The secret inspiration for committing to action – Mondays!

Happy 2018! I love the new year don’t you? For me January brings with it the inspiration for possibility. In the mid winter mid spring time of year, January gives a hint of the good that is about to come when the spring returns. Kind of nature’s spoiler if you like.  Especially as today when I look out of my window the pale, golden light, blue skies and frost dapple grass gives me a inspiration boost everytime I look outside. Even the air smells fresher! And although it was madness considering the temperatures here in Jutland I even opened the window for an hour to fill my office with the smell, spring is on it’s way.  

However if like me you do get caught up in the inspiration of the new year, you have probably started, or nearly started to commit to actions, new year’s resolutions and plans for the new you in the new year. It all seems so easy to do at this time of year right? New beginnings are around us , new calendars on our desks with empty pages and unlimited potential. It’s great. However often you might find that with all that potential once january has passed that the inspiration light for the new you, or the new goals starts to dim in February, drivel into non existent in March and by April is as real and tangible as the Easter bunny. And why is that?

Well there are many articles out there explaining this phenomenon. However summed up generally the  main challenge is committing to action. No, no, don’t run away I’m not trying to make you feel bad about it – honestly. It is easy to commit to a lifestyle change when it is all new and shiny (don’t I know that one, I have a stack of old diaries and unfulfilled goals to prove it!) The challenge is on the grey days, when the world is grey, miserable, the to do list is never ending and you naturally retreat to the duvet. It’s understandable, technically it’s primitively natural. I digress. The point I am attempting to make is that in order to commit and to keep committed to a lifestyle change maybe what we need is a constant inspiration boost to keep us on track. Kind of an all year round January feeling. Just imagine if every day or at least every week felt as inspiring as the start of the new year wouldn’t it be so amazingly easy to stick to our resolutions? Of course it would.

Now unlike in the movies blue fairies with fix it wands and happy chirpy animal helpers don’t pop up whenever we need an inspiration (and if they did I am sure we would all prioritize our desires a little differently). As is always true if we want a job done properly we have to do it ourselves. And luckily the gods (well it might have been the romans or the greeks actually )gave us a gift perfectly designed to help us with maintaining our inspiration levels. Wait for it… it’s MONDAYS!

No I kid you not. Monday is un-advertise hidden January we need. Monday is the start of every week. Fact. The day before Monday is hopefully a day of rest. Same as January.  9 times out of 10 Monday is the start of a fresh week with no mistakes in it. Now Monday’s often get a bad rap. The ugh back to work day after a free weekend. However if seen from a different perspective Monday can also be an exciting new beginning. You maybe thinking yeah right however I speak to you as an ex-monday hater and yey-monday convert. For me monday brings the January inspiration with it 99% of the time. I love Mondays. From shifting my perspective and with a few conscious habit changes Monday now brings me closer to my goals than any other day of the week. Monday actually supports me to commit to whatever it is I need to or want to commit to. Shockingly Monday now makes life much more enjoyable and my commitment to action more dedicated. And that has been the same in a dead end job, in education and as an entrepreneur.

So how to do this? How do you take Monday’s and turn them around to becoming one of the best tools supporting you to commit to action and make the lifestyle changes you dreamed of on New Year’s Eve? Here’s my guide to making Monday’s become as inspiring as January – enjoy!

Positive from the word go!

Start your Monday positively. No matter what. Stand up out of bed and tell the world “Today is going to be a great day!” I mean it. Out loud. Hands on hips. In pjs or your birthday suit, shout it out to the world. You will feel daft at first however after a few tries it becomes fun and a great mood lifter to start any day.

Plan before you peek

(Nothing rude here I promise.) Instead of turning on the phone, checking Facebook or your emails first thing in the morning, check in with yourself first. Don’t give the excuse you don’t have the time. All you need is five minutes to plan your week, see where you will make time for your goals and yourself and then get on with it. I once read that when we check our emails first thing in the morning we risk not doing what we want to do but what someone else wants us to do. I tried it and it’s true. On the days I opened mails last I was in control of my day. Open them first and I was bogged down by everyone else all day. Lesson learned. Be in charge of your day and your week, after all it’s your life!

(Oh and don’t let your planning take more than 10 minutes. 10 minutes planning is ample to kick start your week and then get off an go and do your week. 10% planning 90% action is always the best policy.)

Evaluate last week

Look back over your progress last week and see how it was going with your goals, your life. Basically check in with yourself. Drop the guilt about what you didn’t do and look at what you need to do. If you got demotivated or off track last week, what is it you can feel you need to get back your inspiration? Identify what you need and implement it as soon as humanly possible. If in doubt I highly recommend the kitchen disco as a winner. Stupidly loud Abba (insert cheesy band of choice) and boogie will bring your energy up whenever you need it. Inspiration after all is just a raising of your energy.


