The unseen gifts that light up our lives -your unique gift to the world.

the unseen gifts in our lives

The Yuletide season is almost here, Christmas is so close, the Winter Solstice is even closer. And hopefully you are enjoying a relaxing wind down or start to your holiday. This time of year is the universal time of celebrating the people in our lives our nearest and dearest. In fact even today it’s one of the only times families make the effort to gather together in the year. It’s also one of the only times we consciously make it important to show the people we care about that they are special to us. And as we learn from childhood we do this by giving and receiving gifts. 

However we actually give and receive gifts every day of our lives, often unnoticed. Each and every person on this planet is unique. There is simply no-one else out there like you. And because of our unique qualities we all give something to the world. Now I personally believe that everyone we meet in life has a gift, teaching or message for us and in turn we for them. And by taking a step back and looking at these gifts we start not only to count our blessings but also to gain a deeper understanding of our life’s journey.

Yuletide is perfect for taking time out to learn more about these gifts, to learn more about ourselves and to be even more grateful for those people that make our lives special and our own ability to light up the world.

The gifts we receive in our lives

The people we give gifts to over the holidays tend to be our nearest and dearest and often family and our closest friends. These people all bring something to our lives and unseen gift of learning. And I don’t mean the physical gifts we get. I am talking about the gifts of life lessons, support and characteristics that shape and guide our lives. The unseen gifts that are there everyday.

Is it hard? Not at all. You just need to really look. 

Have a look at your Christmas Shopping list the people you are giving physical gifts to are the most important in your life. Whether its a positive or challenging relationship it’s a relationship that matters to you. Choose three of these people to focus upon.

And ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are these people ?
  • What is their relationship to you?
  • What gifts/teachings have they brought to your life? ( This can be stability, lessons, love)
  • Why is this gift/teaching necessary to me? Why do I need it?
  • What impact does this teaching/gift have on my life?

The gifts you give

Gifts do not only travel one way. As we receive from people in our lives we also give gifts from our own heart. It can often be a challenge to recognise the strengths we bring to other’s lives.  However your gifts are as unique as you are and they light up the world in their own way. By acknowledging and naming them you will get a wonderful sense of how amazing you truly are.

HAve a think about what gifts do you give to others? What do people come to you for? A laugh, a cuddle, advice? If it’s hard to think of you can ask your family and friends to help you here. Find 3 gifts that you give to the world. These are your unique qualities. This is what you are meant to be doing in the world. Now doesn’t that feel good!

Like with celebrating the people who give us gifts, it is important to celebrate the gifts we give. Each and every winter solstice I draw on a piece of paper three candles and  on each candle write the gifts, my unique qualities that I give to people and the world. Then with 3 physical candles I light them in turn. Saying out loud I give the gift of ………. To the world and for this I am grateful. I then spend a few minutes meditating on these gifts and seeing how I can practice them consciously in the coming year.

I find that identifying the gifts we receive in our lives brings an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the greatest gift, the gift of life. And what could be a more perfect time to be thankful for our lives and the people we love. 

At the same time understanding our own gifts brings a sense of direction and self belief that is often much needed. Remember you like everyone else in the world are unique. People are attracted to you because of our unique gifts and you are attracted to certain people and life choices because of your gifts. It is when we are truly aware of these choices we begin to live purposely and shine. 

Have a wonderful shiny week – Don’t forget to let me know both the gifts you get and the unique gifts you give down below and to celebrate them this holiday!

Much love

<3 Emma-Jane

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