#lifelessons101- All work and no play makes jack a dull boy (2 min read)

I am a workaholic. I am. I love to be busy, creating, manifesting. The summer holidays is looming and this year Mr T and I have chosen to spend a few weeks of it at home. Two weeks at home, with no work. My mind was racing, what the heck am I going to do? How do people fill their time with nothing. To me this is an alien concept. As I work from home, means that if I sit down for five minutes I can find something that needs doing. it’s never ending. Do you know the feeling?

And then recently I was watching a Ted Talk by Shonda Rimes, an extremely successful TV producer, screenwriter and author; talking about saying yes to everything and it struck me that in all of this work I am starting to miss out on all the important things that make life worth living.

In Shonda’s talk she calls the buzz of life “The hum”. That feeling of being in the moment when we are creating and everything is flowing. It is a feeling I am lucky enough to know well. I get it whenever I am working with a client or running a workshop. The “hum” is that feeling when everything is all good, when you strive for greatness. The “hum” is your joy. It’s addictive and never ending. It can take over everything.

However according to Shonda when this feeling comes from work, this is the false “hum”. She talked about how one day her “hum” just stopped. After all we are only human and we cannot run on work alone. What happens when you stop. What are you when your “hum” stops? For Shonda she found a new hum. Not in new projects or business. She found her new “hum” in playing with her children. In the peace and simplicity of taking 15 minutes to play.

Play is the opposite of work. The old saying “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” is true. The hum is not work specific. It joy specific. And in play we can find joy. I mean why do we ever stop playing? Playing is a place where life feels good. In a way it is a place of zen. A place for us to find our “hum” our essential self. Work is not a place which makes us who we are. When we do nothing but work we become dull. When we play, find the place where we can find our joy we shine. And I can hear your work driven brain saying “yeah, yeah but where do I find the time?” you don’t need a lot of time. 15 minutes a day to play with your kids, read a book do whatever it is that makes you you. 15 uninterrupted unadulterated minutes where all those things that need doing just slip away and the world is briefly you own and full of your joy.

Taking 15 mins a day to play, to experience joy is freeing. It releases us from the guilt of workaholica. It rejuvenates, re energises and inspires you. And giving yourself this time to breath, to be actually improves your working life. The more in touch with ourselves we are, the more grounded and stronger we become. That benefits every aspect of our lives personal, public and professional. I have now spent some time trying out this tehory and believe me it works. what I love about it is that it works for everyone. Each and everyone of us has 15 minutes we can use on our joy in our day. And when we dedicate time to our joy it is here we find our true “hum”. The true point in life where everything is flowing, in fact where everything flows from.   

To be honest these days workaholica is considered a socially acceptable way of getting ahead in the world. But so is being grounded, knowing who we are and being strongly, authentically ourselves. Taking 15 minutes a day for you and your joy Saying yes to our own joy and making that important gives us the opportunity to be authentically who we are, to become grounded in ourselves and know what our “hum” is, is in fact an important part of being a workaholic and making our way ahead in the world. After all who really wants to be dull anyway

Try it. This weekend. Connect with your joy. Put your social media, friends birthday party, house cleaning or essay writing on hold and take 15 minutes to make you happy and find your hum…

all Work and no Play is bad for the Soul.jpg


What’s your secret Disney Identity? Disney films and characters as a self development and motivational tool (3 min read)

I was recently asked if ‘You were a brand what brand would you be?’ ‘What brand would describe your personality?’ Wow great soul searching questions and the answer? I would be Disney. (And seriously for a natural conscious earth respecting hippie like myself I was shocked at this however the fact remained that I as a brand I would be Disney.) Creative, playful. A Walt Disney quote is even one of my mantras “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

The more I thought about it the more I wondered why is it that I connect so much with Disney? And the answer came to me relatable characters, adversity  and bravery to follow their dreams and stories that connected with me at the right place and time in my life when I needed to hear a particular message.  Honestly the Little Mermaid was me at 11, rash and daring, Belle at 14, desperate to go out into the world and escape my small town life, Mulan the warrior facing and winning against all the odds inspired me in my partially homeless 20s and Tiana now in my 30’s determined to create my dream into reality. I have been a constant Peter Pan all of my days, with the optimism of Winnie the Pooh and lived all of the fears and bravery of Piglet. And not forgetting Up, the film that inspires and epitomises my dream of a true love and partnership.