Have a success experience


To keep committed and inspired we need to succeed. Set goals for yourself on the monday that are achievable and measurable. Today I have writing this article, do the washing and plan my business year. So far two out of three and it’s not 17:00 yet- Go Me! If in doubt I always fall back on washing clothes, I love emptying the basket and throwing it in the machine. Achievable no matter where my energy is at. I have a friend who cleans for a success experience. We are much more motivated when we feel successful so make yourself succeed at something on a Monday.

Clean the slate and then do

Monday is the day to clean the slate. As a child I always loved the Anne of Green Gables quote “Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it”. Monday is a great time to remember this. You cannot change last week. It is over. The only thing you have control over is your now. So do something. However big or small (actually preferably small) do something today that is a step towards your lifestyle change. If you do something every monday you are going to eventually make that change.


Mondays can be magical. It really is your choice. On Mondays you can decide to make more effort than any other day of the week to start out in the right way and give yourself the inspiration you need to commit – be your own blue farie. Now I am aware that some of you maybe have a different day when your week starts. That day is your weekly January. Using these five steps will keep your motivation and make it easier to commit to action every week and by July you will find that you are still on track with your new year’s resolutions . With the added bonus of a guaranteed, inspiring, effective and fantastic day once a week. Who wouldn’t love that!

Let me know in the comments how you have turned your mondays around

Have a great week, re:root in yourself and enjoy your journey!

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#lifelessons101: Motivation, manifestation, determination, a free umbrella and a slice of pie!

I have had a crazy week. There have been two intense events that although were the complete opposite of each, other have gifted me with the motivation and inspiration to expand my business, and reach my goals (oh and given me a free umbrella and a piece of pie). These experiences really brought home to me the power of choosing how I react to a situation has an effect on my motivation, my determination and my ability to manifest that I want to share with you today

The first event was the most empowering experience of landing a big contract for my business. It’s an exciting project with lots of possibilities. The people I will be working with get exactly where I am coming from, love the skills I can bring to them with my coaching and are so on board its energising!  (Thank you universe for that gift) I left that meeting on top of the world, even though it was chucking down with rain and I was dressed for success not the weather meaning I was getting soaked to the skin (Or rather I would have done is a kind stranger had not offered me an umbrella – I kid you not) I was on cloud nine.  I had a heck of a time after that meeting trying to get to where I needed to be by public transport and buy a  new laptop. With the rain and the cold and the frustration I could have easily manifested a foul temper. But every challenge I met I shrugged off and just focused on manifesting what I needed when I needed it. And guess what it worked. It was an amazing day with so many successes and small perfect moments, I was so motivated by everything and everyone I met.

The second event was so different from the first. The day after getting my new contract I went to a local business networking session, where experienced business men and women give advice to the younger entrepreneur crowd. It was the first time I  had attended such an event locally. I was really excited, hoping for some real motivation and insight into how to grow my company further. I was so not prepared for the reality. They didn’t get it. They had no idea what life coaching means. The concept was dead on them and I was treated as some strange and slightly foolish person at the party that no one knows how to talk to. Ugh. I hated it and wanted to get away as quickly as I could. I didn’t. I stuck it out. And as I heard them talking to another young entrepreneur enthusing about her business I felt frustrated and angry. However I realise that I was simply taking on board their misguided vision of me, I knew I didn’t need to believe their opinions of me. I have already proved only the day before that what I offer is a valid and needed service. As they talked an idea began to form, a new potential way of meeting clients. And in bouncing the idea around with the only person in the room, who seemed to have a vague idea of what coaching is, (or at least was willing to talk with me) I found a way not only to create new clients, but also created a way for him to understand better what I could do and begin to suggest opportunities for development.

I left that meeting, again in the rain and this time down hearted. It was definitely colder than the day before. I realised Mr T had my wallet and it was hours until I was heading home. I could have ended up crying in my duvet if I had chosen that path. However those unfriendly, stick in the mud businessmen had got under my skin and made me angry. Angry enough to want to prove them wrong. I found a way to get a smoothie and pie and free wifi without my wallet, (thanks to a lovely young business woman and her fantabulous cafe) and then I sat down immediately to start fixing the bugs in my business presentation. A few hours later and after a hilarious evenings belly dance class (highly recommended for improving anyone’s mood) I felt just as motivated by the failure of the day as I had by the success of the day before.


