Evaluating your successes – seizing opportunity for personal growth

This weekend I attended a workshop about improving your mentality and the one point that has really stuck in my mind is the idea of evaluating our success. We are used to the concept of evaluating failures as a tool for learning and growth. In business and in education we use evaluation and analysis of a project to determine future actions. But how often do we do this within our own lives?

Often when we have a success the euphoria of that success is our strongest emotion and memory. And rightly so. Success deserves to be celebrated. Yet often we don’t look back to see what steps we took to get there. Knowing how we have succeeded in the past gives us a blueprint to guide us to our future successes. Evaluating and knowing how you succeed will give you the guiding to succeeding again and again.

If you have worked with evaluation and analysis before you will know that you will need to approach it from an objective and logical process to get the most out of it. There are two ways of evaluating success.

  1. Evaluating the success in the moment
  2. Preplaning and pre defining success criteria and measuring your results.

Evaluating the success in the moment

When something happens that you consider to be a success take 5 mins before celebrating to evaluate how did you make it happen. Do you thinking on paper (or computer). We remember 70% of what we write down and having this information to hand will help you in the future. Answer the 5 following questions to guide you and write the answers down. This will give you a clear picture of how this success came about.  

  • What is the success?
  • How did I create it ? (write down a step by step list of the actions you took)
  • What did I do differently this time?
  • What outside factors helped in creating my success?* (remember to include expected and unexpected factors)
  • What is the most important thing I have learnt from my success?

*Remember we can’t always recreated the outside influences that support our success however sometimes it is helpful to know them so we can look to create the same help.

Preplaning success and defining success criteria and measuring your results.

Pre Planning success and defining success criteria makes for effective evaluation as your results are more measurable. This method has 3 parts the Before, the Doing and the After.

The Before

You can do this is 4 steps using What -How -When- How. (Again write this down.)


What : What do you want to achieve ? (Describe the desired result)  

How: How will you do this? (Define the actions you will take)

When: When will you take each action?

How: How will I know I have succeed (Define your success criteria* for each action)

*A success criteria can be as simple as I have written my cv or I get the job.)

The Doing

Basically you follow your plan. However if you get unexpected help or results make a note of it so you have a record.  Keep checking in with your planning to keep you on task.

The After 

Time to evaluate. Use the following questions to help you evaluate your success.

  • Did I achieve exactly what I wanted to achieve? (If not what success did you meet?)
  • Did I exceed my goals?
  • Did I meet the success criteria for each action?  (If not what success did you meet?)
  • Did I stick to my timeline?
  • What went as planned?
  • What went differently?
  • What unpredicted outside factors were there?
  • Am I proud of my results?
  • What is the most important thing I have learnt from my success?
  • What wa the most important thing I did to create my success?


From your success evaluations you will build up a valuable store of knowledge that you can call on when you need it in the future. Also by evaluating our success it reminds us to take ownership of both our results and allows us to acknowledge our success and be proud of it. Remember too that succeeding is not just about the big things. Success is also about achieving the small things. A little thing you can do is every morning you can define that days success. On thing you will realistically achieve that day. And then when you have done it evaluate and celebrate.  Success is a minefield of opportunity for us to learn and grow. Evaluating our success not only reinforces to us that we can achieve it also guides us to how we can achieve again.

So seize the opportunity of your own success  and evaluate one of your life’s successes and inspire yourself to succeed again!

Have a great week <3

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A rubbish ‘meh’ day is the point before a break through! (2 min read)

Today has been a meh day. You know the type. Low energy. No motivation. Even if the sun is shining in the windows of your soul it continuously rains. Nothing works. Nothing is good. Meh, meh, meh. The irritating thing is that this particular meh day comes on one of those rare days when i actually have nothing to do apart from write! And so wonderfully my inspiration button has been on an all time low beeeeeeeeeeeep all blooming day.

