Writer & Speaker

I have a passion for changing peoples lives for the better!

 One of my biggest passions is writing. Not only am I a published author  for years I posted every week on my blog. I am a regular contributer to Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine’s website, sharing insights into the Wheel of the year and creating a spiritual path in life that works for you. 

Writing for Magazines and websites

 I would love to write for more websites and magazine and inspire more people to change their lives by connecting spiritually with nature.  Check out my blog and If you like my style, and your principals align with my work, then you are welcome to contact me to create articles or content for you. 

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More books are coming! 

My first book Walking the Wheel of the Year ,recently reviewed in Pagan Dawn , was published in 2020 (yep the exact week the world went into lockdown!) I am cooking up many more books on nature spirituality in 2024 and I am currently seeking representation and publication! There are  pitches and extracts ready to share.  If you would be interested in helping birth these projects get in touch!! .

Want to know more about Walking the Wheel of the Year book you can download the Walking the Wheel of the Year Press KIT Here 

If you want to review my book you are welcome to contact me

Looking for a Speaker ? Then look no further!

Need a speaker? Well honey you can’t stop me talking about the things I am passionate about! And trust me I am passionate about making a positive differnce in peoples lives! 

I have participated in many events online and in person including Mind Body Spirit online festival and Rise up Rooted Symposium. With my background as a life coach working , my work with young nuerodiverse´adults ( A passion project as I myself was late diagnosed with Autism), entreprenuership, as well as a having been a workshop holder  for over 25 years I feel I have alot of expertise, and both proffesional and personal experience  to bring to the table and share with the world to empower people for the better spiritually and in other areas of life. 

I can speak on topics such as: 

  • The Wheel of the Year
  • Nature Spirituality 
  • Creating Ceremony 
  • How to create your own spiritual path
  • Following our ancestors whilst living in the 21st century
  • Paganism – being a green hedge witch
  • Aligning your personal growth with nature’s seasons. 
  • Taking control of your Anxiety
  • Slow living in a Fast world 
  • Life as a Nuerospicy life coach 
  • Simplifying your start up – all the bits they didn’t tell you  about setting up an online buisness! 

And much, much more! 

Let’s have a chat and see what I could bring to your event


Oh yes I almost forgot! I am also avaible for radio and podcast interviews anywhere in the world. Get in touch if you would like me to be your guest!

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