#lifelessons101: December without stress (2 min read)

The Christmas lights are going up everywhere, the shops are full of songs and adverts with pictures of relaxed happy people drinking hot chocolate around the perfect yuletide fire surround us.  Well if you are like I used to be then although these pictures light up your inner child’s face, your outer grown is saying “naaaargggh I only have 23 days!”.  Relaxing and enjoy the winter hibernation is unfortunately a casualty of our modern life time where pre Christmas deadlines and commercialism dominates.

But does it have to be? Of course not! Winter is one of nature’s most beautiful seasons and hibernating is important to our physical and mental well being. I know you have a million and one things to do, buy and make BUT my friends if you turn your christmas planning around, prioritising you and activities that give you energy, life this month will go flowing by without the need to drink 3 bottles of the christmas Sherry before you get to Christmas Eve!

Don’t believe me then try my guide to upside down december planning, I know that you will have more energy, be relaxed and revitalised.

What gives you energy

Sounds strange but bear with me. Just make a quick list of everything that gives you energy.  A walk, a bath, reading, meditation, watching tv or even cuddeling. Make a list.

What do you have to do?

Now the slightly overwhelming part, what do you have to do? Again make a list of what you have to do. Try and group the activities so for example if you have to buy presents in different shops can you bundle it together easily. And double check your list do you really need to do all of these things, can you eliminate of delegate tasks?

Keep it simple

Look at the task you have to do. What can you make easier? Do you have to go out and shop for food and presents or can you buy on the internet and delivered to your door. If you have to bake do you have a friend who needs to make a hundred mince pies, pebernødder and so on, well then can you do it together, half the work double the fun!

Make a list of important dates leading up to New Year’s Day

What needs to be finished at work before the holidays? Which days so you have parties, family dinners etc. Check that if you have anything to do for these events you have it on your to do list

Putting it all together

Now to make your battle plan. Firstly print of a december month table from the internet (and make sure the boxes are big).

Firstly Energy boost

First divide your day into 3 parts morning, lunchtime/afternoon and evening.  

For mornings and afternoons lunchtime/afternoons find a quick activity from your list that gives you a 5 ro a  30 min energy boost or time out. Write them into the relevant parts of you day EVERY DAY

What you have to do

Firstly plot in your activities into your calendar

Divide what you have to do for christmas into 15 parts and plot them in.

After every day of doing events plot a christmas free day me day- these are days where you just do something good for you.

(Free day me day – free me day is a day just for you and it’s important you take them because as december gathers speed you are going to need them!

Have a wonderful december with a minimum of stress and a maximum of fun 😀

Time for Christmas .jpg

Now group your have to do tasks into the number of days you have left after your freeday me days and your events.

Plot them into the calender as you see fit. Remember if you don’t have enough days delegate or drop them.

DON’T do more than one task a day if you can help it and definitely NOT more than two

And that’s it now you have a rough battle plan follow it. Take breaks when you need to, make having fun as much as a priority as getting stuff done and remember to make this as nice for you as you do for others.

And Voila! a Christmas month with less stress more energy and happier memories.

Have a lovely December!

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