# Life lessons 101 -How to avoid burnout and re prioritise RnR when you are insanely busy

This week has been the start of my hella stressful 10 days. I have periods of life like this occasionally where my days are just unavoidably  jam packed and that’s the way it is. Since I started working with time management these insanely busy times are less and less. But it’s like Christmas hols with a lot of family parties or the 3 deadlines that coincide with your child’s 11th birthday and your best friend’s 40th birthday sometimes you just can’t get out things that are happening all at once. And if like me you have a time pressured life already, these intensely hectic busy periods can leave you exhausted and burned out. And we don’t want that. The answer to avoiding this post hyper-active busy period burn outs is relatively simple

When you are insanely busy that ‘s the time, more than ever, that you need to prioritise RnR

I know. I know. It seems impossible. But trust me if you can learn this art you will probably still end up tired, that’s unavoidable yet, you will be less tired and will ultimately avoid burn out. 

The key is all about how you prioritise both the things you have to do and your R and R.

Take my next 10 days. In this time I have 32 coaching sessions, am teaching 4 workshops, travelling up and down the country, have 3 articles to publish and won’t be at home for 6 nights. By anyone’s standards this is insanely busy. But here I am on day three and to be honest although I know I am busy I feel relatively relaxed and grounded. How?  you ask. Well it’s the result of some major planning. When I have a busy period coming up I have a few planning tricks that get great results and give me the down time I need to get me through it. 

If you have a busy period coming up these tools will help you glide through it without creating intense or worse, irreversible time pressure stress damage. 

Pre busy period preparation

9 times out of 10 we know when a busy period is coming up in our calendars. Which means we can take advantage of some tactical planning. Look at the weeks before and after the hella busy point and schedule in your calender times before and after where you can recharge your batteries. For example I have refused all social activities for the last 2 weekends to give me time at home. 

And don’t just stop at planning your time. You can use these weeks to get you prepared for the busy time. You might not have time to do any major house cleaning during your busy time so do it before then you can be happy with putting a minimal effort when life get’s hetic. I for example knew that I wouldn’t be able to do washing due to not being home so I did the whole damn lot before I went away so it won’t seem insurmountable when I get back. Ialso know that when I get back I won’t have much energy to cook for the week after I return so the freezer is now full of easy dinners for me to heat up such as lasagne, jacket potatoes and quiche. 

Basically the pre busy period is about being aware of where your energy will be during and after and preparing what you need to make life simpler during that time. 

Cut down non-essential tasks

Before your busy period decide what you can cut out during that time. Is it really that important for you to go running every morning during that hella busy week or is it more important to make sure you get the sleep you need and run 3 times less? Do you really have to tidy the whole garden or can you get away with just cutting the grass? Which tasks can you put on pause or spend less time at work on, to make sure you can put your energy into meeting your deadline? You have to be really honest and sharp in your prioritising here. And don’t you dare designate all r n r moments as non-essential. Yes you can cut them down but DO NOT remove them! During my busy time I have cut my training down from 2 times a week. It’s given me 2 extra evenings to recharge and go to bed early.

By making the decision to cut down on non essential tasks beforehand, you will avoid the guilt loop during your busy time. You won’t be thinking ‘oh I should be doing this, that and the other’ because you know that you are doing what you really need to do and there will be time later for that. That guilt loop takes a lot of energy by removing it you will have more energy for yourself.

Plot in your R n R buffers

The R n R buffers are important for pre, during and post busy time. Don’t just leave the periods of down time empty. Plot a few activites in that you know will give you an energy boost. Last weekend I dedicated a little time to doing a jigsaw puzzle and watching a series. It’s not something I do often but it gave me alot of energy without taxing my brain too much. I also popped in an extra swim and sauna last week knowing I would be not training as much in the next 14 days. I have another weekend planned with nada, nothing which will be dedicated to some easy creative projects, the dark crystal series and cosy time in my garden to recover.

The most important R n R buffers are of course during the busy time. Look at your schedule and block out sometime for yourself. Wether it’s an hour before bed where you wind down, setting yourself the goal of completing one thing that will make you happy and putting time aside for it or simply designating a 30 minute earlier bedtime so you can unwind with a book put it in and STICK TO IT! 

So for example my  r and r buffer is going to be a morning off for a swim and a sauna during my busy week and making it important to unwind after 21:00 each evening. It’s these little things that really help to keep your energy up and burn out away.  

Check in with your energy

During your busy period you have to check in with your energy levels. When we think of be productive we often plan after out tasks rather that whether or not we have the energy to complete them. That there. Right there. Is the recipe for burnout. I check in with myself in the morning when I look at my todo list and once again at the end of my working day. When you check in you ask yourself where is my energy at? What can I cope with today? And prioritise after that. If you are low and have an intense day then it is totally ok to drop making dinner from scratch and order a takeaway (and we are so lucky in this day and age that there are many healthy takeaway options).Do I have to call my friend tonight or can I use that ten minutes to do something my body needs like yoga or meditation?

Planning after my energy levels has seriously been the most effective tool I have found in managing my busy periods and staying mentally healthy. It allows me to think realistically and accept what I can do, what I can’t and focus on the former. 


Prioritising your R n R during an insanely busy period is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself

Surprisingly it makes you more effective in your life, brings peace of mind and lightens up times that could have been so stressful. These tools take no longer than 5 – 10 minutes of your time and are simple to implement. After a while you won’t notice you are doing it. 