I have promised Mr T I will do some yoga with him later but my heart is not really in it. However guilty with the knowledge that I am wasting time I have been looking all day for sources of inspiration. I  have, of course visited my ever growing pinterest library of Ted talks. Watched 3 and nothing, nada. I have hit the personal development section of amazon and did some half hearted retail therapy. Did some journaling and ended up even more unmotivated. Watched a film. Even tried to make fudge which although worked has given me a sugar high (which is burning cold with nowhere to put the energy, this is not yoga friendly energy).

It sucks and the more I have been fighting it, the worse it gets. Meh with meh on. Then it struck me, I have been here before. Oh not just the meh day thingy. I have been to this place of frustration before, many times. And if memory serves correctly it was always at the point of most frustration I would succeed. It comes down to my days of spinning Poi and my subsequent Poi theory.

If you don’t know Poi originates from New Zealand. it is the art of spinning balls on string or ropes in intricate patterns whilst dancing. In my case the balls were made of kevla and I used to set them on fire to dance. Fire Poi is now an accepted hippy entertainment at festivals and is even becoming more mainstream.

There was a time in my life where you would have rarely found me in an open space without me using my practice poi to try out new moves. Poi challenges the brain and coordination on every possible level. When trying out something new you get more bruises than you can imagine. It takes dedication, concentration, pain control and ALOT of frustration. Well what I found with the Poi was that after a while I would get into a meh frustrated state as I am in today. The more I battled, the more I would bash myself. The less likely it seemed that I would be able to do my new move. However when it became fever pitch frustration. At the point I most wanted to throw those poi away and give up, it was then I would succeed.

My Poi theory for many years became a mirror to my life. If things weren’t working and getting more frustrating I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was going to succeed soon. It’s been many years now since I regularly did poi. I had all but forgotten my theory of poi. it reminded me of two very important things about being in the state of meh, as I am today.

One – Accept it –

If you fight it too much you will only make matters worse for yourself. Accept that this is where you are. You are at the annoying point before success.

Two – Don’t give up –

Keep going. Not in the argggh I want to do this but I can’t way. Keep going with the dogged determination that says I am not giving up and I am going to succeed.

In a way not giving up is easy when you know the Poi theory and accept it as truth. Why? Well because you know if you are at the stage of meh then you are so close to success. It just takes a little more effort, a last bit of persistence to get you over the edge to succeeding. And if you don’t believe it works then look at this article, you are reading the proof. I could not in month of Sundays, have written this earlier today until I remembered the poi theory, yet here we are with you reading this. I did it. I succeeded.

So if you are feeling all meh today. Think of what it is you want to succeed at. What is the mountain you need to shift. Know you are almost there and keep going. Just a bit more effort and all the bruises will have been worth it when you , as I do now, look back at your success, great or small; being all the more rewarding for sludging through the quagmire of a meh day.

Have a successful day and enjoy your journey 🙂


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Need more time, just plan your day and free yourself!

Planning. I know, I know we hear it all the time. If you plan your day life is simpler. I used to rail at the idea. I was absolutely no-one is going to tell me what to do, even if it is me telling me what to do! I wanted spontaneity. And I got it. Things popped up sporadically constantly and eventually I got bogged down by the chaos. In fact I got trapped by it. Ironically by not structuring my life I lost the very freedom I had been fighting to maintain. And along came the opportunity to structure my life and my days. And voila within a month or two I had more time, more energy, more breaks and was 10 times more effective. I felt freer than I had done for years. And I felt, and still do feel; in charge of my life, what’s not to love!

So how do you take charge and start to make order of the chaos? Well there are many brilliant books out there that will help you do this. My personal favourite is Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy, an absolute master of planning. Not only does he offer effective and simple ways to organise your day, he advocates smart energy use which offers flexibility and the opportunity for spontaneity to come into one’s planning. And that really is the key to being organised is to be structured and flexible. I have used my system for at least 10 years now and I find it really helps keep me focused and has the added bonus of showing me my achievements every month. Here I outline the basic strategy I use. It sounds a lot at first but once you put this system in place it soon becomes a quick and easy habit and makes so much of a difference to your time and energy in the day.