Most of us have a favourite Disney film and a favourite character. But have you ever thought about what your connection to that story and character is ? (Apart from your tshirts, mugs and cuddly toys either hidden about the home or proudly displayed.) Every story we have heard or seen  and remembered has affected us on a conscious or unconscious level. As we feel drawn to a character we admire them, their personality traits their resilience. I mean who wouldn’t love to have Rapunzel’s effectiveness in housework chores. Seriously though these characters we love display qualities we wish to possess or mimic. For example take my connection with Belle. She didn’t fit in, neither did my 14 year old self. She didn’t seem to care and stayed determinedly herself, my 14 year old self desperately wanted to do that. Belle made sacrifices for her father who she loved and put his needs before her own. Something I have always done (although the latter was not a healthy experience it did teach me a lot). Her story is as much a transformation as the Beast’s and oh didn’t my bespeckled, teeth braced awkward self want the transformation from bookish outsider to a loved and appreciated beauty.

These films, these characters we identify with have messages for us all throughout our lives if we look for them. Recently I re-saw Beauty and the Beast and I was shocked at the power of my emotions. Honestly I was crying and afterwards when I looked at which songs I had been so moved by I realised that my life situation at the moment was reminding me a lot of my teenage gawky school days as I now face my recent Asperger’s diagnosis and living in an entirely new place. The film helped me see the challenge clearly and from that I have now been able to work with it.

Try watching your favourite Disney movie. Make notes of where you feel emotional pulls. Who do you identify with and why? How does this character, plot line relate to you now or in the past. Journal this and see if you can find a teaching in the message the film has given you. (And sorry no I cannot be more specific the message is yours to interpret I can’t guide you there, just keep looking until you find the answer).

Disney characters can also be used as a way of identifying our ideal personalities. Now please don’t get me wrong I am not saying any one Disney character is absolutely perfect, they are not. However as I mentioned before they have qualities we admire that we would like to see in ourselves.

Think about the qualities of your favourite character. What do you admire in them? Write a list. Now look at each quality ask yourself how am I like this? If you cannot see this but would like to then ask yourself ,how can I bring this quality into my life?

Many years ago I found out quite by accident that not only can Disney character’s help us learn about ourselves, they can also act as motivators and inspiration. A girlfriend was in a bad situation. She loved Pocahontas. So I, in my desperation to help ,asked what she though Pocahontas would do. To my surprise her body language took on a different quality. Her head went back and she knew exactly how her favourite character would have handled her situation. So I told her to connect with her inner Pocahontas when she need the bravery to face her problem. A few days later she was on top of the world and the problem was on her way to being solved! I have tried this time and time again and I have always found it works. We just find it easier sometimes to think through another’s perspective and character. Plus when we think of them we smile and feel good, which just goes to show Disney is doing what it does best if it can evoke that feeling even years after we have seen a film.

Or maybe it is as Tinkerbell said “Imagination has no age”. So allow yourself to connect with your inner child and find your secret Disney identity this week. Allow the magical kingdom to open doors and pathways to healing, understanding, bravery, imagination and empowerment whether it’s from a mouse, a fairy, a princess, a stuffed bear or simply a warthog <3





Turn your Monday frown upside down in three inspiring and hilarious steps!

Mondays uggh! Some days you just get out of  the wrong side of the bed. Today I had it on overload. At 3 minutes to 8am I was done. Even after spending time going through my gratitude list and my positive affirmations 3 secs later something new just annoyed me. Nothing seemed to be shifting my irritable negative cloud. I could have quite happily returned to my bed and slept until the weekend – you know the scenario.

So I started to think about what could make me feel better, what can you do to turn around a monday frown upside down when all the odds are against you? The universe kindly responded by showing me and now as I am sitting here writing to you I am buzzing with energy and dancing along to Don’t Worry Be Happy! (Surreal to think if I had heard this song this morning it would have bugged the heck out of me). So what’s the secret? It’s really simple and easy to follow. If you want to turn you Monday frown upside down and enjoy the rest of your day in spite of getting out of bed on the wrong side follow my three simple steps kindly taught to me today by the universe.

Open up and breath

I know this is the tough part. The last thing you want to do when you are annoyed or irritated is to stop being annoyed (humans, such weird creatures we are). However  if you want to feel happier you need to take charge internally and open yourself up to the possibility of shifting your mood.  And one of the easiest ways of doing this is power  meditating.