What you will notice is that when you prioritise your R n R in a  hectic life period you will have less breakdowns and be happier – and after all isn’t that what we all want in life

How are you going to prioritise your R n R in the next busy period? Let me know in the comments below

Have a wonderful weekend 

Emma-Jane <3


What little moments do you live for?

It’s been such a lovely weekend. Not because we had a special occcaision or a holiday or anything ‘big’ like that. Nothing instagram worthy. This weekend was just a weekend at home, of cooking, cosyness and relaxing with Mr T. Yet sometimes those weekends, the non instagram ones, are the best of all. Filled with the little moments that make life worth living.

Now I have always been an advocate of adventures. I’d feel that long periods of home were boring and that my life had somehow stagnated. However as I have been focusing on rerooting and growing a stronger foundation in my life I began to thing about something Kurt Vonnegut said,

 “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

So I decided to put some conscious awareness into just that. 

One of my happiness project goals this year has been to invest time, appreciation and awareness into the little moments that make life worth living. The small things that make each day beautiful. Like taking time to play with my cats, making it important to spend quality time with Mr T beyond the regular Friday date night and enjoying the simple pleasures like trying to make more homemade food. Not to say I am a kitchen goddess in any way shape or form, far from it. I have just been indulging in enjoy it! 

And the benefits of this goal have really surprised me. Not only do I feel more relaxed and re-energised when I take the time to consciously  be aware of the little moments that add value to my life. I truly feel more content, rich and abundant. feel grateful and proud every time I go into my garden and see the fruits of my labor blooming. I appreciate the time spent at home laughing, creating and just being.  I am more aware for example of the hundreds of small things Mr T does and now regularly thank him for his small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. Time spent at home is less and less brain dead watching Netflix and cabbaging out. It’s quality time. Basically home is a nicer place to be and the more I do this the more of an adventure my life feels right here at home.

I have discovered a simple truth

When we take time to make the little things important our life is better for it.

There are many ways to do this. And it doesn’t take that much effort to refocus your energy in this way. And trust me the benefits are plenty! Here are 3 guidelines that I have used in my happiness project. I hope that they inspire you to find the little moments in life worth living for and improve your quality of life:

Be grateful

You might think you are grateful for your life (or maybe you are in the unfortunate situation where you don’t feel grateful for anything in your life), but what are you grateful for? 

Intentionally notice the things you are grateful for and keep a record of them. I recommend a daily practice of writing 3 things each day you are grateful for. The more you look the more you will find that is good.

Make time for the things you appreciate

Just being grateful for something is not enough. As your become aware of the things you are grateful for you may also notice you don’t prioritise these things in your life. Last year I put a conscious focus into 10 of my friendships that I had neglected. Taking time to Skype with friends far away. Having regular friend dates. It enriched my life. But so does taking the time to invest in a hobby, a passion, walking in nature, cuddling your pet. Whatever makes your life lovely make the time to do it more. Put some time aside in your calendar to spend time doing  something you love or that adds value to your life. 

Prioritise hygge over ‘have to’s’

Living in Denmark has taught me the art of Hygge. Hygge is a Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. Hygge takes effort. Whether its putting a blanket around you as you watch tv or putting flowers on the table and lighting candles for dinner on Wednesday evening just because you can, or prioritising that conversation with you 6 year about Ninjago characters instead of doing the washing up. Hygge makes life better. We often prioritise the ‘have to’s’ over hygge. And yes we have a lot to do and not much time to do it in. But sometimes it is ok to jump over the have tos and have some hygge instead. If you have been feeling like you are on the proverbial treadmill for a few days then you are definitely in need of some hygge. Sod the washing for once and go build a den and some lego with your 6 year old for an evening. You will not only feel better you will have made a lovely memory you will cherish in the years to come. 


The little moments in life often go unnoticed. Especially these days where the proving how amazing your life is online  culture runs rife. 

Yet in reality it is the little moments that become our fondest memories. 

It is the little moments that make up the fabric of our everyday lives, that grow the strongest roots and without a doubt re-energise us when we most need it.

So the question for you today is simply this,

What little moments do you live for? 

And how are you going to make them important right here and right now?

Let me know in the comments below 

Have a wonderful week 

Emma-Jane xxx

Sacrificing something you love – the secret to manifesting your goals

I have been looking forward to this moment for two months. Finally I am sitting at my computer and writing to you all again. It’s been two months since I last sat down to write a blog post. Now I suppose in the grand scheme of things that doesn’t sound like such a hardship. But for me not being able to blog and put my musings down on paper (or screen) is something I really missed in my life. Now as I love this so much you might be wondering why have I spent so long away from the keyboard? Well it might surprise you to know this has been a conscious choice. 

I stepped away from making my regular posts to work on a life goal that means even more to me. 

Basically I gave up something I wanted to do to focus on achieving something I wanted more. 

Giving up things in order to manifest our goals is an important an often overlooked part of the manifestation process.  Think about the whole process of setting a goal. We choose what we want to do, decide how and when we want to do it and then we crack on with it. We rarely stop to think about the things we will have to give up or change in order to reach our goal. In fact it is often something we do unconsciously.

It may sound negative to focus on giving up things. Or to use another word ‘sacrifice’. However for me I find that consciously focusing on what I will have to give up to reach a goal makes me:

  • Aware of the behaviors I will need to change
  • Assess how important is the goal to me (or basically how much do I want it)
  • Commit and dedicate more energy to achieving my goal.