So what are the life lessons I learnt here? Well honestly it’s taught me a few things about motivation, determination and manifestation.


You get motivated by how you choose to respond to something. Outside energy is a part of motivation regardless of whether that energy is a positive or negative input it is the catalyst for your motivation. However it is you and your choice of action that turns that catalyst from a thing to the motivation.


If you can keep your determination, push through the idiots scorn, the cold of the rain or the frustration of a missing wallet you can change and achieve anything you want to.


Keep the goal clear and send it out into the world. If you need help to create it ask. You have to be willing to dare, to fight for it if need be. Even when no-one in the room understands you if you have a clear vision and the willingness to find a way to create it then you can manifest anything you can dream of.


So in essence you have the power! We have the power! I would love to be able to tell you a happy hollywoodesque ending of this tale. That the person I spoke to at the networking session emailed me with an amazing opportunity. It would make the story end so neatly. However it’s only been 24 hours since event 2 and as yet there is no more to add to the tale. Except that I am more motivated than I have ever been before. I am more determined to succeed and I know if you keep watching this space you will see as I manifest in reality my dreams of being a successful life coach and helping many, many people to Re:Root within themselves and their lives as well as manifesting the occasional slice of pie!

Have a great weekend!


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#lifelessons101 – The power of anticipation (2 min read)

Tomorrow I am off on my holidays. Two whole weeks with friends, doing things I love. It’s going to be great. What has made it even better is that over the last year we have been preparing for this holiday and now its going to happen. Anticipation is one of the most motivating factors on the planet. You remember the pre christmas childhood frenzy of excitement? Even today I love looking at the presents under the tree, often much more exciting than the unwrapped thing (Especially when it is the traditional hair bands, socks and underwear Father Christmas has been bringing me for 30 + years!)

There is no denying it getting excited is part of the fun.  And neuroscience can now back this up. Scientists and psychologists have found that when we anticipate something our brain actually releases dopamine, the happy making compound in the body. So by looking forward to something we can actually feel happier. Feeling happy keeps us motivated.

Psychology professor at Harvard University, Ron Siegel, suggested that the key to following through on motivation boils down to this:bring optimism and fun back into the picture. And as we all know we can create our reality so it is up to us to create excitement and anticipation in our lives.

Here is my 5 part guide to building anticipation in your life whether it be for a holiday, a personal goal or even just finishing your essay on time.


I know, I go on about it all the time. However it’s true planning helps our lives in so many ways, not in the least it builds anticipation. When it comes to special times of the year I actually do a special type of planning, which does involve colouring pencils and glitter glue. (Nothing makes things as exciting as glitter glue I promise). In the holidays I wind down my ‘have to do’ activities and up the ‘want to do activities’. I make a gigantic poster with all of my ideas for fun during the time I have. i illustrate it (badly), decorate it and set it up in a place where I can see it every day. I usually do this a couple of weeks before the event so I can look at it and get excited. It takes a hour tops and really helps me focus on the fun I am going to create for me and my family. Which is why in week 30 you will find me on Moesgård beach holding a sandcastle competition with a bunch of grown ups – why? Because we can!

Make a countdown

Put the dates in your diary and countdown towards the event. Counting down every day builds the anticipation and gives you the butterfly feeling of something good coming your way. When I was recently getting demotivated at school counting down the weeks to the summer holidays helped no end. So cross of the days and feel your excitement build.

Think out of the box and have fun!

It’s great to live a life less ordinary. Personally I love it. However in reality my life isn’t really so different to other people’s I just choose to make it important to have fun. So fo example I am currently on day 12 of my two weeks of brunch. I decided that I was going to dedicate two weeks of my summer to only eating brunch, with the twist that everyday had to be a different recipe! It’s been great fun trawling pinterest for recipes and trying something new everyday. Eating later has also been relaxing during my down time. And this has been something purely for me everyday, I have even found myself excited about it when I woke up everyday. So think out of the box, find things that you will find fun  and get excited about them.

Reward yourself

Seriously do. I used to make for my step daughter a reward chart where she had certain tasks to fulfill but where she choose her own reward for when the chart was full. I have tried this on myself and it works just as well. Not only do I get a little dopamine boost for completing my tasks the reward becomes anticipated the more I work towards it. Make sure your rewards are healthy and support your lifestyle dreams. So gorging on ice cream as a reward for sticking to your diet for a month is not the way to go.


Celebrate what you do. I love to post on Facebook the parts of my life I enjoy. I even get compliments from people who like to follow my personal page just for the positive vibe I send out into the world. People say Facebook can be false because people only promote their positive sides however I say what the heck is wrong with that. Other ways I love to celebrate is to create a memory day or even just to have some bubbly with dinner. I love to share the wealth and if there is something I really want to celebrate I like to involve as many of my friends as I can to make it a really memorable experience.