I have tried a lot of meditation and always struggled with it however power meditating is the most simple  and shortest meditation/affirmation technique of them all! The concept is simple. Just as a quick power nap freshens the body a quick power  meditation freshens the soul – I found this technique here at Mind Body Green (however the name is from yours truly).

Basically you focus on your breath and breath deeply into your belly allowing it to relax and become soft. Then begin internally repeating to yourself, “Breathing In, I calm myself. Breathing out, I smile.” And you keep doing this until you find you begin to smile. The corners of your mouth start twitching and as you smile you feel better and open for an improvement in your day.

Be creative and release your inner creative child

Children get the better deal. Hours of playtime, oh don’t you miss it. Especially the hours we all spent with paint brush or crayon in hand creating scribbly, wibbly stick men masterpieces to be lovingly displayed on Mum’s fridge. On a crappy day allowing yourself the freedom to doodle, draw and paint the way you did all those years ago (not so long ago for some of you) is absolutely the best medicine.

Why? Because creativity clears the mind. It craves focus which prevents you from being caught up with negative or stressful thoughts. The other equally important part of creating in childhood is that it involves interacting with colour. Colour is all around us but unless we have been lucky enough to follow a creative career path we often stop interacting with it in our adulthood. Colour impacts our moods, our feelings and our behaviours. Best of all our interpretation of colour is completely utterly personal, No-one in the world experiences and reacts to the different colours in exactly the way you do. Stands to reason that interacting with colour liberates us unconsciously.

Step two is simple – Be Creative. However I don’t want you just to be creative, to get rid of your bad mood. I want you to be as creative in a childish way. Small children don’t care. If they make a picture they love it, because they enjoyed making it. They have freedom to express their creative potential because they don’t compare themselves and their abilities with everyone else’s. Something we have all forgotten how to do.

Now I don’t mean you should regress completely and allow your inner child to take over your workplace. However an hour of childish artistic freedom works wonders on any black cloud day. I was lucky today. I got a few hours to paint and stick and glue, in an art class (the wonderful perks of studying human development means you get these kind of opportunities). However if you are at work I get that it can be challenging to suddenly get the crayons out and begin to make stick figure drawings. Luckily the recent fad for mindfulness colouring books and zentangling has made grownup colouring much more socially acceptable, plus it is a great way to be creative without having to initiate the process of the drawing. The first chance you get today grab some paper, draw or make some time to colour. Don’t get caught up in being artistically perfect, get caught up in the experience of playing with colour and the freedom of creating. No matter what it is you make, your inner child will think it is wonderful and if you end up smiling who the heck cares what you drew! (And if you really don’t want to be artistic on paper, another easy and fun way to be creative and interact with colour is Lego. I am serious. And the bonus is that there is always some small child in the world very happy to take it off your hands when you have done the making).

Be stupid and play

Do something stupid. I don’t mean stupid in the buy 100 lotto tickets way, I mean stupid the way you did when you were small. Play. We as adults are incredibly self conscious and caught up in what other people think of us. Getting out of our stuff and doing ‘something daft’ (as my mum would say) is not just a liberating experience for us but for everyone around us. The important factor here is to make sure whatever you do is physical and has absolutely in no way at all a connection to your adult life (which means going to the gym does not count).

Start a paper aeroplane competition, have a pillow fight, jump in puddles.If you dare


Miranda daring to be daft !

go bigger and follow the wonderful example of Miranda Hart in the BBC series “Miranda” who makes the enjoyment of living alone an art form. The picture says it all…


If at all possible do something daft with friends, it makes you laugh more. Today in my second class of the day I was to be found wearing a giant rabbit costume whilst we reenacted a nursery rhyme dance as part of a demonstration of a cognitive and creative development activity for children (again the opportunities of studying human development).

The unexpected byproduct of this experience was the  liberating effect on the adults taking part. Suddenly dressed as fairy tale characters and dancing around playing a game each of the adults came out of their shells. It was a sight to behold.

However as you may have hidden your Buzz Lightyear costume in the darkest recesses of your loft I recommend instead of watching the news tonight getting out the Twister. Nothing lifts the mood like entangling yourself in an impossible position and howling with laughter.

And if nothing else there is always the option of dancing around like a ninny in the kitchen to your favourite music.


