#lifelessons – what will my life look like after COVID?

Now with Denmark opening up and fingers crossed the world is going back to a little bit of normal my mind has started to return to one question again and again.

What will my life look like after COVID?

Now you hear a lot of talk about the place about how much the world will be different after this pandemic. Now I have no idea if that is true. But I do know that COVID isolation has made a huge impact on my life, and I am sure it’s the same for you too.

I have had many realisations during this isolation as one of the fortunate high risk people I have been able to stay completely isolated and continue to work from home. (And trust me I am grateful for that each and every day.) But what has happened during isolation is that I have made many realisations about my life in general. And that covers everything from my career, to my integrity, what is really important to me and some harsh self truths I have found that I need to work with. You can check it out on this post.

But all these realisations and epiphanies if you like have made me realise that my life definitely needs to change so I can live a happier more fulfilling life. 

Have you realised that? Have you thought about what your life will look like after COVID? 

Does your life need to change so you can be happier and more fulfilled? 

I think the thing that set all these thoughts off was the post on facebook that said 

 We should not go back to normal because normal was not working.

Now that is true of many things on this earth but I think for myself and for many others we can say it is also relevant to our own lives. Before all of this I was under so much pressure. My stress levels were through the roof. I felt so very lonely in my life. I was struggling to find the time to take care of me, connect with my friends and loved ones. And to be fair although I loved a lot about my life I was not 100% happy.

At the beginning of all of this I decided to treat it as an opportunity to touch base with myself and invest some time in getting back to my roots, to learning about myself and investing time in self care. And boy is it paying off. And now as the world opens up again I am going to have to start to apply some of this to my ‘normal’ life too.

So what will my life look like after COVID?

  • I now know clearly who the people are that I really care about and love and I am going to make it important to invest in them first and that includes me.
  • I will be asking for help more rather than trying to do it all myself. I have to be hero all the time and really the world doesn’t need me to be a hero all the time.
  • I will set more boundaries about what I will do and won’t. It is one of the heart and centers of self care and one I have already learnt to practice.
  • I have no problems saying no, especially no to drama and I don’t intend to give that up.
  • My every day is going to be more energy focused. By that I mean I am going to take my energy into account before I really plan my daily tasks.
  • I am going to redress my expectations with what I can do with the time available. The only pressure I really have is the pressure I put on myself. So I need to start being both kinder to me and more realistic in my expectations.
  • My health comes first. Period. Physical and mental health is the foundation of being able to do anything in life. Anything that seriously compromises that (including my own behaviour) is not acceptable.
  • Career wise I am going to keep what I am doing however with a new approach. A new focus. I have learnt some important business lessons during COVID and it’s beginning to make an impact in my work life so more of the new less of the old.
  • I am going to do more of the things I love. There are things that have been missing from my life and I am acutely aware of those things. So it’s time to bring these things back.
  • I want to communicate more honestly. Life is too short to waste time in convoluted conversations that don’t get shit done.
  • Practicing gratitude and celebrating my achievements on a daily basis is a new black for me. This has been such an energy booster during these times.
  • Life needs to be simple if I am going to enjoy it. So keep it simple is the new motto.

I think the most important thing COVID has reminded me is that life is meant to be enjoyed. We often forget it. We forget that we are only dancing on this earth for a short time. COVID has been a harsh reminder of that. 

Being happy. Being kind. Loving others and ourselves is what our relatively short lives should be all about. 

No more time wasting with self doubt, polite conversations that you don’t get you anywhere or fears that stop you doing things you really want to do. We simply don’t have the time to waste. 

It’s a choice. Do you want to hurt in life or be happy? 

It really is that simple. It is up to you to choose,

And I for one choose being brave enough to be happy.

I have always believed in being the change I want to see. So this is me stepping up. 

What about you? How will your life be different after COVID? 

Let me know in the comments below 

Emma-Jane <3 

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