Life Quality Assessment

I want to ask you 3 important questions :

How is your life going right now?

Are you on top of your game with a balanced, successful and sustainable lifestyle, or can you sense that the quality of your life is not quite the way you would like it to be?

When did you last check in with yourself to find out?

For me having the life I love means a balance between the 6 main roots of life

  • Personal health
  • Financial security
  • Loving supportive community
  • Effective success
  • Relaxation opportunities
  • Inspirational input

These roots are strengthen by a core of awareness the key to concision living

I have developed a holistic way for you to check in with yourself, assess your quality of life right now and identify the areas of your life that need transformation so that you can easily  create the life you love.

In a one hour Life Quality coaching session you will

  • Receive an assessment of  the current state of your life’s quality

  • Gain insight into what is the perfect life for you

  • And receive an easily implementable  strategy you can begin using straightaway to transform your life.

A life Quality coaching session costs only  £50 (500 dkk / 54€/ 80$). So if you want to check in with yourself and the direction your life is taking  then email me to arrange your life quality assessment session.

I really want to help as many people as possible have a life they love so please share page with your family, friends and colleagues, or even the random person you meet on the bus. For Christmas gift certificates Click here!

We all deserve a balanced, successful, sustainable quality of life I want to help you have that.

Looking forward to hearing from and meeting you soon

Enjoy your journey until we meet

With love

Emma- Jane <3




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