You may notice that the universe today provided me with an experience of childhood which I am recommending to you. To be honest returning to a child’s world perspective, getting out of yourself, ignoring your adult mental constrictions and having a few hours playing and creating, reminds you why life is worth living and it makes sense. Try it (even if you think it sounds bonkers) you will see what I mean.

Combine the acts of breathing, creating and being stupid and I guarantee you that your Monday (or any day of the week) frown cannot possibly remain.

Life is our own adventure so choose to make yours a fun one!

 Have a fantastic week , got to dash I’m off to have a disco in my kitchen (Cue Abba “I am the dancing queen …..”)  

Happy Monday 🙂




Improving your relationships – The roots of a healthy relationship in 6 easy steps (3 min read)

This is part 2 of the three part series on Improving your relationships. Last week was about you, this week it’s about other people.

The roots of a great relationship

People need other people. It’s the way we are made. We need each other to create, to support and to love. We need to connect and to be important to someone. Baumeister and Leary claim that human beings are “naturally driven toward establishing and sustaining belongingness.” As we all know relationships can be some of the most fantastic experiences in the world and some of the worst. It’s up to us to make them wonderful!

Last week we looked at your relationship with yourself, the most important of all. The seed from which every other relationship comes. But now it’s time to look further to grow the roots of your relationships. A relationship isn’t just between lovers, it’s between every one you are close to. If you grow deep healthy roots in your relationships you will be stronger and happier in your life. It’s as simple as that!

I know, I know  it sounds hellishly complicated, however I promise you it’s not as hard as it sounds. In fact in 6 easy steps you can grow the roots of healthy relationships with anyone in your life.

Know your boundaries

In any relationship you will have to make compromises so it’s important to know your boundaries, to know what you want, how you want to be treated. To know what you will and won’t accept. By loving yourself you know that you deserve to be respected. 

Remember this doesn’t just go one way. Other people have different boundaries and these also need to be respected. You may have heard the saying we hurt the people we love the most. Unfortunately it is true so you need to think about how you would like to treat them.

Think of a relationship you already have or one you want to have .Write a description of that relationship describing how it will be in the future. How can it be a healthy, respectful and caring relationship.

Don’t assume

An ex taught me the phrase “Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups”. It’s true. We know our internal world so well,that we often forget that people can’t read our internal dialogue. We know  exactly how we want to be loved and yet we forget that this is not always obvious. Stop assuming and start explaining. Instead of taking offence, ask if the person meant to offend. Explain to a loved one how you would like them to help you when you are having a hard time. And yes this does work with children and colleagues too. (Obviously with a change in how you use your language). However remember that this goes both ways so invite the other person to explain their inner world. It is a new habit to train, but once in place makes life sooo much easier.

Forget about perfection

In any relationship there will be challenges. People are different and we can’t always get along. So don’t expect otherwise. What you can do is choose how to respond to these situations. Do you react or respond? Can you agree to disagree? And most importantly can you take the move to communicate and heal the situation. In a healthy relationship our egos have to be put aside for them to work.

If this is not possible you then have to ask yourself how important is this relationship in my life, does it serve me and the other person. If not you know what to do..

Be honest

Healthy relationships just don’t work without honesty. If something is bugging you about the other person and they ask you what is wrong, don’t answer “nothing”. How is that supposed to help? The problem can’t be fixed if you don’t explain what it is. And obviously lying is a complete NO GO!

Be kind and loving

It sounds stupid to mention it but be kind and loving. We often forget to be kind to those we love or are close to. Kindness with no thought of a return goes a long way. After all it’s the little things in life that count after all. Mr T for example today posted on Facebook how proud he is that I passed and exam. It meant so much to me and has made me feel happy all day 😀

And laugh!

Laughing, taking time for each other and making it important to have fun with the people in your lives is what makes wonderful memories and  relationship so worthwhile. So arrange to have some fun with someone you care about and be as silly as you can!

Find someone who you want to improve or build a relationship this week and try the six steps. It’s amazing how our relationships can be enriched with a little effort.

Tune in next week to find out how to grow and blossom your relationships until then have a wonderful week getting closer to the people you love.


#Lifelessons101- Little acts of kindness go a long, long way; also known as the Punk and the Doll’s knickers ( 2 min read)

In childhood there are events that shape us, change us and are often the first flutter of our life beliefs forming. One of the most profound moments in my childhood actually came about because of a pair of dolls knickers and has taught me life lesson I have never ever forgotten.