The power of anticipation is a science backed fact. It is easy to implement. Costs nothing and makes life so much more fun. After all we only get one life, as the immortal Cat Stevens says “we are only dancing on this earth for a short time”. With that in mind  it becomes vitally important to make sure you enjoy your journey!

Anticipation is- the greatest part of pleasure.jpg

De stress before your summer holidays!

I don’t know about you but for years June has been one hectic, pressure pot waiting to explode, then at the end the glorious summer holidays arrived and I, would collapse. Worn out to the edges and totally over stretched when my body finally got told it was ok to crash, it did. Teachers I know especially can relate to this. Somehow as a teacher all the bugs you have been fighting off all year tend to hit you the first day of the holidays.

This year is going to be different. I have 2 and a half weeks until my summer starts so I am going into holiday mode now. This year instead of running on overdrive up until summer I intend to wind down slowly, consciously and get the most out of this precious time out as possible.

How to do it ? Well just follow these easy tips and slide gently into your summer chillax mode:

Know you have time

Yes you have deadlines. Whether it is the shopping for the summer holidays or the corporate merger meeting before your plane takes off to Bali. Know you only have a limited amount of time and that you will achieve what you CAN and NEED to achieve in that time.  make a list of your deadlines and then prioritize in the following way

A: What needs to be done now

B: What can someone else do – delegation

C; What can wait until I get back

Delegate and then focus on the A tasks.

Incorporate you time into your day

15 minutes you time a day will help with your wind down and will give you the energy to get the last things done. Try and take it midway throughout the day. 15 minutes meditation, yoga, nap, walk outside (in nature- it’s definitely the best) or reading will help your body and mind wind down,

For even better results plan a day off before the summer, and I mean a day off, no cleaning, no I have to I should dos. Nada! if you can’t manage a day try two evenings. Any break time you can give yourself do it, your body needs this.


Get to bed earlier than you normally do. If you are over stretched then you need your sleep. It truly is one of the best healers in the world. Go to bed 30 mins earlier than usual. If you cannot sleep read or talk to your partner. I find doing mindfulness colouring books in bed (something I have done ever since childhood) is a great wind down. Just make sure you switch off all phones laptops, tvs and tablets. Make the last 30 mins to an hour of your day for you.

Plan your summer holidays

Motivation is what we need. So loosely planning your holidays and how you will use your free time will help your to get motivated and at the same time make sure your get the break you need when you get there. I plan to have the first two days of summer holidays to wind down. I have the usual cleaning, washing and a workshop to write but I am putting those on day 5 and 6. The first 4 days are for me. Then I am going to have a few days to enjoy being at home before packing and hitting the road. My wonderful friend once showed me her first day of summer holidays ritual. She made a poster with all of her things she wanted and had to do on it. She had a great time with it. Putting on glitter glue and drawing, her kid makes one too. With champagne in one hand and glitter in the other this is the start of her summer. However you plan your holidays just make sure there are some nothing days. Completely unadulterated days with no plans and complete freedom.



Start your wind down to summer this week and feel the benefits of arriving on holiday stress free and ready to enjoy your freedom, however you choose to do it!

Relax Unwind

Need more time, just plan your day and free yourself!

Planning. I know, I know we hear it all the time. If you plan your day life is simpler. I used to rail at the idea. I was absolutely no-one is going to tell me what to do, even if it is me telling me what to do! I wanted spontaneity. And I got it. Things popped up sporadically constantly and eventually I got bogged down by the chaos. In fact I got trapped by it. Ironically by not structuring my life I lost the very freedom I had been fighting to maintain. And along came the opportunity to structure my life and my days. And voila within a month or two I had more time, more energy, more breaks and was 10 times more effective. I felt freer than I had done for years. And I felt, and still do feel; in charge of my life, what’s not to love!

So how do you take charge and start to make order of the chaos? Well there are many brilliant books out there that will help you do this. My personal favourite is Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy, an absolute master of planning. Not only does he offer effective and simple ways to organise your day, he advocates smart energy use which offers flexibility and the opportunity for spontaneity to come into one’s planning. And that really is the key to being organised is to be structured and flexible. I have used my system for at least 10 years now and I find it really helps keep me focused and has the added bonus of showing me my achievements every month. Here I outline the basic strategy I use. It sounds a lot at first but once you put this system in place it soon becomes a quick and easy habit and makes so much of a difference to your time and energy in the day.

