Self-Love Ritual

Create a Self-Love Ritual

It’s the Weekend!! I love weekends not just because time to spend with those I love, do things I haven’t had time for in the work week BUT most of all this is the time where I can create the oppotunity to give myself some self-love. And one of the ways that I find is a super powerful self-love practice is creating a Self-Love Ritual. 

A Self-love Ritual will help you connect, heal and come back into alignment with all that you truly are. Making a ritual will help you come back to yourself when you’re feeling lost. And perhaps even to get to know yourself on a level you’ve never known before. As well as giving you energy from a special experience. 

How to create your own self-love ritual?

You can go as big or as small as you like. This ritual is for you. It needs to work for you. Which means there is no right or wrong way of doing it. What is right, is what means something to you.

This is my personal guide to the elements of creating a ritual:

1. Preperation

2. Create a special / sacred space

3. Self-Love activities


Preparing for your self-love ritual

Preperation is key. When you are doing your ritual you don’t want to have to suddenly break to get stuff, answer the phone or deal with interuptions. Make sure that the people that might sometimes interupt know that you are offline and not available. Turn off your phone, this is time for you with you no-one else. And lastly gather the things you need to do your ritual. (See ideas lower down).


Create a special / Sacred Place

Think about what would make this a special experience for you. If you have been to a spa you will know that it looks beautiful, smells beautiful and there are candles EVERYWHERE! It is a conciously created peaceful atmosphere. Now you will probably be doing your Self-Love ritual at home. So how can you create a peaceful, magical and special environment for your ritual. A great tip is to include elements that excite or calm your senses; smells, sounds, beautiful visuals. Personally I love to include candles, fresh flowers and essential oils. Sometimes I will treat myself to special products if I am doing a pampering ritual. And often I include my favourite foods and drink. If you are spiritual person you might want to create a sacred space at the beginning of your ritual. 

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Self-Love Activites

The list of possibilites is endless. Here are some of my favourite activites to include in a self-love ritual. 

  • Journalling
  • Meditation
  • Self-Massage
  • Pampering – face masks, manicure
  • Write a love letter to yourself 
  • Filling out a self-love worksheet
  • Crafting /Drawing /Painting
  • Ritual bath with flowers
  • Mindful tea ritual or other mindful practices
  • Make a list of all your best qualities
  • Yoga
  • Working with and taking care of your inner child

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It is sooooooo important that we make the time to do Self-Love Rituals for ourself. Self-love pratices boost our mental health, our self confidence, our energy and motivation and our resilience. Not to mention increasing our self-worth. 

Practicing self-love is NOT selfish. It is essential. And when you create your own Self-love Ritual you show the world that you value yourself and you make yourself and your mental health important. Which inspires other to do the same. 

Let me know if you create your own Self-Love Rituals and what you do in them, it’s so great to share our ideas with each other so we get inspired

Have an amazing weekend! 

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