At a very short age (not sure of the numerical age, I can just remember my world perspective as being surrounded with legs), my Mother and I were walking along a very busy pavement in a local market town. Mum had a firm grip on my hand and in the other hand, was my beloved rag doll Jemima, dangling in the traditional way a small child can hold a toy.  She was my pride and joy, a copy of the Play School rag doll that my Mum had made for me. She had a blue and white spotted dress and knickers to match.

If any of you remember the doll she had long arms and legs, with not so much in the way of hips. Which unfortunately meant she had a habit of losing her knickers. Who knew that a child’s toy could be such a jezabelle!

Now as I said before it was really busy. In the rush, and being so small I got knocked about a bit in the bustle. I can remember clearly seeing a man in a blue suit striding towards me. He of course hadn’t noticed me, bashed into me and I went flying. So did Jemima. So did the knickers. The suited man looked down at me, made a frustrated tch sound and walked on his way.

A kind voice beside me helped me up and handed me Jemima. The voice was accompanied by the biggest pink Mohawk I have seen to this day (it was the 80s) , a smiling face full of piercings and a leather jacket covered in patches and safety pins. Scary looking but smiley. He popped me on my feet, dusted me off and gave me to my Mum. We walked off only a few minutes later to have said punk running after me holding Jemima’s lost knickers. (He too was obviously a Play School fan too.)

I don’t remember this part but my Mum has told me (countless times) that I turned to her and said “Isn’t it funny Mummy. The man that looked nice was nasty. And the man that looked nasty was nice.” In that moment I learnt two of the most important lessons in my life. That kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, and that people’s appearance doesn’t always reflect their inner personality.

According to my Mum this was around 36 years ago and yet I can remember it as though it was yesterday. (I still own Jemima and her knickers too. )It’s amazing the impact these moments can make in our lives. A moment of truly seeing the inner person. An act of kindness,no matter how small, can make a huge difference in the world.

So I challenge you this weekend. Go out and do one small act of kindness for a stranger. Make an impact and send a ripple of positive kindness out into the world.

You never know whose life you may change, even if  you are punk holding a pair of dolls knickers…



#lifelessons101 – Do you dare take the 7 day laughter challenge? (4 min read)

People say that laughter is the best medicine and last night I got a double dose of it. In our kitchen, totally exhausted and Mr T said something funny (and no I now have no idea what it was) and I cracked up. Seriously I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard. I fell on the floor snorting giggling and yes even dribbling. Not entirely my best look. However once I started I couldn’t stop, it was infectious and suddenly there’s the two of us on the floor laughing with our entire bodies. And this went on for half an hour!

Afterwards I was totally drained in a good way. It was an amazing feeling with the bonus of being a fantastic workout for my abs. It got me thinking about laughter. Laughing does things to our body that nothing else does. It is one of the healthiest releases of emotions. Have you any idea how healthy laughing is?

  • Laughter  oxygenates your blood.
  • Laughter decreases stress hormones in the body such as cortisol and adrenaline.
  • Laughter strengthens the immune system.
  • When we laugh our bodies release endorphins, the feel-good hormone.
  • One minute of laughing burns the same number of calories as 6 to 10 minutes on a treadmill.
  • Laughing raises your mood; joyfulness through laughter is the fastest way to create a positive state of mind.
  • Laughing is good for the heart and improves blood circulation.
  • Laughter can reduce pain and aid the healing process.
  • Laughter creates and strengthens human connections.

And if you don’t believe me look up Dr Patch Adams he knows what I mean.


It’s amazing that we don’t take the time to laugh more when it is so good for us.

So I am setting us a laughter challenge. For seven days I want you to try some of the following activities and invite laughter into your life. After the seven days write in the comments what difference it makes in your life. (I will also be with you every step of the way.)

Decide to laugh

First you have to decide that you want to laugh more in your life. Set an intention or set it as a goal that you want to laugh more in your life. Remind yourself by pinning laughter quotes around your home and your workplace, on your phone or in your wallet.

Laugh every morning

Choose to laugh every morning. Nothing starts the day better than a hearty laugh and a boost of endorphins. If you are not sure how, choose a technique from below and find what works for you.

Read something funny

It doesn’t matter what and it needs to be short. Check out imgur or the daily cartoons in the paper.

