7 Reasons why Self-Love is Spiritually Empowering

Bottom line Self-love is about being aligned with your authentic self. It’s about trusting yourself, appreciting yourself and being connected to yourself. 

Which is why Self-love is an important and empowering spiritual practice.

 Because ultimately Self-love about connecting with and owning your essential power. 

Which, for those of us that walk a spiritual path, our essential power is seen as coming from a higher power, the universe or divine. 

This is what happens when we love ourselves:

we Give ourselves peace

Our spirits are still and calm. We accept ourselves unconditionally as the perfectly imperfect unique being we are.

we Empower ourselves

Instead of drowning in self-doubt, we feel, hear, and believe in our power. What matters is how we feel about ourselves. Which in our self awareness allowing us to live conciously.

we Live up to our potential

We allow ourselves to show up in the world and live our purpose. We aren’t afraid to pursue what fulfills us, to be authentically ourselves and walk our own path head held high.

we Let ourselves grow:

We let go of keeping ourselves small in this world and allow ourselves to grow. The more we grow, the more we spread love and nourishment for others to do likewise.

we Live courageously

We are no longer ruled by fear, because we know that love is the strongest power of all.  We know that life cannot be without fear but we choose to act with it not from it.

we Live freely

We let go of  comparing ourselves to others, the restrictions of what others tell us we should or shouldn’t be doing, let go of the restriction of fear of what others will think. And in letting go dance freely in our lives, exploring the journey for ourselves

Now who doesn’t want to live like that ! 

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