My 3 part daily planning system

You might be thinking 3 parts wh, what! But don’t worry you don’t need to make 3 to do lists per day.  

Step 1 – The month list

The first part of the system comprises of making a monthly list of everything that you need to get done that month. And I am not just talking about what you have to do. I am also talking about the things you want to do. I have a notebook in which every month I use only 2 pages to fill out what I want and have to do that month. I divide it into sub headings of Work, Life (doctors etc), Me and Social. The Me part is really important it is sooo easy to forget ourselves in the planning so make you a focus.

Step 2 – The weekly list

The second part of my system is the weekly list. Every Monday with my morning barley coffee, I sit and make a week list from my month list.  Its actually really satisfying to cross off what I have achieved in my notebook and write a list for my desk for the whole week. I get to check in with my progress and remind myself how awesome I am for achieving so much!

Step 3 – The daily structure

The last and final part is the daily plan. I actually have a table I made in word and have printed off so I can fill it out ( I love the old fashioned pen and paper) however you could do this on the computer or via an app. I simply block out my day in time slots and fill in the appropriate actions using my week list.  The form I have made has areas pre-made for breaks and relaxation such as my 30 mins reading before bed or 15 mins in the massage chair when I get home.

After this I just follow my day’s plan. It really is as simple as that. Of course sometimes things go wrong or the unexpected happens so adjust. The important thing to remember is the 70% rule.

The 70% rule of planning

I got taught this by a danish pædagog. He said that it is almost impossible to achieve 100% of our goals per day, everyday. Expecting this is setting ourselves up for a fail and we eventually lose motivation. So his take on it is that by achieving 70% on our days wish list that is the same as achieving 100% of all our goals. It should be thought of as being the same accomplishment and having the same value as a 100%. By doing this it relaxes the mind. You feel less stressed by knowing its ok to achieve only 70% and after while you find that you are actually achieving much more than 70% but without stress.


Taking 5 to 10 mins every day to know what you are going to do and when in your day makes life easier. It frees you from the task of remembering everything in your head and frees you from making decisions when you are tired later in the day. By using the 70% rule and checking off your lists you become more grounded and conscious of your achievements. And if you plan for it you find that you will free up your time so that you too can enjoy your journey, re-energise and relax when you need it. Take 5 minutes for you today and see how much easier it can be when you make a plan.

Plan your life like you will live foreverLive your life like it will end tomorrow

#lifelessons101-When the sh*t hits the fan, stop running and read these 6 tips to help you turn it around (2 min read)

Sometimes things go wrong. It’s part of life. Actually its an important part of life that can bring us new possibilities. However when shit hits the fan it is a natural reaction to panic and run away, yet in the long run that gets you nowhere. Take it from one who knows, the problems follow you. At the same time when everything is going wrong it can demotivate you so much that you want to give up. What does that achieve? Well nothing. So when the shit hits the fan what can you do to ride the wave and bring your life back into harmony?

Here are six tips on how to take stock and take control of the runaway train in your life and come back into the flow.

Stop running

Firstly stop running. When things go wrong we can often keep pushing against the tide of chaos. A bit like a hamster on a tread wheel. It is exhausting and counterproductive. Stop. In order to see and solve a problem you need to get objective. So stop pushing against the tide and get some perspective.

Get objective

Whatever the problem is you need to break it down into edible chunks. Take a step back and get out your notepad and start to analyse. Ask yourself what exactly is the problem? What are the consequences of the problem? How do you want the situation to look? Sometimes just writing it down helps you to create structure in the chaos. And when you take a step back solutions will present themselves.

