can be challenging to be inspired. So write a list of whimsy ideas, random things you can do to make the day more fun. It could be starting a balloon bouncing competition in the canteen at lunchtime, eating cake for breakfast, sending silly memes to those stupid spam emails. Whatever you can think of. Big projects, small action. Just remember to keep it playful and light.

Get the whimsy bible

As you know I am an avid pupil of comedian Miranda Hart who not only is an amazingly talented person but also was a long term sufferer of anxiety. For Comic relief she wrote a book call “Miranda’s daily doses of such fun” and this can be interpreted as the whimsy  bible. For every day of the year Miranda suggests silly and amusing activities that are easy to do and hilarious. Guaranteed to lift anyone’s mood. I rarely say this but BUY IT. It will be the best present you have given yourself this year.

Do a good deed

Pack the person behind you in the queue at the supermarkets bags, or give a homeless person lunch or send a bunch a flowers to your Mum. Spread a little cheer and you will feel more cheerful. Its easy and makes life nicer

Dance in the kitchen

If nothing else when you are at home crank up your favorite tunes and dance around the kitchen like a mad thing for 5 minutes. Guaranteed to have you giggling and smiling in under 10 seconds!

BE spontaneous and have fun!

It’s actually that simple!

If you need more inspiration then check out some of James Vetch’s Ted talks. He is a complete whimsy master and his videos have the added bonus of making you laugh until your sides split- Have a whimsy weekend!

Enjoy your journey!

Some days You just have to create your ownSunshine.jpg

#lifelessons101 What to do when when your past attacks your now (3 min read)

Recently I watch a short video on Facebook about the Syrian ballet dancer Ahmad Joudeh, it is immensely powerful and inspiring. However one thing he said struck me on such a personal level

“It’s annoying when you past is attacking your mind when you are trying to build a new life.”

I could completely relate to this. Can’t you. All of us who are into living conscious lives and manifesting our dreams know the destructive and demobilizing power of the fears of our past. The hit hard and swift and take us completely out of ourselves, the moment and the focus. I used to get this a lot. In fact it was so strong that I would find myself reacting in the now to past events. For example if Mr T and I were arguing (and yes we do) I would actually be reacting to and ex partner’s behavior not his. It was scary.

So how to break the chain and stop those past events or fears taking over? Well it is not an overnight process and it takes a form of being completely honest with yourself and with the people closest in your life. However it is possible. You can keep those fear dragons in the past where they cannot burn you.  

When the past comes knocking try these steps to send it on its way

Stop and breath

When you feel the fear or memory rising and reinforcing all of your negative thoughts then Stop! Breath. Don’t allow it to take over and start a negative spiral in your mind. Tell yourself this is from the past not from the now, This is not happening or true to who I am or where I am in my life right now.

Which drama is this?

A drama is a way of acting that has become an unconscious reaction and defense in certain situations, created from past events. Ask yourself what drama is this? Which drama is affecting my reactions right now? Mr T and I do this together and honestly from the minute we started our arguments have gone down to 10% of what they used to be, Now we discuss the emotions, the back story and then analyse the feelings in relation to the now events. It makes for a much more rational and cooperative communication and we both know each other so much better because of it. Of course if you are going to do this with someone you have to trust each other completely. There has to be an agreement that you will not use this information about each other against each other. It’s an important pact to get in place from the start. Looking and understanding your dramas is really therapeutic

Accept that your past is in your past

It’s over. Accept it. A healthy way to do this is to understand it. I can recommend both journaling and counselling here. Getting our emotions out of our body and sharing them with another person can give us objectivity. When you understand the root of something it is easier to accept it.


I know. This is the hard part. You need to forgive others and most importantly you need to forgive yourself. Forgiving frees you from the weight and power of the pain of the past. When you forgive you are in a different position. Not a victim. You stand in a place of power. Again here journaling is a great resource. It is best to do this after accepting so that you can understand why things happened to forgive them. Write a letter to you or whoever it is that hurt you and make your peace with them.

Let it go

When I met Mr T I was post bad break up and very angry. One of the first songs he sent me was the frozen let it go song. I hated him for it. Although today acknowledge that he was absolutely spot on in his musical advice. That was what I needed. Anthony Giddens theorized, that we become the stories we and other people tell about ourselves. It’s true. And for a long time I used to tell the stories of my past the homelessness, the domestic abuse and the reckless youth, until I realized that I wasn’t that person anymore. Yet I and everybody else thought I was because that was what I told them about myself. You’ve met those people right ? You know, the ones that tell about how their life was and how hard they had it. They are stuck. You have to tell a new story about yourself. One about you now. You are a different person.

