Forget ‘New Year New You’. The goal is : New Beginning. Happier You!

New Year New Beginnings

Do you want to transform your life without buying into the ‘New Year. New You’ trash? Then be inspired by Emma-Jane’s subtle mind shift that will make a powerful difference on your journey to success!

This week I had planned to tell you all about goal setting for the new year and how to make them happen. That was until I was talking with a friend who told me they were having a social media black out because they couldn’t stand the ‘New Year, New You’ posts that were dominating their feed. His point was simply that you can’t be a New You. That no matter what you would always be the same person. Using a new calendar wasn’t going to change you magically overnight and that people needed to ‘get real’. And in a way he is right.

A New Year doesn’t mean a New You

At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve we don’t pull a Cinderella makeover out the bag and become the junk free, fitness obsessed super successful millionaire (or in my case the thinner, successful author living on a self sustainable permaculture small holding) we always imagined we would be. We are still us.

His opinion highlighted something I think is really important about the ‘New Year. New You’ culture surrounding the beginning of each year. And I believe it is that something that makes 92% people fail in keeping our New Year’s resolutions and changing our lives for the better.

The issue is that the way we think about changing our lives at the New Year is shrouded in unrealistic idealism.

An unrealistic idealism builds castles in the sky that crash and burn. Which sucks. Especially when like me you work within the personal growth industry. For me, as a coach, its hella frustrating to see this process every year. To see people be overly optimistic, reaching for the stars to change their lives, without a firm foundation and then crash and burn 2, 3 weeks later. And then afterwards these people become cynical about the power of changing their lives, about personal development practices, goal setting, Law of Attraction and all the other tools that are out there that if invested in properly, actually do make lasting change and improvement in lives. 

In fact personal development practices, despite being a proven industry for changing lives ; has gone full circle from the early days of the disbelievers, to people getting it,  it working, and the industry booming, to today where it’s becoming a watered down version for the masses where lots of people are half jumping on the bandwagon of the shiny promises, not taking the time to do the deep work and consequently failing. So much so that pop culture is beginning to consider personal development practices as woo hoo and cheesy stuff that doesn’t work. And like my friend people block it out, treat the power to change your life with cynicism and belittle it. It breaks my heart. 

What I am trying to say is that the energy of the ‘New Year. New You.’ isn’t in itself a challenge to success. It is the beliefs we attach to that ideal that stops our success

So if we believe at the stroke of midnight things that were going to magically change. Well there is your Woo woo right there. It’s like reading the You Tube video channel and believing it will change your life without ever watching the video to find out how. However, if we approach it from a different mental perspective. Look past the superficial branding and find the real power of a new start, then that there, that is where the magic of transforming your life truly happens. 

It is the earmarking of a new beginning that holds the transformational power of the new year.

It is recognising that you want to make a change. And that that change happens here and now. It is the first step. To be fair, that could happen on the 1st of January, the Ides of MArch or April Fools day. However historically January is about beginnings.  Personally I like to work on beginning transformational change in January because energetically I see it as my transformation is happened in unity with nature as the spring begins to awaken and unfold. No matter when you choose to start something new it is a beginning. It is a beginning of something that you believe will make you happier. Not a New you. The same you. A happier you.

I invite you to approach this year thinking New Beginning. Happier me.

I know. I know its not as catchy as New Year. New You. However, it is a lot more powerful than the sugar coated branding.  Why? Because it’s real. It tells the truth. An ultimately it sets the one simple goal that we all what to achieve. Happiness. 

When something is based on a simple reality, backed up by practical action it is more likely to succeed. If your New Beginning is to go to the gym to support you being happier by losing weight and have more energy, you are much more likely to stay motivated and get that goal because your motivation is happiness. This small shift in mindset will support you to be real, to be honest and ultimately become one of the 8% of people that actually keep their New Year’s Resolutions.’

For me, I find a lot of happiness in learning, in growing as an individual and in creating. So 2020 is going to be my year of investing in my personal development. Because I truly believe that personal development practices, when you go beyond branding, are the key to deep life transformation. And after ending 2019 feeling stuck in a rut and low on energy I could do with some of that right now! It is not a journey I am going to see results in straight away but it is a journey with a foundation in what makes me happy in focus. Front and center. 

I see personal development as nourishment for my mind, body and soul. But maybe you have something else that nurtures you and makes you feel happy.   As Tomas Jefferson pointed out finding happiness is a journey. He called it “The Pursuit of Happiness”. And every journey starts with a beginning. 

I cannot think of a better way to start the New Year than beginning a journey to make me happier- can you? 

What is your new beginning that will support your pursuit of happiness this New Year?

Let me know in the comments below what is the focus of your New Beginning. Happier me this year. And don’t forget to come and join the Re:Root Personal Development Community on Facebook so the community can support and inspire your on that journey. 


With love from me to you


Have a beautiful journey this week 

Emma-Jane <3

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