My 3 part daily planning system

You might be thinking 3 parts wh, what! But don’t worry you don’t need to make 3 to do lists per day.  

Step 1 – The month list

The first part of the system comprises of making a monthly list of everything that you need to get done that month. And I am not just talking about what you have to do. I am also talking about the things you want to do. I have a notebook in which every month I use only 2 pages to fill out what I want and have to do that month. I divide it into sub headings of Work, Life (doctors etc), Me and Social. The Me part is really important it is sooo easy to forget ourselves in the planning so make you a focus.

Step 2 – The weekly list

The second part of my system is the weekly list. Every Monday with my morning barley coffee, I sit and make a week list from my month list.  Its actually really satisfying to cross off what I have achieved in my notebook and write a list for my desk for the whole week. I get to check in with my progress and remind myself how awesome I am for achieving so much!

Step 3 – The daily structure

The last and final part is the daily plan. I actually have a table I made in word and have printed off so I can fill it out ( I love the old fashioned pen and paper) however you could do this on the computer or via an app. I simply block out my day in time slots and fill in the appropriate actions using my week list.  The form I have made has areas pre-made for breaks and relaxation such as my 30 mins reading before bed or 15 mins in the massage chair when I get home.

After this I just follow my day’s plan. It really is as simple as that. Of course sometimes things go wrong or the unexpected happens so adjust. The important thing to remember is the 70% rule.

The 70% rule of planning

I got taught this by a danish pædagog. He said that it is almost impossible to achieve 100% of our goals per day, everyday. Expecting this is setting ourselves up for a fail and we eventually lose motivation. So his take on it is that by achieving 70% on our days wish list that is the same as achieving 100% of all our goals. It should be thought of as being the same accomplishment and having the same value as a 100%. By doing this it relaxes the mind. You feel less stressed by knowing its ok to achieve only 70% and after while you find that you are actually achieving much more than 70% but without stress.


Taking 5 to 10 mins every day to know what you are going to do and when in your day makes life easier. It frees you from the task of remembering everything in your head and frees you from making decisions when you are tired later in the day. By using the 70% rule and checking off your lists you become more grounded and conscious of your achievements. And if you plan for it you find that you will free up your time so that you too can enjoy your journey, re-energise and relax when you need it. Take 5 minutes for you today and see how much easier it can be when you make a plan.

Plan your life like you will live foreverLive your life like it will end tomorrow

#lifelessons101-When the sh*t hits the fan, stop running and read these 6 tips to help you turn it around (2 min read)

Sometimes things go wrong. It’s part of life. Actually its an important part of life that can bring us new possibilities. However when shit hits the fan it is a natural reaction to panic and run away, yet in the long run that gets you nowhere. Take it from one who knows, the problems follow you. At the same time when everything is going wrong it can demotivate you so much that you want to give up. What does that achieve? Well nothing. So when the shit hits the fan what can you do to ride the wave and bring your life back into harmony?

Here are six tips on how to take stock and take control of the runaway train in your life and come back into the flow.

Stop running

Firstly stop running. When things go wrong we can often keep pushing against the tide of chaos. A bit like a hamster on a tread wheel. It is exhausting and counterproductive. Stop. In order to see and solve a problem you need to get objective. So stop pushing against the tide and get some perspective.

Get objective

Whatever the problem is you need to break it down into edible chunks. Take a step back and get out your notepad and start to analyse. Ask yourself what exactly is the problem? What are the consequences of the problem? How do you want the situation to look? Sometimes just writing it down helps you to create structure in the chaos. And when you take a step back solutions will present themselves.

See the positive and learn

Although something has gone wrong, there will also at the same time be things that are going well. Make a list of what is going well and what is not. It can help to rebuild your motivation when you actually see in the midst of a crisis there is still things working. Looking at the positive and the negative will give you the opportunity to learn from the situation. I have a saying “Nothing is a bad experience if I can learn from it”, so use this as a learning opportunity.

What needs to be done ASAP

In a crisis situation there are things that need to be dealt with straight away and things that you can take your time over. Make a plan of the actions you need to take to solve the situation. Then look at each one and decide what needs to be done now and what you can leave until later on. Then follow your plan.

Take a break

Stress is one of the most demotivating factors in a crisis. With our body in fight or flight mode we are running on adrenaline and consequently cannot work at an optimal level. Take a break. At least 24 hours where you do something else and focus on something else. If you can do some exercise. It helps your body release the stress hormones and gives you dopamine improving not only your energy but your mood as well.

Trust and look for the opportunities that come your way

In any situation, especially a crisis, there is only so much you can do. Sometimes you have to sit back and cross your fingers. When you have done what you can to solve a situation you can simply do no more. At this time you have to be honest with the people involved, let them know you have done your best and look for the opportunities that come your way.


