#lifelessons101 The 7 day summer self-confidence challenge

As a dedicated follower of the Buddha belly crew I am not feeling particularly body confident. Especially in light of my forthcoming holiday in a circle of my peers who love to gossip! In fact, I am dreading that short moment on the beach, where the t-shirt comes off, and the swimsuit/buddha belly is on full display as I walk to and from the water. It’s the hardest part of any holiday for a buddah belly initiate.

However, I am also an officiado of you feel how you think. And this Summer I am determined to not allow my inner judge ruin my holiday and lower my confidence. So this week I am going to challenge myself for 7 days to take an intense self-confidence booster week to get me feeling great before I go away.  This is the start of my 7 day summer self-confidence challenge.

Here is my 7 day plan. I challenge you to join me and feel fabulous together i

Day one:

I have for a long time wanted to restart my practice of Miracle Morning (See Hal Elrod’s amazing system here). However, with work being so busy and me feeling so tired I haven’t managed it. However, now I am on holiday this is the perfect time to restart. It gives me a great confidence boost as well as inspiring me and motivating me. I start the day with my wonder woman pants on and I can take on the world – HAH!

Day two:

This is going to be a day dedicated to self-love and pampering my body. I have booked a trip to the sauna, an hours massage and manicure. I have pre-stocked with facemasks foot masks and nommy healthy snacks. I plan to start the day by filling out my self-love journal and then following a day of completely pampering myself.

Day three:

Today is positive mental self image day. I am going to make a collage with positive I am statements on it. I am powerful. I am a wild free spirit. This will be placed in front of my bed so it’s the first and last thing I see every day. I am also going to take a photo and have it as my screensaver so when I am on holiday I can carry my mantras with me. To boost my feelings towards my body I am also going to do some yoga to energise my mind and body.

Day four:

A day of loving the rest of the world. Today is going to be the day where I compliment people, post positively on social media and try to do loving kind things for everyone I meet. Being nice makes you feel nice and today I will exude niceness!

Day five:

Dressing to impress is today’s motto. Firstly I am going to plan my holiday wardrobe making sure I have outfits that I feel fabulous in. Then I am going to put on something I love and waft around the house in my most glamorous of outfits. Luckily I have a family function to attend so I will go for gold and put on my most fantastic aren’t I amazing look for the event!

Day six:

This is the day to be daring cos’ I am going to try something new. Right now I am not sure what this will be. That’s why it’s on day six so I have time to plan it. But I am going to choose a fear and challenge myself. So I will be either throwing myself out of a plane, playing paintball or taking a pony trek in the woods. (Horses scare me a lot).

Day seven:

Time to look back over the last week and praise myself. Today is about feeling proud of myself. I will write a list of my accomplishments. Even post them on facebook. And in the evening I will do something fun to celebrate my awesomeness! I am thinking a night on the town, dinner at a restaurant or a trip to the local fun fair. Celebrating our achievements is equally important as actually achieving them. And a fabulous way to boost your confidence.

How will you boost your confidence in your  7 day summer self-confidence challenge ?

Let me know in the comments below!

Have an amazing week!

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