#lifelesson101 – Tolerance level running low? How to deal with idiots when you just don’t want to.

OMGs this week has been a lesson in coping with idiots. And although I need to release I won’t go into details(Damn work ethics grrrr!) Now I know that when it comes to dealing with idiots the first place is to look in side and take responsibility for your responses, yada yada yada. However some days, or in my case week, you just need the quick fix to dealing with idiots before you blow a blood vessel. Or in other words you need tools to help you deal with idiots when you just don’t want to.

If you are at bursting point and need some release here is my #101 survival guide to get you through those days without ending up on a manslaughter charge.

Is the person you are dealing with a jerk or an idiot?

You have to decide is the person you are dealing with an idiot – those lovely, well-intentioned people that don’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing. Or a jerk – the people who are difficult to deal with, stubborn and always wrong. You will need to deal with the person in different ways an idiot may not understand your frustration and a jerk will enjoy and aggravate your anger.  So you have to make a quick decision to know how to handle the situation and respond accordingly.

Deep breath and count to 10

I know, it’s hard to do however you need to do it. I personally find that doing the counting out loud helps me. Similarly it also signifies to the other person they need to stop talking and allow you a moment to gather your thoughts.

Be honest

Explain that you have A: A crap day or B: a low tolerance filter today. Be honest if a conversation is not working for you ask to speak to someone else. (customer service representatives are the typical people that spring to mind in this scenario).

Time out

Politely let them know that you need a break and take it. Take a time out. Walk away.Hang up. You don’t need to justify a time out. Just explain you need it and take it. 5 mins for you to calm down and then return with more energy and clarity to deal with the challenge.

The put off

You are not always this intolerable some days idiots are easier to cope with. So put the conversation on pause until you can cope without exploding.

Release your frustration

No, not at the other person. Although satisfying in the short term, it wil always create further issues. However you do need to get the frustration out. Physical training is great for this, so get down the gym. Not possible then an easier alternative is screaming into a pillow. Or 5 star jumps. In rare cases I find an old china thing (which is easily replaceable) make sure no one else is around and then smash it. Of course I clean it up afterwards. Sometime you just need a quick accessible release. (If you are having a day where you are having low tolerance issues release the frustration before you come home so you don’t let it go at a poor unsuspecting loved one.)

The pillow fort

If you tolerance is not improving and you feel that you are being surrounded by more and more idiots, then truth be told the issue is most likely to be you. You are possibly worn out, physically or emotionally. Idiots increasing around us is generally a good sign that you are not functioning properly. There are simply not that many idiots in the world and you are not magnetic enough for them all to be drawn to you at the same point in time. If you find the idiot numbers are rising and your tolerance is lessening it is time to take the ultimate time out. The pillow fort. Actual or metaphorical, the pillow fort manoeuvre means it’s time to get out of doge, barricade yourself somewhere safe and cosy and recover. My own pillow fort maneuver can be the mild version where I retreat to computer games and facemasks and sleep to the severe where I retreat to bed with an army of supplies, telephone is switched off and I proceed by building a pillow fort and staying there for 24 hours. A tactical retreat is sometimes exactly what the body and soul needs to reboot tolerance levels and regain normal composure.

It’s Over

A friend taught me this wonderful trick. She found that her and her partner used to get into huge rows when telling about their horrible days. He would try and find solutions, she wouldn’t felt herd. It was an akward spiral. Then they found the ‘it’s over’. Quite simply when you ask each other how the day was you say ‘ It’s over’ your partner will know it has been challenging. Maybe you will talk about it later. However by using the ‘It’s over’ you don’t bring all the rubbish home with you. It gets left behind with your suit. And brings you into de stress so much quicker.  A much needed thing after a day with idiots in it.


Running out of tolerance is as I said before a sign that the body or mind needs a break. So when the world is full with idiots and you are at the end of your tether listen to what the universe is telling you and take a break. Luckily you can do exactly that this weekend so make the most of it and take care of yourself. There maybe idiots waiting for you to deal with them on monday but with a little r and r you will find you have much more energy to work with them and will be surprised at how idiotic they really are when you are back on form again.

Take care of you (I know I will be taking care of me) this weekend – Have fun <3

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