Shitting hitting the fan can create crisis but it is our reaction to it that can turn it from a negative situation to a positive one. After all a crisis can sometimes be the catalyst to open up a whole new avenue of possibilities, you just need to be open to them.

If you are having a bad time of it right now. Don’t give up or runaway. Take stock and create a clear plan of action. Nothing is impossible and I know you can turn this situation around to be a fantastic opportunity for you.

Your Setback



How to relax when the pressure is on! 5 easy ways to relax in only 15 minutes (2 minute read)

So here we are at the start of June. I don’t know about you, but I often find that this month is one of the busiest and most tiring of the year. If you are at school then exams are looming, at work there are deadlines to be finished before the holidays. Everywhere people are rushing about like worker ants determined to have everything place before that precious resting time of the year the glorious holidays. In a way this hive of activity is completely natural as in the wheel of the year we are coming closer and closer to the height of the summer, the summer solstice. However if we don’t want to crash and burn when it comes to our holidays we need to make sure we remember to take breaks and relax. After all life is all about enjoying the journey and what better time to enjoy it than when the sun is shining!

So for those of you, who like me are feeling a little overwhelmed with all of this activity here are my tips for helping you to make time, infact only 15 minutes a day to relax and recharge during the pre summer rush!

Spend your time wisely

As Tony Schwartz, the founder and CEO of the Energy Company says “Paradoxically, the best way to get more done may be to spend more time doing less.”  Just as I recommended at Yule planning the month or time up until the holidays is the best way to get what you need to do done without burning yourself out. For ideas look at the Yule planning guide. Try and see if you can set a block of time aside to do something rather than doing five minutes here and there. Having the time to immerse yourself in a task will get it done quicker. 15 minutes of planing for the month is gonna save you a lot of time and stress during the month.

Plan breaks

In your monthly planning plan your break times first. There is only one you and you need to take care of you, otherwise you ain’t gonna be going anywhere or doing anything. Remember the art of not doing anything promotes prosperity. Take a break. Give yourself 15 minutes every day just to unwind and recharge and you will soon notice the difference.

Re charge on sleep

The pace of life we set for ourselves today is unsustainable. When I first moved to Scandinavia I was surprised the the concept of the afternoon nap is socially acceptable for all ages of adults, as well as children. To me it was a waste of time. Yet I have discovered the power of forty winks in the middle of the day is actually one of the best lifestyle treatments you can give yourself (with the added bonus of being free!)  Arianna Huffington  co-founder and editor of the Huffington Post says “Sleep makes us more productive, creative, less stressed and much healthier and happier,”  and she, as “sleep evangelist” ,believes this so wholeheartedly that she provides places for her employees to power nap at work and other companies are following her lead. Book yourself a power nap everyday. Even as a busy Mum it’s possible just get the whole family involved and introduce power napping to the daily routine.

Get outside

Nature is one of the best possible re energisers. It’s official. Rochester university has done extensive research to find out that “Nature is fuel for the soul, “.Nature energises us, making us more resilient even to illnesses.Research showed that 90% of the participants felt more energised after 15 mins in nature. So instead of reaching for another coffee go to the park on your lunch break or take the kids for a walk after school.

Have time in the sun

Right now the sun is shining and this does wonders for us. Humans and the sun have a relationship that is similar to a solar panel. The sun’s rays actually helps lower blood pressure and increases oxygen content in our blood. The increase in our vitamin D actually strengthens our brain’s cognitive functions and helps the part of our brain which stores our memories! And of course on sunny days our brains make more serotonin which makes us feel happy. So while we have the sun around us get outside and recharge (although do remember to use sun block etc). 15 sunny minutes can make a huge difference during a busy day.


Use your 15 minutes wisely. If you can’t do any of the above one of the simplest ways to relax is to have 15 minutes on no connection. No phones, computer no nothing with anyone else, just you. Make a commitment to making relaxing important this month and give yourself the gift of 15 minutes every day. It doesn’t have to cost anything however you will gain the boost you need to get you to the summer holidays without wearing yourself down.

On that note it’s power nap time – Have a relaxing and productive week !

There are 1440 minutes in a day.jpg

Be spontaneous  and be inspired (2 min read)

“It is not enough to have a dream unless I am willing to pursue it” is one of my favourite quotes and guidelines in life. However to have a dream, a clear vision working towards that vision and holding it in the face of adversity is challenging. And yes I know it is part of the journey however sometimes we make life a lot harder for ourselves than we need to by being so overly focused on our dream that we don’t notice the inspiration that is actually right in front of us.