If I take an example from my own life, I am currently trying to achieve a major life goal. Through assessing what I would need to sacrifice in order to get there gave me some very clear realisations. I realised that in order to achieve my goal, I really needed more time to complete and dedicate to the project. I also need to put myself out there in a way that challenged so many of my fears.  I saw clearly that I need to focus an intense period of time to my project and that meant not only giving up my regular blog posting, but also I had to work one day less a week, which has had a substantial negative impact on our economy. I had to get over and work through fears built up over many years and allow myself (and my creative work) to criticism. The result? I am one gigantic step closer to realising my life goal. I am stronger for opening myself up for criticism and better at my chosen craft. And I am proud of myself for committing and completing this stage of my manifestation process. Now I can concentrate on getting our financial situation improved without the frustration that it is at the cost of my life dream. 

Seriously I feel amazing! Powerful, focused and energised and on my way to some exciting manifestation! 

September is the perfect time to consider what sacrifices need to be made to reach your year’s goals. As the leaves are turning golden and brown, the year is slowly turning to a close. You may have started this year with many goals but now you have only 3 and a half months to complete them. When you think about it like that it can seem extremely stressful! However this is where the sacrifice evaluation process will save you A LOT of stress, as well as getting you back on track and focused.  This process will see you at the end of this year with completed goals and empowered by your achievements.

It’s time for you to look at what will you give up to reach your goals

Step 1:  Look at your years goals

Have a look at the goals you set for yourself. If you didn’t make goals you can think about your new year’s resolutions. There will be some you have worked on, some you have forgotten and some that are just not relevant to your life right now. Choose 3 you really want to complete by December 31st. 

Write them out clearly on a piece of paper

Step 2: What will you sacrifice? 

Ask yourself what will sacrifice in order to manifest this goal. Do you have to give up time to go to the gym? Face your fear of rejection to ask your boss for that promotion? For each of your surviving goals brainstorm things that you can give up to make your goal actually happen. 

Look at the ideas you have come up with and choose the ones that you can truly embrace. And cross out the rest. If you don’t feel you can really make the sacrifices you have come up with you have to ask yourself if this goal is really something you want and are willing to work for.

Step 3: When will you start? 

Commit to a starting point for when you will give up this thing, behaviour you have chosen. Write it in your diary. Commit to your goal and it will happen. 

Step 3: How will this benefit you? 

Lastly look at each goal and the sacrifices you have chosen and ask yourself ‘how will this benefit my life? ‘ Under each goal write a sentence to remind you of this. So you could write

Giving up ………… will benefit my life by…………and support me to manifest my  goal of ………

Put the piece of paper somewhere you will see it when you need to be reminded of why you are doing what you are doing. And then get on with it already! If you don’t act nothing will happen. 

Make your sacrifices and manifest your goals

I use this process periodically throughout the year and ALWAYS in late August or early September. And believe me it is one of the most supportive processes I have in my manifestation tool kit. If you want to get you have to change. Sacrificing, giving up something you want or a behaviour is basically that, a change. It’s prioritising what is most important to you and that my friend is the secret of manifestation. 

If it is truly important to you, you will make it happen. 

Sacrificing is just the catalyst to remind you of how important it really is.

Let me know what you are going manifest this year and what you are going to give up in order to do that in the comments below!

Happy manifesting  this week and remember to Enjoy your Journey!



How to find your personal power during depression?

Depression, as you will know if you suffer with it is one of the most draining experiences you can have in life. It is one of those times where when we most need to find our inner power and yet that power seems so far away, or it feels as though it doesn’t exist. The trouble is that we are the only ones that can connect to that source, find it and access it. How the heck are we supposed to do that when the world is caving in, when we can’t stop crying or worse when we feel nothing at all.

If you are there I really get it.

As someone with Bi Polar I have fought with depression my whole life. And recently after a long break (2 and a half years) it has come back with avengence. And at a really stupid point in time. Because actually everything is going well in my life. My business, my love life, even my garden is blooming and yet here I am constantly on the brink of tears and struggling to even make a cup of tea and write this article.  It sucks.

So how do I get through this? How is it despite feeling all of this you find me still here sitting and writing to you all?

I get through it by connecting with my power source and by not giving up.

Now when I say power source I don’t mean I plug into the battery and hey presto! I am super woman! Instantly feeling better. Nope. Finding your personal power and drive during a depression is nothing like that. Infact some of the things I need to do other people, people fortunate enough to not get like this would not see them as powerful actions. But for me they really are.

What I mean by power source is finding that bit of you that knows deep down under it all that this will pass. No matter how long it takes. It will pass. Your power source is there under all the emotions, the exhaustion, the hurt, the darkness. In the core of your very being there is a little voice that knows that this is temporary. The more we try to connect with this voice the stronger it becomes. And it is this voice, this power that will carry you through to the other side of your depression. It’s god damn hard. Believe me. But those of us that get depression. We are tough. Our emotions have power which is why they are sometimes so incapacitating. When you have power in one part of your personality, it is safe to assume that you have strengths in other parts of you. Even if you don’t really feel like it right now.

So in practical terms how can you access your power source?

Well this is what works for me

Check in with your body

Ask yourself:

When did I last eat?

When did I last sleep?

When did I last have a drink of water?

When did I last have a shower?

Depression will often stop you taking care of your body and that just makes it worse. So if you haven’t eaten all day eat. If you haven’t slept. Sleep. If you can’t sleep then do something which allows you to rest. Not staring at blank walls but laying on the sofa with a good book or some tv helps. (Even better lay on a blanket outside and get some vitamin D). Taking care of your body will recharge you. Just get yourself to do one thing. Start there.

