Making a new normal in 2021


Finally it’s the end of 2020. I think we can all agree that for us post war generations this year has been one of the weirdest, emotionally draining and most challenging we have ever had to face.  No I wonder what normal we will enter in 2021 ?

Normally on New Years Eve I am rushing around preparing for our annual costume party, too busy to think or reflect as people descend on our house from all over the world. (It is a hell of a good party, even if I do say so myself!). But of course this year, it will be just us and a zoom gathering later tonight. A virtual gathering to end the year where 99% of our social interactions have been through a screen. Pretty fitting really.

This time last year I wrote my wish for the world in 2020. And strangely enough, despite Covid, despite the isolation, grief, anxiety and all the rest of the shebang that happened this year, I was surprised to see that actually in part my wish had come true. 

We have been more kind to each other in 2020. We have discovered what really makes us happy and joyful. Without all the hustle and bustle we have, all of us discovered what and who is really important in our lives. We have learnt to be grateful for the small things we took for granted. We have discovered and more importantly made the effort to connect online, to check in and to spend quality time together.

Last year I wanted us to break down the barriers of mistrust, selfishness and self centeredness and begin to work together to create a better world. That we would spread kindness instead of hatred. Help instead of hindrance. And empowerment instead of control.  That we would see beyond our own four walls, our own TV, our computer screen and begin to see the bigger picture. And how we all play a part in shaping not only the here and now but also the future. And sure enough this pandemic has made this a norm rather than an exception. As a world population we have been forced to think about how we act, to consider others, to help strangers and to join together to fight this disease. 

Now I am not saying this is universally true for all, however from my perspective it seems to be the majority that act and think this way more. 

2020 has changed us all. And in the most important way.

It has given us all the opportunity to reassess our values. To be clear on what we want and don’t want. To get clear on where we stand. And even to take a stand. To appreciate our lives, our privileges and the people who make our privileged lives possible. Never before in my lifetime has there been collective appreciation of nurses, doctors, cleaners, delivery drivers, supermarket workers, the people who make the cogs turn in our lives. And it’s beautiful to see.

I know I am speaking from a place of absolute privilege.  I have been truly blessed this year and I cannot be more grateful for that. And especially grateful for my wonderful, supportive and selfless Mr T who has given up so much to keep me as a high risk person safe. 

And don’t get me wrong, this pandemic, I know this year has been terrible for so many people and I don’t want to devalue that in any way. I too have lost people I love to this terrible disease. However, when looking from the other side I can see how this pandemic has, in the majority of people, brought out the best sides of our collective humanity.

Hopefully with the vaccine starting to come out there is a light at the end of the Covid tunnel. And although 2021 might not be the year things go back to normal, it is the year where hopefully we will begin to transition to be able to see loved ones and live our privileged lives again.

but do we really want to go back to normal?

Today my thoughts are all about that ‘normal’ so many people are desperate to return to. And I want to take a moment, with you to think about what normal means to you. 2020 has taught us so much. It gave us all a chance to slow down, to look at life without the rose tinted glasses and do things differently. And I for one don’t want to lose sight of the lessons I learnt in 2020.

 For me 2020 has highlighted the importance of the little moments in life, of not taking them for granted. It has made me very clear on speaking my truth, living by my principles, saying no to the things that do not serve me and the power of determination. The importance of valuing those whose vital role goes often unseen and unnoticed. It has taught me really and truly what real love is. What real friendship is. I have faced my biggest successes and my biggest disappointments and come through it all. I have slowed down and let go of things that really didn’t matter.  It has shown me how I can truly help people when I am brave enough to be 100% authentically myself. And how no matter how dark the world seems there is always light when you look for it.

Now I won’t say I didn’t know all of this before. But 2020 has been like a laser sharp focus lens making me see the raw truth. And to be honest I have loved that.  Especially the part where I let go, slow down and really did things and invested in the people that I love the most. That really has been the medicine that I needed. 

For me 2020 has shown me most of all, that the way I was living my life was not working in the old normal. So for me I want to bring the good of 2020 into my future.

new normal

So what is my wish for 2021?

My wish for 2021 is that we all look back at 2020. Find the good. Find the teachings. And that you, like me make 2021 the year where we transition to living a new normal based on that good, those teachings and realisations.

That we all use our experiences from 2020 to make positive and powerful changes in our lives for the better. 

That we remember to appreciate the little things the way we did in 2020.

That we remember to be kind like we were in 2020. 

That we remember to slow down like we did in 2020 and prioritise the things, experiences and people who give us the best quality of life, as we did in 2020. 

And that we all live this year valuing what really and truly matters to us in our lives, living a life that brings us joy.

What lessons did you learn in 2020 and how will you use those teachings in 2021? 

Let me know in the comments below

Wishing you all the happiest New Years Eve 

Can’t wait to connect with you in 2021 



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