How’s it going with your yearly goals?

Summer is here WOOHOO! But hey just before you grab your flip flops and forget all about ‘real’ life I have a quick question for you…

How’s it going with your yearly goals?

When did you last check in with you New Year’s Resolutions?

Now I don’t mean to guilt trip you. Far from it. However if you are rushing into holiday mode without doing a halfway through the year round up you are missing out on a great opportunity. 

  • An opportunity to get clear and motivated for when you come back to the ‘real’ world 
  • An opportunity to celebrate and boost your confidence
  • And an opportunity to put ‘real’ life to bed so you can REALLY enjoy your summer hols! 

This 6 monthly round up practice is basically in essence an evaluation of your progress in life. You can also do it for work and school. It helps with your self awareness, living consciously and allround mental wellbeing. 

And it’s super quick and easy- Win Win! 

So what to do? Well there are a couple of ways to do it. Depending on how you set your goals. So I have 2 methods. One for those dedicated goal setters that record their goals and one for those of you that haven’t set specific goals but want to check in with your life before you go enjoy yourself. 

For the Dedicated Goal setters:

If you are the kind of person that writes your goals down then this is the check-in method for you. 

  1. For each goal write down what steps you have taken to reach that goal 
  2. Ask yourself = What has worked and what hasn’t? Why did this work / didn’t work? 
  3. Decide what actions you need to take in order to reach this goal. 
  4. Make a list of your wins. I call this a harvest list. Just record everything you did,learnt and are proud of yourself for in the last 6 months. There will be more than you think!

For those of you just checking in:

If you just want to make a check in on your life and see where you are in the journey this is the check – in method for you. 

  1. Write out on bullet points what you have done this year, what you have learnt. 
  2. Ask yourself= How has this affected me as a person? Have I grown from this? 
  3. Ask yourself = is there anything I would like to change or achieve in my life in the next 6 months? If there are make some goals.
  4. As above, make a list of your wins in the last 6 months, a harvest list. Just record everything you did,learnt and are proud of yourself for in the last 6 months. There will be more than you think!

And that’s it! 

Now you can consider yourself OFFICIALLY OFF DUTY! 

Grab those flipflops and start to relax in earnest! 

When you come back to ‘real life’ again you are going to know exactly where you have been and exactly where you want to go. And be recharged and raring to go! 

What are your wins from the last 6 months? 

Let me know in the comments below! 


<3 Emma-Jane

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