Know what not to do

There are things that will make your depression worse. Drinking alcohol is one of them. Over working or lots of social arrangements are others. You want to feel better not worse. So don’t do, or at least do as little  as possible of the things that will make it worse.

Get Help

In the long term a doctor or medical practitioner might be necessary, but for right now tell someone how you are feeling. Someone who you know won’t just tell you to buck up.  And ASK THEM FOR HELP. Whether it’s help you to make food, tidy up, help with a work project, get the kids from school or just come over and give you a hug. I had a friend I called when the emotions were too much and i had to attend a family funeral. I just said ‘I need you to distract me from feelings’. She did. It helped me regain my strength to face all the people.

Do what gives you energy

This can be anything. Crying. In my case doing the washing or gardening. Hugging a pet. 5 mins of exercise. I had a friend who once told me if you can’t do anything, do the washing up. It might feel like a mountain, but when it’s done you will have achieved something and feel better for it. There are many ways to boost your energy in a positive and healthy way. Which is really important, by the way. Healthy boosts. Basically don’t do a lot of drugs, alcohol, coffee and impulse buying, it will just make you crash harder after it. Do go for a walk (you can ask someone to come with you to help you get out of the door), listen to you favourite music, have a shower and put on some clothes that you feel good in.

Cut down and delegate

I know there is a lot to be done. But right now you can’t do it all. Cut out what is not necessary, delegate, even if it is something as small as filling up a hot water bottle for your bad back ( MR T is doing that right now bless him). Basically right now you need help. You are not weak, you are indisposed and that’s ok.

Tire yourself out physically

Seriously you need to get physically exhausted. I don’t mean to breaking point. But getting physically tired is going to help you sleep better and that is going to help you feel so much better. You need rest right now. So get a good quality of rest by being physically not mentally tired.

Keeping Going

Some days it will be easier. Some days it will be harder. Some days will start hard and end good. Whatever happens. Find your Sishu, your resilience and keep moving forward. Personally I believe a person suffering with depression who gets out of bed, makes a cup of tea, makes food, gets into the shower, loves their kids, and manages to do maybe one of the things that needs to be done IS a Superhero. Take it one step at a time. Do something. Check in with how you feel. Ask yourself what do I need now? What can I do now? Then do that whether it’s crying, making dinner or resting. Put one foot in front of the other, don’t burn yourself out, slowly just keep going


As I said I know it’s tough. But I do firmly believe that despite it all we will get through this. And I promise you we will be stronger for it. Only we can tap into our power source my friends. It’s a choice. Ask yourself – Do I want to feel better or not? And then take a step forward. And eventually you won’t need to think about the steps. You will agree with that voice inside of you and you will be guiding yourself out of the dark hole stronger than before.

Storms don’t last forever. They take the time they take

You will get through this, eventually

I believe in you <3

How do you access your inner power when you have depression ? Let me know in the comments below

How to kick fear away, embrace your power and be a badass! (4 min read)

As a child someone told me that I had everything I needed inside me to achieve whatever I wanted to achieve. That I had the power to be anything I wanted to be.  And I believed them. I dreamed. I dared. However, as life is as I grew older, because an insecure teenager and unsure young adult and made it to what I had always thought of the age of being a ‘proper grown up’, that belief had disappeared. Somewhere along life’s roads it had dwindled away a lot with my love of pink and Take That (a loss I have never mourned). Somewhere in all that living and growing I had forgotten that I have this power. That I was born with it.

I was re introduced to the idea again in my 30’s but instead of that rush of inspiration of belief in my own ability I had as a child, I didn’t feel powerful. I couldn’t believe. To be fair my self worth was at an all time low. Logically I knew it to be true. Every seed has the potential to grow, to blossom, to fulfill it’s potential. Yet I didn’t feel that I had that same ability. Something was holding me back. Where ever my power was, I certainly couldn’t access it.

Until one day I read these words of the inspiring Marianne Williamson

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. “

These words, for me were a eureka experience. They hit  the nail absolutely on the head.

I realised that it wasn’t that I am not powerful. I was simply too afraid to embrace my power


It was an insanely intense revolation on a cold,  grey monday morning mid commute.

It was a revelation that  truly changed my life

A revelation about the power of fear.

Because when you get down to it fear is the great debilitator. It stops us doing so much. It takes over our minds and when we allow it, it screws up everything. The irony being that it is part of our survival system, designed to protect us back in the days when predators were really out to get us. However, it’s not like that today. In fact the only predator out to get us today is in actuality fear. Our own fears and other people’s. Consciously and unconsciously we are ruled by it. Which to be honest is really dumb.

We get this one life and we limit ourselves by being afraid. We don’t realise our potential because we are afraid of what that might mean. Where is the sense in that? Seems like a wasted opportunity to me.    

As I realised all of this I knew two things to be true.

I needed to embrace my power. And I needed to not be afraid of my own power

Now I would love to say that once I figured that out bibbidi bobbidi boo – I was magically empowered! I wasn’t. Not back then. And not entirely now. However, I am damn more connected to my power today than I have ever been before. And it feels great.

I shine, in a way I have never shined before.

Now Marianne Williamson didn’t just stop at pointing out our fear, she also suggested what we do when we embrace our power. She said

“ as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

And my friends it really is true.

