#lifelessons101 – What have you learnt about yourself and your life during Covid?

There is no doubt about it, these are crazy times we live in.

Now I am in that exceeding lucky position where I have been thoroughly isolated and able to work from home throughout this experience, and I will be at least until the end of August. Crossing fingers all goes well. And I am aware that many of you haven’t been as lucky. My heart goes out to you.

But that doesn’t mean my life hasn’t been affected by this tragedy. Far from it. I too have lost friends and loved ones. Felt the isolation cabin fever and the anxiety worries of watching this from the side lines. Like you, I am worried about the future, about people I love and the world.

For me COVID has been an eyeopener, a wake up call on so many levels.

But when all this started, as I couldn’t go out into the world, I decided to treat the isolation as a chance to get back to my root and invest some much needed personal growth. Which means I have learnt so much about myself and my life during this time and at the same time like you have been blown away and shocked by humanity in general.

COVID has been a time for many of us to reconsider our lives and start to really look the big picture in the face.

But slowly the world is opening up and life is slowly becoming quasi normal again.

So I feel it is the right time to take a last step back before we jump into the fray once more to ask a last important question before we begin to Re-orientate our lives.

What have you learnt about yourself and your life during Covid?

Personally I have learnt a lot. So here is a recap of the life lessons I have learnt during this time.

  • It is much easier for me to live a life aligned with my integrity when I am not in constant contact with other people- which means I need to really practice walking my talk in society.
  • When I put my health first everything else falls into place and I am able to do anything I want to do
  • If you want community and connection you have to reach out- I have reached out both professionally and personally during this time and I feel more connected to both my loved ones, friends and my clients than I ever did before.
  • I am way too over optimistic with my time and that stresses me out more than anything in my life. I am stressed out because I create it. So I am learning to simplify and re prioritise.
    My planning and productivity often goes awry because I don’t check in with my energy. So energy check-in first plan after.
  • I have really looked at my friendships and can see who I really trust and who is important and from now on it’s those people I will be focusing on.
  • My passions are so important to maintaining my energy levels and quality of life. So I am going to let my heart lead me to having fun!
  • Be prepared to make sacrifices and adapt. Life throws us curve balls but we can adapt. I think I am now more aware of what I am willing to sacrifice and not willing to sacrifice after this time.
  • I love to entertain people. I didn’t really realise this before Corona. But I do and I have a lot to give so I am going to do more of that.
  • Don’t wait to make your dreams happen. Yes Covid put my dream of going to new countries on hold. So now I am working on my dream of having a sustainable organic vegetable garden. (I have no idea what I am doing but it is fun to learn!)
  • I am alot more free and confident and adventurous in myself than I realised and I can use that to inspire others to feel free in themselves. Pretty cool.
  • My time is precious don’t give it away, keep some of it for myself
  • Working from home is absolutely the best thing for me and my family. I am more relaxed, happier and healthier.
  • I love what I do. I just need to look at how I do it and make changes in that so that I am happier and have time to enjoy it.
  • I am happier and more confident in life when I invest time in working on myself and my personal growth journey- a good reminder which was needed.
  • If I don’t feel happy it’s up to me to change the situation and do something about it. Whether that means getting myself some Harry potter lego or taking the hard conversation. I have to have my own back, always.
  • When I do work from home it is important to make social events important and have people to bounce ideas upon.
  • The little moments are the most important- I mean I always knew this but wow Corona has really highlighted this.

So yeah like I said. I learnt a lot. This is not the entire list. And to be honest I wrote this article for myself to remember these learnings. Because I have not experienced so many life lessons in such a short time before. However I do hope that my life lessons inspire you to look for the lessons COVID has taught you.

And let me know in the comments What have you learnt about yourself and your life during Covid?

Covid is a negative thing. But like most negative things in life it is a catalyst for change. We can choose to allow it to be a positive or a negative change. I think more than anything Covid has reconfirmed for me something I always have know.

The most important thing in life is to be happy. And it’s up to ourselves to make that happen.

And it is a waste of time to wait to make it happen

It’s all about enjoying your journey

<3 Emma-Jane

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