#lifelessons101- Trusting the universe when following your dreams

Today is an epoch day for me. As I sit here on a train watching autumnal Denmark pass me by I am here right now because today I am on my way to a place where I will manifest one of my dreams. I have fought hard to get here and believe me it has not been easy. And even now when I am so close, I am still nervous, I am still afraid it won’t work and that something will go wrong. Inside me the *what are you thinking? You are mad to even try this’ voice is popping up in my head. It’s now I have to dig deep down in myself and pull on all of my powers of trusting the universe and surrender to what will be will be.

Honestly this whole journey (not the train journey but the two years up to this point) has been a life teaching in trusting the universe and surrendering my fears. Its been a huge lesson learning to hold the vision and trust that it will happen, no matter how bleak things look. I have had to learn to trust that I have done everything I can do and that I can trust the universe will do it’s part too. It’s been a ride, you know like the one which takes you high up, then you plummet to the earth with your stomach in your throat and just when you think you will explode you are shooting up again.  And here I am facing it again!

Do you have something or have ever had something that you want so badly that you dream of achieving ? Have you been there when despite everything you have tried and you cannot find the way to the result you dream of? I have, oh so many times in the last two years. You feel like giving up- right? Wrong. If I had given up at that point I would not be sitting here on this train. How I didn’t is the key to helping yourself if you are at this point in your life. You see if the last two years has taught me anything it is that at that point ,the point you feel as though you can only ever fail, it is then that you need to begin to trust the universe.

In a way trusting the universe is a form of surrendering.  Surrendering to que sera sera, whatever will be will be. If you like me are used to figthing for your dreams this can be the hardest concept to grasp. In a way it will feel like you are giving up. However trusting the universe is not about rolling over and giving up and hoping. Trusting the universe is actually huge part of manifesting your dreams, confirming to yourself that you can and will do whatever you want to do and at the same time releases and frees you from the ‘I’ll never do it’ fear.

If you are here now at the point where you cannot see the wood for the trees and are completely lost on how to create your dreams then here are the teachings I have learnt on this last journey to manifestation which I hope will guide you out of your fearfull abyss and back onto your path again.

Step 1= Assess your actions

Ok so everything looks like it is going wrong so what have you tried so far? Make a list of all the actions you have made to manifest your dream. Have you done everything you can do?

If so then tell yourself you have done your best. At this point in time you have done everything in your power to create your dream so be proud of that. I found that making a list of everything I have achieved in the last six months that brought me on step closer to my dream really helped me see how far I had come and how much I had to be proud of myself. In short I couldn’t feel as though I was failing me when the hard evidence showed me how much I had achieved.

Step 2 = Find a new angle

Look at what you have done, talk to people about it and brainstorm. By gaining perspective by writing down your actions and talking with people (or the universe) you become objective. And objectivity will give you a new angle which will inspire new actions you can take. Sometimes by simply stepping back you will find that the universe will throw you a new opportunity. Look for these. Look for the coincidences and opportunities around you. Remember life can not always follow your plan exactly so allow room in your manifestation process to allow the universe to guide you.

Step 3 = Surrender to trust

Oh this one is tough. However when you have exhausted all possible angles, actions and advice and you are still not getting there you have to simply surrender to trust. Here is where you have to have a conversation with the universe (or whatever power you believe in) and say “Hey. I am doing my best. I believe I can do this and I need your help. I trust that the universe will help me do this”. I know it sounds strange and we are in a technological and scientific age that does not advocate belief in basically praying. However saying out loud

to the universe is firstly a form of training and motivating your brain. We believe what we hear when we hear it often enough. Also this is using the law of vibration. What we send out we get back. So whenever you need to (as I do right now) say to yourself and the universe I trust you to make this happen, what will be will be.

Step 4= Do something else

You have now put your trust in the universe. If you helicopter parent it then you are only going to stress yourself out. Remember the old adage “ A watched kettle never boils” it’s true. Trust takes patience. Sometimes a lot of patience. Once you have surrendered to trusting the universe to help you manifest your dream then take a break. Plan a break and give yourself some tlc, family and friends time and simply you time. Whether its a sauna, a movie it doesn’t matter. Focus on having quality time in your life. If you want to manifest dreams you need to be working on all your batteries so recharge yourself.

Step 5 = Look for the teachings

Sometimes not getting what you want in the way you want it is the best thing that could happen to you. I know that sounds strange but hear me out. Everything in life good, bad and ugly is an opportunity to learn. More often than not we learn from our failures more than our successes. So if something is not going your way look at why? There will be a teaching.

Step 6 = Gratitude

Just as it is important to appreciate what we have achieved it is also important to be grateful. After all we are asking the universe to help us we need to be grateful for that help. Practising gratitude is always beneficial and even more so in the tougher times. Try writing 3 things you are grateful for each morning or evening. Being grateful keeps you present and will remind of what is good in life even when you can’t always feel it. If nothing else you can be grateful for your morning cup of tea- Sounds silly and I bet the idea of that made you smile! Feeling positive is part of the Battell of motivating your self to keep going and gratitude is a simple way to remain positive.


Trusting the universe to help you manifest your dreams is a combination of taking action, surrendering to the process, learning from life’s teachings, practising patience and seeing and appreciating the now. All skills we all need no matter where we are in our life and even more when life looks bleak. As I write my train gets closer and closer to my final destination and soon I will be stepping into another chapter in my life. As I have been writing this I feel more and more confident, the fears are dimming and I know no matter what I can trust the universe to guide me on the way that is right for me. What will be will be

I hope this helps you find your way

Happy weekend <3



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