When you can be comfortable with your power and embrace it, not only do you live a more authentic, responsible and freer powerful life, you inspire others to do the same.

Now you might be thinking well that’s lovely for you and Marianne Emma-Jane but how the heck did you do it?

How can I embrace my power?

Well, there is of course no one solution fits everyone. But  I did find a few tricks along the way and so here are 4 things you can do to begin your journey of stopping being afraid of your power and embracing it.

What is it that you are scared of?

Before you can start you need to know what it actually is that you are afraid of? What is it about shining and being the most powerful you that you fear? Identify your fears. Ask yourself if they are real? And ask yourself what you could do about it if they are? Knowing your fears gives you power over them. If you know what they are when they raise their ugly head you can in essence tell them to bugger off. It’s not real. It is just a fear. And being afrais is not a reason not to be powerful.

What does powerful me look like?

Ask yourself if I  embraced my power what would my life look like?  If I was not afraid of my own ability what would my life be like? By looking at this you are giving your brain a different option than being afraid of what could go wrong. You are reprogramming your brain to think about  what could go right.

How do I make that happen?

We often circle around the what could go wrongs rather than thinking about what we can do to make something happen. Think about how could you make it so that you are the powerful you? How can you create the life that you imagined by asking the last questions. What actions can you take?

There are many great ways to do this. If you look through my blog and search power you will find many tips and tricks to get you started. Alternatively sign up to Re:root your life’s Facebook page where for the whole of June we are dedicating to articles to help you be the most powerful you #bebadass !

Just do it!

My main life philosophy is “ Bravery is not the absence of fear. I t is having a fear and doing it anyway”. Fighting your fears is a challenging battle. It’s not going to be immediately easy. You will need to take a leap of faith and try. You will need to pick yourself up when you fall and try again. But believe me the rewards are worth it. The important thing is to commit. Commit to embracing your power. Commit to reaching your potential. And each time you leap, each time you dare, every time you tell your fears to shut up the easier it will be next time.


Embracing your power, for me, is about having the freedom to enjoy your life, to grow and experience all possibilities and make the most of your short time on this earth. The greatest thing about doing this is that you get to inspire others to do the same, whilst enjoying your life.  Give yourself permission to break free from your fear and embrace your power and the world will be a better place, just because you were here to shine.

So be bad ass this June, embrace the power you have within you and allow yourself to shine!

Have a great week

Emma-Jane <3

Love yourself the way you would love your child – Self love in action

If you have been following my ramblings this may you will know that this month I have dedicated may as the month of self love in practice. My journey with self-love practice changes each year. Some years it is all about pampering, some years boosting my internal sense of self worth, some years have just been about giving myself time to do what I wanted to do. But this year has been about self love on a time deficit!  I have had one of the busiest Mays in many a year and more than ever I need to take care of myself. And it’s made me realise something really important about self-love practice.

Love is the foundation upon which all healthy lives are built upon.

I mean it should be obvious -right? We all know that love makes the world go around. It is love that is the foundation of all of our most important relationships with our partners, our children, our family and the gods (however you dom or don’t define them.) It is love that nurtures powerful growth, allows people to thrive and blossom.

So it makes sense that loving ourselves in the way we love, say our children is the foundation for us truly growing, blossoming and reaching our full potential.

And from this thought I have been cultivating a new approach to self-love.

What if we loved ourselves the way we love our children?

Now wouldn’t that be something!

Think about it. We love our children unconditionally, despite their flaws, the tantrums, the mistakes and the frustrations. Why not apply that same grace to ourselves? I found this idea has completely turned around my idea of self-love adn how to put it into action. All of a sudden the face masks and candles have gone out of the window (well back in the cupboard). And what has replaced this surface level self love practice is a deeper rooted, more nurturing form of self love than I have ever experienced before.

And it’s based on the roots of good parenting!

There are certain absolute truths that are the keys to being a good parent, and raising your child- despite the lack of a handbook. The ones I think we can all agree on are the following:

  • Loving unconditionally
  • Encouraging passions and personal growth
  • Setting boundaries
  • Nurturing the body with good food and rest
  • Fostering self-responsibility
  • Forgiving and accepting
  • Supporting the through the bad times
  • Celebrating their achievements
  • Telling them how proud we are of them.
  • Putting them first
  • Believing in them.

Now imagine trying to apply these truths to how you raise and take care yourself. Would you allow your child to binge watch netflixs until 3am? Or could you never forgive your child for making a mistake? Of course not. So why do we let ourselves do this things?

Mr T has a saying that can be applied perfectly to that kind of behaviour.- “Det dumb” (That’s stupid).

How about instead you ask yourself

Would I treat my child the way I am treating myself?

And if the answer is no, then change your behaviour. True love is not just all about the roses and the candles. It’s about doing what is right. Taking responsibility. Caring and supporting. And above all accepting someone is exactly as they are. And loving it.

Try loving yourself the way you love your child this week and see how your relationship with yourself changes

Let me know how it goes in the comments below

Have a wonderful  week

Love Emma xxxx

Love yourself as you would love someone else

#lifelessons101 – How to cope when you get a diagnosis

Getting a diagnosis is an emotional roller coaster ride. Whether for a mental or physical health issue, you could be standing amidst shock, disbelief, epiphany, clarity, confusion or even a huge dollop of why the heck did this happen to me! This is a roller coaster I have ridden 4 times in my life. And I can still remember how each and every time I have stood there, with my new label wondering how the heck I was going to cope and what this label was going to mean in my life.