See yourself in the now

Remind you how great you are now, how abundant your life is and the amazing person you are today. Bring yourself back to the know. A great way to do this is the gratitude list. I am thankful for………….. Or another powerful way is to write your own pep talk which reinforces your greatness


We can allow our past to be the monster in the closet or a closed chapter. It really is our choice. When we make our peace with it we free ourselves, tidy up inside and make space  physically and mentally to open up for a future. So whenever the past tries to mess with your mind show it who is boss now and take a stand. Remember you write your story so make sure it is one you want to read

Enjoy your journey <3

When you

#lifelessons101- All work and no play makes jack a dull boy (2 min read)

I am a workaholic. I am. I love to be busy, creating, manifesting. The summer holidays is looming and this year Mr T and I have chosen to spend a few weeks of it at home. Two weeks at home, with no work. My mind was racing, what the heck am I going to do? How do people fill their time with nothing. To me this is an alien concept. As I work from home, means that if I sit down for five minutes I can find something that needs doing. it’s never ending. Do you know the feeling?

And then recently I was watching a Ted Talk by Shonda Rimes, an extremely successful TV producer, screenwriter and author; talking about saying yes to everything and it struck me that in all of this work I am starting to miss out on all the important things that make life worth living.

In Shonda’s talk she calls the buzz of life “The hum”. That feeling of being in the moment when we are creating and everything is flowing. It is a feeling I am lucky enough to know well. I get it whenever I am working with a client or running a workshop. The “hum” is that feeling when everything is all good, when you strive for greatness. The “hum” is your joy. It’s addictive and never ending. It can take over everything.

However according to Shonda when this feeling comes from work, this is the false “hum”. She talked about how one day her “hum” just stopped. After all we are only human and we cannot run on work alone. What happens when you stop. What are you when your “hum” stops? For Shonda she found a new hum. Not in new projects or business. She found her new “hum” in playing with her children. In the peace and simplicity of taking 15 minutes to play.

Play is the opposite of work. The old saying “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” is true. The hum is not work specific. It joy specific. And in play we can find joy. I mean why do we ever stop playing? Playing is a place where life feels good. In a way it is a place of zen. A place for us to find our “hum” our essential self. Work is not a place which makes us who we are. When we do nothing but work we become dull. When we play, find the place where we can find our joy we shine. And I can hear your work driven brain saying “yeah, yeah but where do I find the time?” you don’t need a lot of time. 15 minutes a day to play with your kids, read a book do whatever it is that makes you you. 15 uninterrupted unadulterated minutes where all those things that need doing just slip away and the world is briefly you own and full of your joy.

Taking 15 mins a day to play, to experience joy is freeing. It releases us from the guilt of workaholica. It rejuvenates, re energises and inspires you. And giving yourself this time to breath, to be actually improves your working life. The more in touch with ourselves we are, the more grounded and stronger we become. That benefits every aspect of our lives personal, public and professional. I have now spent some time trying out this tehory and believe me it works. what I love about it is that it works for everyone. Each and everyone of us has 15 minutes we can use on our joy in our day. And when we dedicate time to our joy it is here we find our true “hum”. The true point in life where everything is flowing, in fact where everything flows from.   

To be honest these days workaholica is considered a socially acceptable way of getting ahead in the world. But so is being grounded, knowing who we are and being strongly, authentically ourselves. Taking 15 minutes a day for you and your joy Saying yes to our own joy and making that important gives us the opportunity to be authentically who we are, to become grounded in ourselves and know what our “hum” is, is in fact an important part of being a workaholic and making our way ahead in the world. After all who really wants to be dull anyway

Try it. This weekend. Connect with your joy. Put your social media, friends birthday party, house cleaning or essay writing on hold and take 15 minutes to make you happy and find your hum…

all Work and no Play is bad for the Soul.jpg

De stress before your summer holidays!

I don’t know about you but for years June has been one hectic, pressure pot waiting to explode, then at the end the glorious summer holidays arrived and I, would collapse. Worn out to the edges and totally over stretched when my body finally got told it was ok to crash, it did. Teachers I know especially can relate to this. Somehow as a teacher all the bugs you have been fighting off all year tend to hit you the first day of the holidays.