See the positive and learn

Although something has gone wrong, there will also at the same time be things that are going well. Make a list of what is going well and what is not. It can help to rebuild your motivation when you actually see in the midst of a crisis there is still things working. Looking at the positive and the negative will give you the opportunity to learn from the situation. I have a saying “Nothing is a bad experience if I can learn from it”, so use this as a learning opportunity.

What needs to be done ASAP

In a crisis situation there are things that need to be dealt with straight away and things that you can take your time over. Make a plan of the actions you need to take to solve the situation. Then look at each one and decide what needs to be done now and what you can leave until later on. Then follow your plan.

Take a break

Stress is one of the most demotivating factors in a crisis. With our body in fight or flight mode we are running on adrenaline and consequently cannot work at an optimal level. Take a break. At least 24 hours where you do something else and focus on something else. If you can do some exercise. It helps your body release the stress hormones and gives you dopamine improving not only your energy but your mood as well.

Trust and look for the opportunities that come your way

In any situation, especially a crisis, there is only so much you can do. Sometimes you have to sit back and cross your fingers. When you have done what you can to solve a situation you can simply do no more. At this time you have to be honest with the people involved, let them know you have done your best and look for the opportunities that come your way.


Shitting hitting the fan can create crisis but it is our reaction to it that can turn it from a negative situation to a positive one. After all a crisis can sometimes be the catalyst to open up a whole new avenue of possibilities, you just need to be open to them.

If you are having a bad time of it right now. Don’t give up or runaway. Take stock and create a clear plan of action. Nothing is impossible and I know you can turn this situation around to be a fantastic opportunity for you.

Your Setback



#lifelessons101- Being authentically you in the spotlight in just 3 steps! (2 min read)

When was the last time you were naked? (And no I am not talking about physically I mean metaphorically). In this past week I have had the privilege of participating in the Wonderfully Wierd Women’s Branded workshop created by Esther De Charon De Saint Germain

This workshop for me has been a breath of fresh air.

Why? Well because I dared, I committed and I was authentically me. I put myself out there. And everybody liked it! Now that might not sound so difficult, when put like this, yet it is. Let’s take daring. Daring to do something that you are afraid of doing is natural. Especially when you have to end up in the spotlight. And I mean YOU have to out YOU the real YOU in the spotlight. We are all of us petrified of being us and being rejected. And actually that’s ok. It’s normal, almost genetic you could say. Theories say that this feeling comes from the days when we part of a tribe. Then our survival relied on that tribe, so daring to be in the spotlight was risking the tribe rejecting us, or worse killing us. It’s a basic survival instinct in our subconscious, However we don’t need to be scared of rejection anymore. Because the world is actually a smaller place these days. No-one is going to kill you if you stand up at work and dare to be different or present something. The fear of not daring actually causes much more pain to us than actually doing it. So we have to take charge of this fear.

This week I took charge. I dared to tell a bunch of strangers about me on a personal level. I dared listen to feedback on some really vulnerable things. Was I scared? Hell yeah! Did it stop me? No way! I fought that fear and did it anyway. And the result? A bunch of people I never met saw the authentic me as a strong powerful and even inspiring person. They saw the raw me. It was so empowering. I simply employed the power of fuck it and fuck them. (Not the most poetic of names I know but truly descriptive.)  

What I decided was simple. In 3 steps I found a clear path to being authentically me in the spotlight, and I want to share them with you.

Step number 1 : Acceptance

I basically accepted that not everyone would like me or resonate with me. I can’t please everyone and not everyone is going to like me. So what was the point in hiding me away trying to do the impossible and make everyone like me. And the ‘fuck them’ was born!

Step number 2 : Daring and do

Well if you can say ‘fuck them’ and decide to ignore all the people that don’t resonate or appreciate with you then you can say ‘fuck it’. Why ? Well because really if you know you won’t please everyone it stands to reason you will please someone. So ‘fuck it’. And once you have said ‘fuck it’ you have the power to dare, so do it. For me it was turning up at the workshop, doing the challenge and then putting out there for people to see. It might be the presentation, taking the talk with your partner or simply putting on the dress you are hella nervous about wearing (Oh and when it comes to the dress people won’t notice. This happens to me a lot. I debate, worry, take it on, off etc when I think something is too daring, then I wear it anyway and people just act like , well like normal around me! After all my stress it is a little insulting).  Nike is right “Just do it” be bold be brave and step into the spotlight.

