#lifelessons101: Motivation, manifestation, determination, a free umbrella and a slice of pie!

I have had a crazy week. There have been two intense events that although were the complete opposite of each, other have gifted me with the motivation and inspiration to expand my business, and reach my goals (oh and given me a free umbrella and a piece of pie). These experiences really brought home to me the power of choosing how I react to a situation has an effect on my motivation, my determination and my ability to manifest that I want to share with you today

The first event was the most empowering experience of landing a big contract for my business. It’s an exciting project with lots of possibilities. The people I will be working with get exactly where I am coming from, love the skills I can bring to them with my coaching and are so on board its energising!  (Thank you universe for that gift) I left that meeting on top of the world, even though it was chucking down with rain and I was dressed for success not the weather meaning I was getting soaked to the skin (Or rather I would have done is a kind stranger had not offered me an umbrella – I kid you not) I was on cloud nine.  I had a heck of a time after that meeting trying to get to where I needed to be by public transport and buy a  new laptop. With the rain and the cold and the frustration I could have easily manifested a foul temper. But every challenge I met I shrugged off and just focused on manifesting what I needed when I needed it. And guess what it worked. It was an amazing day with so many successes and small perfect moments, I was so motivated by everything and everyone I met.

The second event was so different from the first. The day after getting my new contract I went to a local business networking session, where experienced business men and women give advice to the younger entrepreneur crowd. It was the first time I  had attended such an event locally. I was really excited, hoping for some real motivation and insight into how to grow my company further. I was so not prepared for the reality. They didn’t get it. They had no idea what life coaching means. The concept was dead on them and I was treated as some strange and slightly foolish person at the party that no one knows how to talk to. Ugh. I hated it and wanted to get away as quickly as I could. I didn’t. I stuck it out. And as I heard them talking to another young entrepreneur enthusing about her business I felt frustrated and angry. However I realise that I was simply taking on board their misguided vision of me, I knew I didn’t need to believe their opinions of me. I have already proved only the day before that what I offer is a valid and needed service. As they talked an idea began to form, a new potential way of meeting clients. And in bouncing the idea around with the only person in the room, who seemed to have a vague idea of what coaching is, (or at least was willing to talk with me) I found a way not only to create new clients, but also created a way for him to understand better what I could do and begin to suggest opportunities for development.

I left that meeting, again in the rain and this time down hearted. It was definitely colder than the day before. I realised Mr T had my wallet and it was hours until I was heading home. I could have ended up crying in my duvet if I had chosen that path. However those unfriendly, stick in the mud businessmen had got under my skin and made me angry. Angry enough to want to prove them wrong. I found a way to get a smoothie and pie and free wifi without my wallet, (thanks to a lovely young business woman and her fantabulous cafe) and then I sat down immediately to start fixing the bugs in my business presentation. A few hours later and after a hilarious evenings belly dance class (highly recommended for improving anyone’s mood) I felt just as motivated by the failure of the day as I had by the success of the day before.

So what are the life lessons I learnt here? Well honestly it’s taught me a few things about motivation, determination and manifestation.


You get motivated by how you choose to respond to something. Outside energy is a part of motivation regardless of whether that energy is a positive or negative input it is the catalyst for your motivation. However it is you and your choice of action that turns that catalyst from a thing to the motivation.


If you can keep your determination, push through the idiots scorn, the cold of the rain or the frustration of a missing wallet you can change and achieve anything you want to.


Keep the goal clear and send it out into the world. If you need help to create it ask. You have to be willing to dare, to fight for it if need be. Even when no-one in the room understands you if you have a clear vision and the willingness to find a way to create it then you can manifest anything you can dream of.

So in essence you have the power! We have the power! I would love to be able to tell you a happy hollywoodesque ending of this tale. That the person I spoke to at the networking session emailed me with an amazing opportunity. It would make the story end so neatly. However it’s only been 24 hours since event 2 and as yet there is no more to add to the tale. Except that I am more motivated than I have ever been before. I am more determined to succeed and I know if you keep watching this space you will see as I manifest in reality my dreams of being a successful life coach and helping many, many people to Re:Root within themselves and their lives as well as manifesting the occasional slice of pie!

Have a great weekend!


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