This year is going to be different. I have 2 and a half weeks until my summer starts so I am going into holiday mode now. This year instead of running on overdrive up until summer I intend to wind down slowly, consciously and get the most out of this precious time out as possible.

How to do it ? Well just follow these easy tips and slide gently into your summer chillax mode:

Know you have time

Yes you have deadlines. Whether it is the shopping for the summer holidays or the corporate merger meeting before your plane takes off to Bali. Know you only have a limited amount of time and that you will achieve what you CAN and NEED to achieve in that time.  make a list of your deadlines and then prioritize in the following way

A: What needs to be done now

B: What can someone else do – delegation

C; What can wait until I get back

Delegate and then focus on the A tasks.

Incorporate you time into your day

15 minutes you time a day will help with your wind down and will give you the energy to get the last things done. Try and take it midway throughout the day. 15 minutes meditation, yoga, nap, walk outside (in nature- it’s definitely the best) or reading will help your body and mind wind down,

For even better results plan a day off before the summer, and I mean a day off, no cleaning, no I have to I should dos. Nada! if you can’t manage a day try two evenings. Any break time you can give yourself do it, your body needs this.


Get to bed earlier than you normally do. If you are over stretched then you need your sleep. It truly is one of the best healers in the world. Go to bed 30 mins earlier than usual. If you cannot sleep read or talk to your partner. I find doing mindfulness colouring books in bed (something I have done ever since childhood) is a great wind down. Just make sure you switch off all phones laptops, tvs and tablets. Make the last 30 mins to an hour of your day for you.

Plan your summer holidays

Motivation is what we need. So loosely planning your holidays and how you will use your free time will help your to get motivated and at the same time make sure your get the break you need when you get there. I plan to have the first two days of summer holidays to wind down. I have the usual cleaning, washing and a workshop to write but I am putting those on day 5 and 6. The first 4 days are for me. Then I am going to have a few days to enjoy being at home before packing and hitting the road. My wonderful friend once showed me her first day of summer holidays ritual. She made a poster with all of her things she wanted and had to do on it. She had a great time with it. Putting on glitter glue and drawing, her kid makes one too. With champagne in one hand and glitter in the other this is the start of her summer. However you plan your holidays just make sure there are some nothing days. Completely unadulterated days with no plans and complete freedom.



Start your wind down to summer this week and feel the benefits of arriving on holiday stress free and ready to enjoy your freedom, however you choose to do it!

Relax Unwind

#lifelessons101-When the sh*t hits the fan, stop running and read these 6 tips to help you turn it around (2 min read)

Sometimes things go wrong. It’s part of life. Actually its an important part of life that can bring us new possibilities. However when shit hits the fan it is a natural reaction to panic and run away, yet in the long run that gets you nowhere. Take it from one who knows, the problems follow you. At the same time when everything is going wrong it can demotivate you so much that you want to give up. What does that achieve? Well nothing. So when the shit hits the fan what can you do to ride the wave and bring your life back into harmony?

Here are six tips on how to take stock and take control of the runaway train in your life and come back into the flow.

Stop running

Firstly stop running. When things go wrong we can often keep pushing against the tide of chaos. A bit like a hamster on a tread wheel. It is exhausting and counterproductive. Stop. In order to see and solve a problem you need to get objective. So stop pushing against the tide and get some perspective.

Get objective

Whatever the problem is you need to break it down into edible chunks. Take a step back and get out your notepad and start to analyse. Ask yourself what exactly is the problem? What are the consequences of the problem? How do you want the situation to look? Sometimes just writing it down helps you to create structure in the chaos. And when you take a step back solutions will present themselves.

See the positive and learn

Although something has gone wrong, there will also at the same time be things that are going well. Make a list of what is going well and what is not. It can help to rebuild your motivation when you actually see in the midst of a crisis there is still things working. Looking at the positive and the negative will give you the opportunity to learn from the situation. I have a saying “Nothing is a bad experience if I can learn from it”, so use this as a learning opportunity.

What needs to be done ASAP

In a crisis situation there are things that need to be dealt with straight away and things that you can take your time over. Make a plan of the actions you need to take to solve the situation. Then look at each one and decide what needs to be done now and what you can leave until later on. Then follow your plan.

