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In Walking the Wheel of the Year you create your own seasonal spiritual path that is made just for you

Walking the wheel of the year is a personal development program inspired by the 8 ancient Celtic and Nordic spiritual festivals which honor the turning of the seasons. The workshop program focuses on supporting you to find your way to connect and re:root with the cycles of nature through non-denominational seasonal spirituality.

In the workshop program we start by connecting with nature’s energy, and the rhythm of life, to use as a catalyst for our own personal growth. Throughout this 9 part personal development journey, we will work with deep connection, your lighter and shadow self, self love and personal power. In each of the workshops you will experience reconnection with the earth, personal growth, crafting, a shamanic journey, and a ceremony to honour the earth and yourself.

How do I join?

To joing the Walking the Wheel of the Year 2019-2020 program at Eagleroad and Den Grønne Dal, enter your name and email above and I will contact you with further information

The Walking the Wheel of the Year program has 9 sessions throughout one year. Each workshop includes a PDF of all the course materials, and you become a member of the private Facebook group for all circle members, where you can find support and community on your journey.

*The Walking the Wheel of the Year program is in English, but Danish translation can be arranged

The year



Samhain represents the final harvest before the long winter. Here we celebrate where we have come from, the gifts of our ancestors in our blood, skin and bone. We celebrate the final harvest of the year and look at the things we must cast away that have not served us.



Yule marks the winter solstice, the longest night and the shortest day of the year.  It was a time of celebration of surviving the cold dark times, storytelling through the darkest night. Here we celebrated where we are now. The gifts we gain from those closest to us and the gifts we give to them. 



Imbolc is a festival of fire and light. This is a festival of purification, a festival of light, inspiration. At Imbolc we connect with the fresh burst of life in a whirl of inspiration. We create a vision of the life we want to manifest for ourselves. We share our hopes and dreams supporting each other’s growth.



Ostara is the celebration of the spring equinox, a point of balance between the sun and the moon.   Equinoxs are a time of cleansing and balance so we work with these themes. We also investigate our shadow self, honouring and accepting our dark before stepping into our  lighter self.



Bealtaine is a spring celebration that honours the fertility of the earth and man.  A time of lust, love, passion, fire, and abundance. Bealtaine is a festival of love and it is here we learn how we can better love and honour ourselves. We celebrate our most beautiful self and are empowered to step into a place of self love.



Litha is the time of the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and the shortest night.  It’s a celebration of the bountiful beauty that light brings into our lives. As we connect with the power of the solstice sun we step into our most powerful self and learn how to connect with that self when we need to.



Lammas is the first harvest festival, when plants drop their seeds to ensure future crops. It is the time of celebrating the abundance of our harvest and the abundance of ourselves.  We celebrate the fruits of our labour and work at Lammas with gratitude and abundance.



Mabon is a time of thanksgiving that celebrates the second harvest, and the autumn equinox. At Mabon we celebrate the sweetness we have manifested throughout the wheel, we give thanks for our harvest. As well we refocus our goals and intentions to complete the most important work before the winter comes.


This is my second season joining the wheel of the year program and I am not done yet! Following the wheel of the year program and joining the workshops has added so much more awareness to my soul life and connection with Mother Earth and her seasons. It helps me balance life and prioritize my energy in a natural way. It totally makes sense to follow the rhythm of the year - whether it be allowing yourself more hibernation- like moments during winter, or almost burst with excitement and jolly expectations at the first signs of spring.
Jane J.


EagleRoad - Skanderborg

Eagleroad is a sacred space with focus on Native American and Nordic lifestyle and culture. Founded in 1995 as a course and lecture space, and located in the beautiful countryside near the city of Skanderborg. Eagleroad offers a variety of sacred spaces for the Walking the Wheel of the Year program. 

Den grønne Dal - Copenhagen

Den Grønne Dal is a center for the promotion of mental, physical and emotional well-being. Currently there are three psychologists, several psychotherapists, body therapists, an acupuncturist and a yoga instructor. In addition, courses, mindfulness, healing (stress management), art exhibitions, etc. are offered.
Den Grønne Dal is located in the Vanløse district in Copenhagen.

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