I have been swamped lately. The things to do list keeps getting longer and my sleeping is starting to get shorter. Don’t get me wrong I am achieving a lot yet with all the life pressure I have been cloggy, the vision of my dream was becoming faded.I hadn’t realised I was getting so lost. (Maybe you know this feeling.)

However I have been lucky enough this past weekend to visit one of my favourite places in Denmark. I didn’t go there to be inspired, in fact I took a heavy workload with me that “needed to get done”. Yet on this weekend by opening myself up to the moment and experience I became energised, inspired. Instead of looking myself away in my pile of work, I opened up, talked, laughed, worked and helped and now I can feel that something has shifted and I am more focused on manifesting my dream than I was two days ago. And surprisingly in a short time I got huge amounts done!

The great thing about my trip was that it was totally unplanned. Something happen and immediately all plans went flying out of the window and I spontaneously grabbed an opportunity to help, which in turn created an opportunity for me to be inspired. (Don’t you just love win win situations like that).  Now afterwards I got to thinking why this spontaneous experience inspired me so much and how had I opened myself to allow the inspiration to come in and be noticed by me?


It was simply about embracing the spontaneity of the moment. Now I do recommend doing that all the time planning has its merits. Yet taking a spur of the moment decision and doing something completely different than you planned is also very healthy medicine. It’s following your instincts. And when you do wholeheartedly follow the flow of your instincts then you will be amazed at the insights and teachings you receive.

So why is spontaneity such a great way to call in the inspiration you need?

  • It takes you out of your normal rhythm and  environment which stimulates your senses and gives your whole system a wake up.
  • It puts you outside of your comfort zone so you behave and act differently which means you are thinking from a new perspective.
  • It can bring new people, new connections which bring with it new ideas
  • You are thinking about something else so your brain gets a chance to recharge, as well by taking a break from thinking about your dream you give the universe space in your mind to put inspiration into.

The key to it all is to embrace the spontaneous event. To be completely open to the experience. And as always look for the teachings. I found that as I was talking to a complete stranger about my and her dream I was giving her advice that I needed to hear. The answers that came to her challenges were actually the answers I had been looking for. Just goes to show that everyone has a message for us and we have a message for everyone.

So if you have been getting too bogged down fighting for your dreams lately (or even struggling with solving a particular challenge) I highly recommend taking the next instinctive, spontaneous decision to do something completely different for at least 24 hours. You will find that you comeback totally inspired, energised and raring to go. Spontaneity will give you a chance to make room in yourself to gain perspective. Being open to and aware of the experiences and conversations you have  you make space to allow the messages, the inspiration to reach you. The inspiration we need is always there we just have to remember to step outside of our plans and comfort zones to find it.

Have a great week and if you get the opportunity to do something spontaneous- Do it!

You never know where the inspiration will take you <3


In spontaneity can we be who we truely are

#lifelessons101- Being authentically you in the spotlight in just 3 steps! (2 min read)

When was the last time you were naked? (And no I am not talking about physically I mean metaphorically). In this past week I have had the privilege of participating in the Wonderfully Wierd Women’s Branded workshop created by Esther De Charon De Saint Germain

This workshop for me has been a breath of fresh air.

Why? Well because I dared, I committed and I was authentically me. I put myself out there. And everybody liked it! Now that might not sound so difficult, when put like this, yet it is. Let’s take daring. Daring to do something that you are afraid of doing is natural. Especially when you have to end up in the spotlight. And I mean YOU have to out YOU the real YOU in the spotlight. We are all of us petrified of being us and being rejected. And actually that’s ok. It’s normal, almost genetic you could say. Theories say that this feeling comes from the days when we part of a tribe. Then our survival relied on that tribe, so daring to be in the spotlight was risking the tribe rejecting us, or worse killing us. It’s a basic survival instinct in our subconscious, However we don’t need to be scared of rejection anymore. Because the world is actually a smaller place these days. No-one is going to kill you if you stand up at work and dare to be different or present something. The fear of not daring actually causes much more pain to us than actually doing it. So we have to take charge of this fear.

This week I took charge. I dared to tell a bunch of strangers about me on a personal level. I dared listen to feedback on some really vulnerable things. Was I scared? Hell yeah! Did it stop me? No way! I fought that fear and did it anyway. And the result? A bunch of people I never met saw the authentic me as a strong powerful and even inspiring person. They saw the raw me. It was so empowering. I simply employed the power of fuck it and fuck them. (Not the most poetic of names I know but truly descriptive.)  