My diagnosis roller coaster started at school with dyslexia. Then about 20 years  later I was in hospital the day before my 30th birthday on an insulin drip fighting for my life against ketoacidosis being told that I had diabetes type 1.  Obviously this was a life changing diagnosis. It changed everything. My diet. My sleep patterns. It affected my hobbies, my social life and even my sex life. It was traumatic and scary. I still have challenges dealing with it today. But that was only the beginning of my roller coaster ride.

A few years later after a bad head injury, a bad break up and losing my job i hit probably the lowest point in my life.  Everything became too much and I couldn’t go on. So I tried not to. Luckily I had a wonderful person in my life who stopped me and got me the help I needed. Eventually after doctors meeting and psychiatrist meetings I found out what was going on. Bi-Polar  (type 2). I think this was one of the hardest moments in my life. Being told that my brain simply worked differently and that the only way to cope with it was to be on meds for the rest of my life. I remember thinking not more meds. I knew nothing about Bi-polar. But it scared me. Mostly because of the stigma attached to it. Of all of my diagnoses this was the hardest one to accept.

But I did and life carried on. The meds worked. I am stable and to be honest all these diagnosis have made me more self-aware, take care of myself better and my life has actually never be so good as it is now.

But apparently I like collecting labels because a few years ago I got one more.

My psychiatrist told me that as we have many people in my family with autism she wanted to test me. Sure I thought. I was surprised to get the results. I have Aspergers. I am surprised I didn’t realise myself honestly. I have a long history and relationship with Autism. Not only have I grown up with a sibling with autism, I have also worked in schools supporting and teaching children and adults with many different diagnosis including autism and ADHD. Despite all my knowledge I had never made the connection that I could be on the spectrum too. Now in contrast to the last diagnosis this was the easiest to accept. It made sense. In fact it explained so much. And in many ways has made my life so much easier.

These days I just say I have a label that fills each box. I am thankful for the support I get and the understanding of those I live and work with. Infact as a life coach my diagnosis are a strength rather than a weakness. Aspergers does wonders for time management and practical action solutions. Where as having both mental and physical health issues really makes me understand the importance of work/life balance. Of course there is the stigma that comes along with it, however that does help me prioritise the people I want in my life, taught me to set boundaries and has encouraged me to work on my self confidence.

Now I know I am truly lucky to live in a country where the public services have an amazing health system compared to many other countries in the world. I got and get a lot of support to understand and live with my diagnosis. Today I feel so blessed to  work with many adults who have diagnosis or labels around the world. Supporting them to accept, live and work with their diagnoses. Understanding their labels and empowering them to get the best out of their lives whilst taking the best possible care of themselves.

However, today as I came away from my recent check up at the doctors I thought about the rest of you who live in one of these countries where I understand the experience can be to be diagnosed and then in essence dropped afterwards. Basically congratulations you have a new label now off you go with no help!

It must be so hard and so scary for you. So I would like to help.

In my personal and professional experience there are a few things you can do when you first get your label to start getting on the road to recovery or stability depending on how your diagnosis works. And no matter what you have been diagnosed with all of these actions will help.

Step 1: Get informed

I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand your diagnosis. Ask your doctors. Ask the internet. Ask the charity organisations. Find a book on amazon. Remember with any diagnosis the conditions and advice varies depending on your own biology. However the more informed you are the more you will begin to understand yourself. I always maintain if you understand something you can do something about it. This is your body and your life so don’t wait for someone to tell you how it is going to work. You can start finding that out straight away.

Step 2: Get a support circle

Support is the next thing. When you first get diagnoses you might not feel ready to shout it out on social media or tell all your colleagues. However, you do need support. Choose a few trusted people who you can rely on and talk with them about your diagnosis. When I got diabetes I found it really helpful to have someone sit and take notes for me. There was so much information to take in without those notes I could never have remembered it all. To this day Mr T comes with me to the diabetes nurse. He often remembers the questions I forget to ask. When I began the process of meds for Bi-polar a good friend came with me. And when I got the Aspergers diagnosis I asked for help from a colleague that worked with special needs to help me figure out how I could do my job without having meltdowns. My family I told although they didn’t really understand. Some people won’t. But don’t think that is true for everyone. It is ok to ask for help and the people that love you will want to help.

At the same time have a look at what help there is in the public sector. I would really recommend contacting the charity organisations they have the best knowledge of public support, educations or support groups etc.

Step 3: Routine and breaks

No matter what diagnosis (or for that matter non diagnosis) for a healthy life balance you need to have structure in your life to help you be the best person you can be. I found understanding what gave me energy and what doesn’t a good way of planning my week, delegating  or just accepting and letting go I can’t do it all on the bad days. Creating healthy boundaries for breaks and recharge days is a another good tip. I refuse to do anything organisational, work or chores after dinner most weeks of my life. It gives me that mental health time I need and seriously makes me effective in my time management. I also find that having a plan on how to cope on the bad days makes it easier too. (I will write more about this in another article to share my tips and tricks.)

Step 4: Talk with people in the same boat

No matter what diagnosis you got there is 99% chance that someone else in the world has the same one. And the great thing with the internet is that we can connect with them. One of most empowering experiences I had was through a diabetes forum during the first 6 months of my diagnosis. There may be local groups who meet up and these can be great sources of inspiration and laughter. Which honestly is one of the best ways of coping with your diagnosis. And there are also groups and online forums for the people in your life who are supporting you with your diagnosis. There is a lot of inspiration out there on what you can do to make your life easier. Not all will work for you but somethings will.


