#lifelessons101 – The power of anticipation (2 min read)

Tomorrow I am off on my holidays. Two whole weeks with friends, doing things I love. It’s going to be great. What has made it even better is that over the last year we have been preparing for this holiday and now its going to happen. Anticipation is one of the most motivating factors on the planet. You remember the pre christmas childhood frenzy of excitement? Even today I love looking at the presents under the tree, often much more exciting than the unwrapped thing (Especially when it is the traditional hair bands, socks and underwear Father Christmas has been bringing me for 30 + years!)

There is no denying it getting excited is part of the fun.  And neuroscience can now back this up. Scientists and psychologists have found that when we anticipate something our brain actually releases dopamine, the happy making compound in the body. So by looking forward to something we can actually feel happier. Feeling happy keeps us motivated.

Psychology professor at Harvard University, Ron Siegel, suggested that the key to following through on motivation boils down to this:bring optimism and fun back into the picture. And as we all know we can create our reality so it is up to us to create excitement and anticipation in our lives.

Here is my 5 part guide to building anticipation in your life whether it be for a holiday, a personal goal or even just finishing your essay on time.


I know, I go on about it all the time. However it’s true planning helps our lives in so many ways, not in the least it builds anticipation. When it comes to special times of the year I actually do a special type of planning, which does involve colouring pencils and glitter glue. (Nothing makes things as exciting as glitter glue I promise). In the holidays I wind down my ‘have to do’ activities and up the ‘want to do activities’. I make a gigantic poster with all of my ideas for fun during the time I have. i illustrate it (badly), decorate it and set it up in a place where I can see it every day. I usually do this a couple of weeks before the event so I can look at it and get excited. It takes a hour tops and really helps me focus on the fun I am going to create for me and my family. Which is why in week 30 you will find me on Moesgård beach holding a sandcastle competition with a bunch of grown ups – why? Because we can!

Make a countdown

Put the dates in your diary and countdown towards the event. Counting down every day builds the anticipation and gives you the butterfly feeling of something good coming your way. When I was recently getting demotivated at school counting down the weeks to the summer holidays helped no end. So cross of the days and feel your excitement build.

Think out of the box and have fun!

It’s great to live a life less ordinary. Personally I love it. However in reality my life isn’t really so different to other people’s I just choose to make it important to have fun. So fo example I am currently on day 12 of my two weeks of brunch. I decided that I was going to dedicate two weeks of my summer to only eating brunch, with the twist that everyday had to be a different recipe! It’s been great fun trawling pinterest for recipes and trying something new everyday. Eating later has also been relaxing during my down time. And this has been something purely for me everyday, I have even found myself excited about it when I woke up everyday. So think out of the box, find things that you will find fun  and get excited about them.

Reward yourself

Seriously do. I used to make for my step daughter a reward chart where she had certain tasks to fulfill but where she choose her own reward for when the chart was full. I have tried this on myself and it works just as well. Not only do I get a little dopamine boost for completing my tasks the reward becomes anticipated the more I work towards it. Make sure your rewards are healthy and support your lifestyle dreams. So gorging on ice cream as a reward for sticking to your diet for a month is not the way to go.


Celebrate what you do. I love to post on Facebook the parts of my life I enjoy. I even get compliments from people who like to follow my personal page just for the positive vibe I send out into the world. People say Facebook can be false because people only promote their positive sides however I say what the heck is wrong with that. Other ways I love to celebrate is to create a memory day or even just to have some bubbly with dinner. I love to share the wealth and if there is something I really want to celebrate I like to involve as many of my friends as I can to make it a really memorable experience.


The power of anticipation is a science backed fact. It is easy to implement. Costs nothing and makes life so much more fun. After all we only get one life, as the immortal Cat Stevens says “we are only dancing on this earth for a short time”. With that in mind  it becomes vitally important to make sure you enjoy your journey!

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Have a healthy life by celebrating your success! (2 min read)

I’m sitting here alone on a Monday afternoon, in a cafe on a sunny day in Denmark with relaxing jazz in the background and a tall cold, glass of bubbling wine in my hand. I am celebrating my latest success! It’s lovely. I probably don’t look as chic as I feel but it’s the feeling that is important not the way I look. I feel fantastic. And part of the reason I feel so great is not just because I have been successful. It is because I have taken this hour to celebrate my success.

In our busy lives we actually have many successes be they small or large and yet in the hectic schedule they can often be overlooked and therefore go unnoticed.  All work and no play made jack a dull boy and the same goes for you too. Our successes in life are our high points. If we don’t acknowledge them then life is seriously boring.

In today’s society we are all incredibly focused on what is wrong, what is not working and how can we fix it. I am not saying that is all bad, good growth comes from this form of processing; HOWEVER if we only ever focus on the bad, we will only ever see the bad. And if you are seeing only bad then guess what? You will attract more of it. And that my friends creates a negative mindset and we all know how unhealthy and damaging that can be.

There are many reasons why you should celebrate your successes and when it becomes a habit you will find that life actually becomes EVEN MORE successful for you. Why ? Because as you send out a vibration of success the world around you ripples back a wave of success.

Here are 5 reasons why you should celebrate your successes, no matter how big or small, today

It feels great!

It feels wonderful to celebrate something we have achieved. It energises us. When we achieve something our body releases dopamine the happy chemical into our blood. And as  after all being happy and enjoying our life is what we all want, right? So why miss a perfectly good opportunity to enjoy yourself!

It’s inspiring!


Celebrating or success can be inspirational to our future successes. Just as we can learn from something going wrong we can also learn from it going right. Make a note of what you did that helped create your success and look at it when you are aiming for a different star.

It’s motivating!

It’s logical. If you are working towards a goal and it always feels like that goal is slipping away and is un-achieveable then why would you want to keep going. By marking our successes big and small, especially the small, we remember them and we can feel how close we are getting to our goal and that makes us want to keep going. Your success are proof that you can do whatever it is your set your mind to do.

It attracts more success!

Basically the more you celebrate your successes you develop a success mindset. And that is a mindset you need to keep feeding. By noting your successes you are telling yourself “look at what I can do”. Keep looking for opportunities to celebrate your success and you will surprise yourself with how often you have success.

It’s shareable!

Celebrating your success with others is a form of sharing abundance. Think about all of your friends happy pictures and statuses on Facebook that make you feel good. People want to have fun, they like to hear good news so let them join in your fun and make everyone feel great!


So no matter what successes you have had today, big or small, it could be managing to do the washing up when you are seriously depressed or celebrating your first big movie deal, whatever it is celebrate it. Remember as Osho says “Life should not only be lived it should be celebrated”
Have a wonderful week <3

celebrate your success