Step number three – Enjoying the results.

So if you followed the step one and two thought processes by now you should have already dared and are standing in the spotlight being authentically you. What next? Well stop closing your eyes and waiting for a thunderclap, open them and enjoy it. When you are authentically you, you will find that the right things happen, the right people are attracted to you and equally the right opportunities open up for you.  When we are authentically and honestly ourselves in the spotlight we inspire people. People actually begin to expect us to do it, it becomes our norm so to speak. So quit worriting and enjoy it.  (Celebrate your successes remember!) And if you meet someone who doesn’t like you then authentic you go back to step one and start all over again!

Have a great weekend and be authentically you while you are at it <3


Have a healthy life by celebrating your success! (2 min read)

I’m sitting here alone on a Monday afternoon, in a cafe on a sunny day in Denmark with relaxing jazz in the background and a tall cold, glass of bubbling wine in my hand. I am celebrating my latest success! It’s lovely. I probably don’t look as chic as I feel but it’s the feeling that is important not the way I look. I feel fantastic. And part of the reason I feel so great is not just because I have been successful. It is because I have taken this hour to celebrate my success.

In our busy lives we actually have many successes be they small or large and yet in the hectic schedule they can often be overlooked and therefore go unnoticed.  All work and no play made jack a dull boy and the same goes for you too. Our successes in life are our high points. If we don’t acknowledge them then life is seriously boring.

In today’s society we are all incredibly focused on what is wrong, what is not working and how can we fix it. I am not saying that is all bad, good growth comes from this form of processing; HOWEVER if we only ever focus on the bad, we will only ever see the bad. And if you are seeing only bad then guess what? You will attract more of it. And that my friends creates a negative mindset and we all know how unhealthy and damaging that can be.

There are many reasons why you should celebrate your successes and when it becomes a habit you will find that life actually becomes EVEN MORE successful for you. Why ? Because as you send out a vibration of success the world around you ripples back a wave of success.

Here are 5 reasons why you should celebrate your successes, no matter how big or small, today

It feels great!

It feels wonderful to celebrate something we have achieved. It energises us. When we achieve something our body releases dopamine the happy chemical into our blood. And as  after all being happy and enjoying our life is what we all want, right? So why miss a perfectly good opportunity to enjoy yourself!

It’s inspiring!


Celebrating or success can be inspirational to our future successes. Just as we can learn from something going wrong we can also learn from it going right. Make a note of what you did that helped create your success and look at it when you are aiming for a different star.

It’s motivating!

It’s logical. If you are working towards a goal and it always feels like that goal is slipping away and is un-achieveable then why would you want to keep going. By marking our successes big and small, especially the small, we remember them and we can feel how close we are getting to our goal and that makes us want to keep going. Your success are proof that you can do whatever it is your set your mind to do.

It attracts more success!

Basically the more you celebrate your successes you develop a success mindset. And that is a mindset you need to keep feeding. By noting your successes you are telling yourself “look at what I can do”. Keep looking for opportunities to celebrate your success and you will surprise yourself with how often you have success.

It’s shareable!

Celebrating your success with others is a form of sharing abundance. Think about all of your friends happy pictures and statuses on Facebook that make you feel good. People want to have fun, they like to hear good news so let them join in your fun and make everyone feel great!


So no matter what successes you have had today, big or small, it could be managing to do the washing up when you are seriously depressed or celebrating your first big movie deal, whatever it is celebrate it. Remember as Osho says “Life should not only be lived it should be celebrated”
Have a wonderful week <3

celebrate your success