Of course if you want to read a funny book aswell, books are great as it’s an experience thats just for you.

Watch a funny video, series or film

Find something on Youtube that amuses you, watch a funny series or watch a funny film. Pick a comedian and watch them for five minutes every day. Take the time be it 5 mins, 30 mins and hour or two. Whether it’s funny cat videos or Full house whatever works for you to get you giggling and jiggling.

Be silly…I dare you

Do something silly. Put loud music on and dance around the kitchen. Run out and play on a play park. Even jumping in puddles. There are loads of things you did as a child that made you laugh, being silly is fun, so let your imagine carry you away and be silly as you can.

Laughing Yoga

Laughing yoga is a great way to get the chuckles muscles going.  Laughter yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. Laughter yoga is done in groups, with eye contact and playfulness between participants. Forced laughter soon turns into real and contagious laughter. There are many, many videos online so find one and give it a go. (Although I would advise keeping tissues handy and don’t eat before you start).

Surround yourselves with people that make you laugh

Surround yourself with funny friends. I am so lucky as Mr T is one of the funniest people I know, he even laughs in his sleep! Honestly every though the constant humor is sometime so irritating, I spend alot of my days laughing because of him. So find someone who makes you laugh and cackle the night away.

Watch your pet or people

Have you ever spent time watching your pets or other people? Both are hilarious. We do the stupidest things when we think noone is watching.

And if in doubt smile. A smile is infectious, it makes you feel better and makes the world a nicer place.

Take up the laughter 7 day challenge, flex those giggle sinews and grin your way into November!!

Remember to share your funny moments in the comments below


#lifelessons101 –  Life without play is just existing (And why I like to play with wands… Expelliarmus!!) (2 min read)

This weekend I will be donning my purple wig, grabbing my leather jacket, putting on my battered old army boots and heading on the yearly Odense Harry Potter Festival. That’s right I am going to be playing Tonks and Mr T will be Lupin, complete with scar on face and a stick on moustache ( which I know he will be complaining that it itches within 30 seconds of the glue being dry! That’s just his way of having fun).

So why, I hear you ask, is  38 year old women going to spend her entire weekend roleplaying in a fantasy world? The simple answer is because I can! And why not? As kids we have our fantasy button turned on constantly. A stick becomes a wand, a laser gun or lightsaber- do you remember that feeling of it being so real to you? I do. And I am so glad I do. So what happened to us  between then and now? Who turned off that switch? Well I am sorry to say you did. Society judges adults that like to play. Less and less I am happy to say, but unfortunately there is still judging dogma around it. Apparently it’s not mature to play lightsabers, it is not socially acceptable for adults to play. (Unless its Bridge playing Bridge is socially acceptable). The big problem is you believed them. And the more you believed them, the more difficult it was to turn on that fantasy switch until one day you couldn’t  find it again. And even worse because you believed them, you even begin to judge the adults that happily still play on the swings.

If you have found yourself in this situation it is the universe trying to poke  you with a giant stick. At this point my friends, you need the lesson from one of life’s wisest creatures. The baby.  Babies are humans in their most raw form. Happiness in a baby is a beautiful thing. Life to a baby is a beautiful thing. Babies are great they eat, poop, cry and sleep when and where they want to. And when they are not doing the above they are observing and laughing. Babies aren’t afraid to try something new. “Hey who knows what will happen if I put my foot in my mouth, it might taste good.” They don’t care if someone tells them a game is stupid. If it is fun they are going to do it anyway.

And so should we. We have, as far as we know, one life on this planet. One beautiful life to live to the fullest. And you are going to stop doing something you love just because you are apparently too mature. Surely this is the definition of insanity! Get out there! Go play, laugh , dance and feel joy! To forget to play is to forget to live, without it we just exist. Play makes the memories more beautiful and laughter come right up from the belly.

So go out this weekend and find your inner you and do something fun. Something your younger self would have enjoyed. No one knows when the day might be your last, wouldn’t you rather that in that day you had laughed, danced and had moments of pure joy. I know I would. So have a blast this weekend doing exactly what it is that makes you happy. For me that is going to be running around with wand in hand all weekend challenging other equally happy folks to a magical duel.

Have a wonderful playful weekend!




(P.s Please note this article is written to those who have forgotten to play. I know there of many of you still out there that love childish play and to you I hope one day I mee you on the swings, *cos I know I can swing higher than you can 😛 !!)