How you choose to follow these steps is up to you. Although I would recommend not doing it all at once. Choose one that you feel comfortable with and try that first. And I am very aware there are many more phases of coping with a diagnosis. Accepting is a long process this is just my recommendation of where to start.

The most important piece of advice I can give to any of you who has recently received a new diagnosis and is sitting with a new label in hand is to work with your diagnosis at your own pace.

I have seen first hand the awful things that can happen when people live in denial of their diagnosis. In my experience learning about it, being honest asking for help and working with diagnosis makes it manageable. And most importantly makes your life better.

If you have had a diagnosis how did you cope with it. Please share your tips and stories below and help people who are going through what we have been through


Emma-Jane <3

How to put Self-love into action today!

We all know that loving ourselves is important. It is the foundation of self-acceptance, any loving relationship and ultimately our self confidence. But as the internet throws this phrase around it can seem quite vague and fluffy.

Now anyone that knows me knows that I like tangible ideas and practical actions, not vague elusive concepts like the phrase self-love. And tangible and practical is something I feel is missing from the self-love concept bandied around out there. And from talking with others I know they feel the same too.

It is easy for us to think of actionable ways to love others—listening to them, helping them, appreciating them—but when it comes to ourselves, love is often just a feeling and not something we can figure out how to practice. So we don’t

And that sucks!

What we want and need the are of self- love to be is something we can put into action every day – but how on earth do you do that?

Well I think I have cracked the code to actionable self love!

Here are my guidelines to putting self-love into action everyday:

Check in with you

We ask our children, our friends and our partners how are you? Did you sleep well? How’s life? But how often do we do that with ourselves? Take time to check in with yourself and see where you need to take care of yourself.

One practical tool you can use is the wheel of life which can help you identify how different areas of your life are going so you can see where to direct your energy.

Another tool is to check in with your self esteem by doing free writing. This is basically automatic writing. So in this case you could try checking in by answering these 3 questions-

  • How do I feel about myself right now? (Be honest write the good and the bad.)
  • Why do I feel like this about myself?
  • What can I do to feel differently/better about myself?

Check in with yourself every day

Prioritize yourself

The most important factor in your life is you. And I don’t mean in a me, me, Me, MEEEE way! Quite simply if you don’t function mentally or physically nothing else will function. Putting others first to the detriment of you is the opposite of healthy living. It is not a sign of being a “good” person. It is an indication of a person who is not living life fully.

So put yourself at the top of your to-do list.

If you need sleep then schedule some. If you need to feel better about yourself make sometime for affirmations or eating food that makes you feel great.

Remember caring for yourself is self preservation.

Reprogram that internal dialogue

We believe the voice we hear the most and the phrases we hear most often. The voice we hear the most is our own inside our head. If that voice is constantly telling you that you suck, are not good enough or don’t deserve  good things, well just guess what you will believe?

Reprogramming our internal dialogue to being kind and loving is one of the most powerful self love tools out there.

Personally I use this amazing worksheet by Jessica Mullen as a weekly reprogramming session. This a great tool as it hits all the learning and therefore remembering tools. When you write it down, read it and speak it you are giving your brain a chance to hear love and REMEMBER it as truth. The more often you do this the more you will find you really feel more comfortable in your own skin!

Reward and celebrate yourself

One of the reasons we knew as children we were loved is by praise. But as adults we get this mostly in the form of a pay rise or winning awards. And there is a lot of competition out there. That’s why we all love our likes on social media. But do we remember to do it for ourselves? Well no not often.

However, nowhere is it written that you can not reward, praise and celebrate yourself!

Write a list of all your awesome qualities, write daily 3 things you are proud of yourself for or give yourself something to look forward to for being the amazing wonderful person you are!


Before I started to conciously put effort into practicing self-love in action, I really did hate myself. Why ? Because the opposite of self love is comparing yourself to others. And that breeds discontent.

Now of course I do that sometimes, we all do. Yet now I can regroup and remind myself easily why I am awesome, unique and what I give to the world. And that feels amazing!

And even better since really practicing self-love became part of my everyday I can see the vibrations of that energy around me. I have finally found someone I love that loves me the way I deserve to be (and of course I him), I am respected by my peers and colleagues. And I know straight away if someone is a toxic influence in my life and set the healthiest of boundaries.

By putting self love into action I am happier, healthier and I love my life even more than before!

And I know 100% that if you throw yourself into the deep end and practice self-love on a daily basis this will happen to you too!

Come on in the water is lovely! 🙂

Let me know how you are going to make Self-love actionable in your life today in the comments below

Have a beautiful week


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#lifelessons101 – Self love- a little goes a long way

Right now my battery is close to running on empty.  I haven’t spent one weekend at home in 3 weeks due to work and there has been little to no down time. In some ways it might seem ironic that this has been at the start of my self-love month. Such intense working conditions hardly follow the traditional take care of yourself and practice self love advice. Far from it in fact!

However, sometimes that’s life. It can’t all be long bubble baths and weekends in the woods. No matter how much our soul yearns for it.

Yet at times like this we all need TLC and a loving boost. So how in a week where having the time to  brush my teeth and make sure I have trousers on before I leave the house has been nearly impossible have I found time to keep my much needed self-love commitment?

My personal recipe to self-love in an insanely busy schedule focuses on the principle a little goes a long way.

