How to Create a Powerful Vision Board that Works! (This ain’t a bunch of woo-woo!)

create a vision board that actually works

I love vision boards! I have been actively using them as part of my own life transformation and business growth for years. But I have noticed that over the last couple of years vision boards are thought of as complete woo woo.  And that is such a shame because my experience of working with vision boards has been as a powerful tool for transforming my life and manifesting my goals.

In my experience vision boards work. Period. 

Then as I looked around the inter-webs I realised what is going on and why people view vision boards as woo woo. It’s because people believe that making a board is a stand alone manifestation tool. 

And in case you didn’t know, it’s not.

Vision boards are NOT a stand alone manifestation tool.

Sorry if that burst your bubble. Vision boards are only truly powerful when backed up by effort, dedication, hard work and focus. So if you are looking for a quick fix then don’t waste your time making a vision board. Go emerge yourself in a tv/movie/videogame fantasy reality because that is the only place I have found that quick fixes exist.

Vision boards are there to crystallize and clarify a vision. They are not going to magically make it manifest. That part is up to you.

So why bother to make a Vision board? 

Well I’ll tell you. It’s because Vision boards are there to crystallize and clarify a vision. They take the vision out of your mind and onto a place you can look at it. It gives you objective to look at the reality. And at the same time Vision boards are a powerful tool to remind you what the heck it is that you are going for in life or business. 

Because the path to manifestation is not simple. There will always be mountains to climb or Dragons to fight. As a friend of mine said to me recently if you want to get the treasure you have to fight the dragon. It’s part and parcel of the manifestation process. And that’s where a vision board comes in. It is the guiding light, a reminder of what it is you are busting your ass for and a source of inspiration. And for a vision board to be all of that it needs to be powerful. 

A vision board made with intention and passion is going to be powerful inspiration. 

Now I know that sounds woo-woo, let me translate. 

A powerful vision board is made by focused thought and has to be based on something you are passionate about or it simply won’t work. 

Over the years I have created many boards. One of the highlights of my year is making my Goals for the year Vision board in February. And I would honestly say I have got it down to a really simple formula. Now I am a cutting and sticking with lots of visual content  kind of person however if you are not that’s okay. I have seen great vision boards made of text. And with all the great apps out there for online collage making it has never been easier to make a vision board in no time at all! 

Try my 4 step formula and make yourself a powerful vision board that works today- minus the woo-woo!

Step 1: Find out what you really want

Visions only work if they are clear. So you need to know what you want. What you really, really want! I use the following questions to do this: 

  • What is not working in my life? How would I like that to change?
  • What is working for me in my life? Do I want more of this?
  • What unfulfilled dream is burning to become a reality this year?
  • What brings me joy? How will I bring more of that into my life this year? 

Step 2: Now get even clearer

Time to take the answers from the questions above and create goals. Clear goals. Crystal clear. If you are making a vision board for yearly goals I recommend making only 6 goals. It keeps it realistic and achievable. If you are creating a life vision board I recommend making the board for a set time limit, say in 5 years. 

Step 3: Gather your materials

Get what you will need to make it. If that is pictures off the internet, downloading an app, finding the glue and scissors from your kids bedroom. Find pictures or words to represent the things you want to manifest. And importantly make sure you have a picture of you where you are really, really happy.

Step 4 : Get going

It’s make and do time!  Before you start make sure you won’t be interrupted. Light some candles put on inspiring music or a video. Have a cup of tea. Create an atmosphere where you can really focus on the vision you are creating. Start by putting the happy picture of you in the middle of your board. Or if it is a joint vision with a partner then a happy picture of you both. Personally I like to split mine into sections and dedicate an area to each goal however here you will find your way. As you make it focus on your goals. See the end result as though it has already happened, not all the steps you will take. That comes later

And that is that! You have now created you vision. Put it somewhere you can see it every day. On the front door, as your background on phone or computer. I often suggest putting it right opposite your bed so it’s the first thing you see every day. Or even opposite the toilet because we all sit there at least once a day!

Now as I said at the beginning a Vision board is NOT a stand alone manifestation tool.

 In Next Monday’s article I will guide you on the next step. The art of creating goals you will manifest. It’s all about the action. 

For now you know exactly where you are headed. 

Next Week I will show you how to get there! 

Now you know your goals I want to hear from you tell me about your vision upload a pic of your finished vision board in comments below. 

You are so very welcome to come over to our Re:Root Your Life Community Group and share your vision there too. I love to see our memebers supporiting each other to transform their lives. So come and join us! 

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From my heart to yours I hope you have an inspiring week 

<3 Emma-Jane

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