Women’s circles

12888521_10153288131905882_5147763670635932026_o (1).jpgAs in days when we lived in tribes women need a space to relate, to connect in order to process and grow. In our modern society we are taught that our sisters are our competition. However when we work together we become an empowered unstoppable evolving creative force.

A women’s circle is an intimate co creation space where we can learn new ways of speaking, listening and relating to each other. Where we can weave the bonds of supportive sisterhood, that nurtures our individual and collective growth.


Women’s circle start up :

Support and inspiration to facilitate a women’s circle in you area. Materials and guidance to begin your own circle and Skype support to create your circle in the first 6 months.

Women’s circle workshops:

Details coming soon for online and offline workshops for personal development and transformation within circle


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