What I decided was simple. In 3 steps I found a clear path to being authentically me in the spotlight, and I want to share them with you.

Step number 1 : Acceptance

I basically accepted that not everyone would like me or resonate with me. I can’t please everyone and not everyone is going to like me. So what was the point in hiding me away trying to do the impossible and make everyone like me. And the ‘fuck them’ was born!

Step number 2 : Daring and do

Well if you can say ‘fuck them’ and decide to ignore all the people that don’t resonate or appreciate with you then you can say ‘fuck it’. Why ? Well because really if you know you won’t please everyone it stands to reason you will please someone. So ‘fuck it’. And once you have said ‘fuck it’ you have the power to dare, so do it. For me it was turning up at the workshop, doing the challenge and then putting out there for people to see. It might be the presentation, taking the talk with your partner or simply putting on the dress you are hella nervous about wearing (Oh and when it comes to the dress people won’t notice. This happens to me a lot. I debate, worry, take it on, off etc when I think something is too daring, then I wear it anyway and people just act like , well like normal around me! After all my stress it is a little insulting).  Nike is right “Just do it” be bold be brave and step into the spotlight.

Step number three – Enjoying the results.

So if you followed the step one and two thought processes by now you should have already dared and are standing in the spotlight being authentically you. What next? Well stop closing your eyes and waiting for a thunderclap, open them and enjoy it. When you are authentically you, you will find that the right things happen, the right people are attracted to you and equally the right opportunities open up for you.  When we are authentically and honestly ourselves in the spotlight we inspire people. People actually begin to expect us to do it, it becomes our norm so to speak. So quit worriting and enjoy it.  (Celebrate your successes remember!) And if you meet someone who doesn’t like you then authentic you go back to step one and start all over again!

Have a great weekend and be authentically you while you are at it <3


Have a healthy life by celebrating your success! (2 min read)

I’m sitting here alone on a Monday afternoon, in a cafe on a sunny day in Denmark with relaxing jazz in the background and a tall cold, glass of bubbling wine in my hand. I am celebrating my latest success! It’s lovely. I probably don’t look as chic as I feel but it’s the feeling that is important not the way I look. I feel fantastic. And part of the reason I feel so great is not just because I have been successful. It is because I have taken this hour to celebrate my success.

In our busy lives we actually have many successes be they small or large and yet in the hectic schedule they can often be overlooked and therefore go unnoticed.  All work and no play made jack a dull boy and the same goes for you too. Our successes in life are our high points. If we don’t acknowledge them then life is seriously boring.

In today’s society we are all incredibly focused on what is wrong, what is not working and how can we fix it. I am not saying that is all bad, good growth comes from this form of processing; HOWEVER if we only ever focus on the bad, we will only ever see the bad. And if you are seeing only bad then guess what? You will attract more of it. And that my friends creates a negative mindset and we all know how unhealthy and damaging that can be.

There are many reasons why you should celebrate your successes and when it becomes a habit you will find that life actually becomes EVEN MORE successful for you. Why ? Because as you send out a vibration of success the world around you ripples back a wave of success.

Here are 5 reasons why you should celebrate your successes, no matter how big or small, today

It feels great!

It feels wonderful to celebrate something we have achieved. It energises us. When we achieve something our body releases dopamine the happy chemical into our blood. And as  after all being happy and enjoying our life is what we all want, right? So why miss a perfectly good opportunity to enjoy yourself!

It’s inspiring!


Celebrating or success can be inspirational to our future successes. Just as we can learn from something going wrong we can also learn from it going right. Make a note of what you did that helped create your success and look at it when you are aiming for a different star.

It’s motivating!

It’s logical. If you are working towards a goal and it always feels like that goal is slipping away and is un-achieveable then why would you want to keep going. By marking our successes big and small, especially the small, we remember them and we can feel how close we are getting to our goal and that makes us want to keep going. Your success are proof that you can do whatever it is your set your mind to do.

It attracts more success!

Basically the more you celebrate your successes you develop a success mindset. And that is a mindset you need to keep feeding. By noting your successes you are telling yourself “look at what I can do”. Keep looking for opportunities to celebrate your success and you will surprise yourself with how often you have success.

It’s shareable!

Celebrating your success with others is a form of sharing abundance. Think about all of your friends happy pictures and statuses on Facebook that make you feel good. People want to have fun, they like to hear good news so let them join in your fun and make everyone feel great!


So no matter what successes you have had today, big or small, it could be managing to do the washing up when you are seriously depressed or celebrating your first big movie deal, whatever it is celebrate it. Remember as Osho says “Life should not only be lived it should be celebrated”
Have a wonderful week <3

celebrate your success