It is comprised of 4 baby steps:

  • Acceptance
  • Doing one nice thing a day for you
  • Delegating and saying no
  • Prioritising sleep

Let me explain…


To alleviate frustration you have to first accept that during this busy period you are not going to have a lot of ‘me time’. That cabin in the woods will, temporarily have to wait. If you get frustrated about not having the time you need for yourself you are creating a whole lot of stress for yourself that you really don’t need right now. Accept that maybe right now you can’t get to the gym as often as you like and enjoy it when you can. Accept that right now you might not be able to make all the healthy meals from scratch we all know we need, grab a pre- made salad and give yourself the love that way.

Remember this does not mean life is always going to be that way. Plan that trip to the cabin in the woods for after your busy period and accept life as it is right now. Accepting you cannot do it all right now is a huge act of self love. Give yourself that gift.

Doing one nice thing a day for you

The key here is keep it simple. This week I have made a daily commitment to moisturising properly after my shower. It is  a little loving thing which takes me maybe 3 minutes and makes me feel great! Self- care is one of the first things we tend to neglect when we are busy so making the extra effort to do something nice for our bodies with minimal time and effort is a real treat during these times. But it could equally be your favorite frappuccino before work or hearing your favorite playlist on your way home.

Commit to doing one nice thing for you every day

This small action will go a long way to boost your energy.  Whether you feel like it or not, making the commitment means you’ll remind yourself on a daily basis to treat yourself with loving kindness.  

That’s pure self love right there!

Delegating and saying no

Lightening your workload and setting healthy boundaries when you are hella busy is an act of self-love. You do not have to do it all and be the superhero all the time. Sometimes it’s good to let someone else have a hero moment too.

Delegate and let someone else be the hero for once!

Last weekend I found myself overwhelmed in my social circle as everyone I hadn’t seen all winter wanted to confide in me or get some advice. Normally not an issue, just not right now. After talking with a few I was so exhausted so I checked in and set a boundary.  I politely told everyone ‘Hey guys, no offence but what I need right now is a short people break”. People respected it and knew it wasn’t personal. In setting my boundary in this way I not only showed people I trust them enough to be vulnerable and that I love myself too. A total win-win!

If you saw a friend or colleague overloaded you would want to help (if you could) so don’t be afraid to love yourself enough to ask for help.

Prioritising sleep

Prioritise your sleep

There is no argument that we all need sleep. Even more so when we are working in hyper drive mode. Prioritising sleep, at a busy and stressful time is simply good self love in practice. Yes there many other things you might want to do.  But if you don’t sleep you can’t do anything! Prioritise your shut eye now and you will not collapse during the first rest break you get. Quite simply love yourself enough to allow yourself to rest.


Self -love practice doesn’t have to be complicated. Especially when you are run off your feet a little truly does go a long way. So instead of dropping self love and kindness during your busiest times, simplify. Follow my recipe and you will find it boosts your energy without loosing you time or complicating matters.

What little act of self love can you commit to today? Let me know in the comments below

Have a lovely week

Emma-Jane <3  

Keep self love simple – tips to being kind to yourself when you don’t have much time!

When we think of self love  it often conjures up images of massages, luxury, pampering and oodles of time to invest in ourselves. However, when life is busy time to invest in self love can be the last thing on our minds. And that is often when we need a little self-love the most. Yet we don’t all have the luxury of booking a day off in the spa.   

So do you manage to be kind to yourself when you don’t have much time?

Keep it simple!

Being kind to your self and practicing self-love doesn’t need to be time consuming or elaborate. There are many little things you can do to take care of yourself in a busy time consumed schedule.

Here are my 5 top self love tips you can put into action straight away and give yourself the kind treatment and love you deserve.

Take 2 minutes to appreciate yourself

A little appreciation goes a long way. Grab a journal, google keep or a post it and write down 3 things you appreciate about yourself.

It could be that you are a good friend or partner or that you are doing well at your job. The things you appreciate don’t just have to be big things. Maybe just that you made yourself dinner or went to work even when you wanted to stay home.

The important thing is to appreciate yourself both for the little things and the things you may take for granted and not just for the bigger accomplishments.

Get the big tasks out of the way

If you have a busy overwhelming schedule you might have a big task you really don’t want to do. For me this often looking a my finances. The challenge is that by not doing it you are not taking care of yourself and it can sit like a pit of stress in your stomach. Grab that big task get it done and over with is an act of self-love. By doing it you will make your load lighter and easier to bear. What could be kinder.

Nourish yourself

We know that good food and nourishment is important so make that an act of self love. Whether it is your favourite cup of tea in the morning, a walk at lunch or eating your favourite dinner, give your body something to lift the spirits and nourish your body will always make you feel better.

Make time for a mini pamper session

Now you may not have time for the full routine. But using 1 more minute to moisturize, use a little hair oil is not going to wreck your day’s plans. Giving yourself a 5 minute hand massage or even  doing 10 mins of yoga will make you feel taken care of. An investment in your own health.

Sing along to your favourite happy song!

Indulge yourself by listening to your favourite happy song and sing along! Allowing yourself to be happy in a busy day is an act of self love. So while you are making dinner or driving to work bring a smile to your face with some music you love.

There are many little ways in which we can be kind to ourselves and make self love a simply daily practice. These are but a few suggestions.

What can you do in 3 minutes today to give your self a little love and kindness?

Share your self love rituals in the comments so we can inspire each other !

HAve a wonderful week

Emma-Jane <3

Take a little time to make your soul happy