Take a break

Stress is one of the most demotivating factors in a crisis. With our body in fight or flight mode we are running on adrenaline and consequently cannot work at an optimal level. Take a break. At least 24 hours where you do something else and focus on something else. If you can do some exercise. It helps your body release the stress hormones and gives you dopamine improving not only your energy but your mood as well.

Trust and look for the opportunities that come your way

In any situation, especially a crisis, there is only so much you can do. Sometimes you have to sit back and cross your fingers. When you have done what you can to solve a situation you can simply do no more. At this time you have to be honest with the people involved, let them know you have done your best and look for the opportunities that come your way.


Shitting hitting the fan can create crisis but it is our reaction to it that can turn it from a negative situation to a positive one. After all a crisis can sometimes be the catalyst to open up a whole new avenue of possibilities, you just need to be open to them.

If you are having a bad time of it right now. Don’t give up or runaway. Take stock and create a clear plan of action. Nothing is impossible and I know you can turn this situation around to be a fantastic opportunity for you.

Your Setback



Be spontaneous  and be inspired (2 min read)

“It is not enough to have a dream unless I am willing to pursue it” is one of my favourite quotes and guidelines in life. However to have a dream, a clear vision working towards that vision and holding it in the face of adversity is challenging. And yes I know it is part of the journey however sometimes we make life a lot harder for ourselves than we need to by being so overly focused on our dream that we don’t notice the inspiration that is actually right in front of us.

I have been swamped lately. The things to do list keeps getting longer and my sleeping is starting to get shorter. Don’t get me wrong I am achieving a lot yet with all the life pressure I have been cloggy, the vision of my dream was becoming faded.I hadn’t realised I was getting so lost. (Maybe you know this feeling.)

However I have been lucky enough this past weekend to visit one of my favourite places in Denmark. I didn’t go there to be inspired, in fact I took a heavy workload with me that “needed to get done”. Yet on this weekend by opening myself up to the moment and experience I became energised, inspired. Instead of looking myself away in my pile of work, I opened up, talked, laughed, worked and helped and now I can feel that something has shifted and I am more focused on manifesting my dream than I was two days ago. And surprisingly in a short time I got huge amounts done!

The great thing about my trip was that it was totally unplanned. Something happen and immediately all plans went flying out of the window and I spontaneously grabbed an opportunity to help, which in turn created an opportunity for me to be inspired. (Don’t you just love win win situations like that).  Now afterwards I got to thinking why this spontaneous experience inspired me so much and how had I opened myself to allow the inspiration to come in and be noticed by me?


It was simply about embracing the spontaneity of the moment. Now I do recommend doing that all the time planning has its merits. Yet taking a spur of the moment decision and doing something completely different than you planned is also very healthy medicine. It’s following your instincts. And when you do wholeheartedly follow the flow of your instincts then you will be amazed at the insights and teachings you receive.

So why is spontaneity such a great way to call in the inspiration you need?

  • It takes you out of your normal rhythm and  environment which stimulates your senses and gives your whole system a wake up.
  • It puts you outside of your comfort zone so you behave and act differently which means you are thinking from a new perspective.
  • It can bring new people, new connections which bring with it new ideas
  • You are thinking about something else so your brain gets a chance to recharge, as well by taking a break from thinking about your dream you give the universe space in your mind to put inspiration into.

The key to it all is to embrace the spontaneous event. To be completely open to the experience. And as always look for the teachings. I found that as I was talking to a complete stranger about my and her dream I was giving her advice that I needed to hear. The answers that came to her challenges were actually the answers I had been looking for. Just goes to show that everyone has a message for us and we have a message for everyone.

So if you have been getting too bogged down fighting for your dreams lately (or even struggling with solving a particular challenge) I highly recommend taking the next instinctive, spontaneous decision to do something completely different for at least 24 hours. You will find that you comeback totally inspired, energised and raring to go. Spontaneity will give you a chance to make room in yourself to gain perspective. Being open to and aware of the experiences and conversations you have  you make space to allow the messages, the inspiration to reach you. The inspiration we need is always there we just have to remember to step outside of our plans and comfort zones to find it.

Have a great week and if you get the opportunity to do something spontaneous- Do it!

You never know where the inspiration will take you <3


In spontaneity can we be who we truely are