#Lifelessons101 – Positive banks, storing the memories you love (2 min read)

We all have memories that make us happy, Facebook is full of photos testifying to that. But what about the memories you can’t photograph. Life is full of little moments like that. Little things that make us happy and glow. But a few days later they are gone, forever forgotten.

But what if you could keep those memories. Store them up for times when you need the happiness boost the most. Well the good news is you can!

What you need my friends is a Positivity Bank.

You will need a sealable container. (This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A simple jam jar will suffice.) And you will need a lot of paper. The idea is simple. When something good happens that makes you smile, proud or happy, you write it on a slip of paper, fold it up and put it in your bank.  This can be anything small or big.

Once the bank begins to fill up you can take out your positive memories if you need them or like me you can store them until the end of the year and read them all at once. The greatest thing is that when you read the memory you get a sensory memory of how you felt, even what you saw at the moment you have written about.

A positive bank actually provokes stronger memories than all of the pictures on Facebook. Although if you combine them you do get a wonderful energy boost and insight into how fantastic you and your life is.

Positive Banks are a simple and beautiful way to bring a smile to your face and give you a feel good feeling that lasts all day. Start your positive bank today and store away the big and small special moments that make life worth living.3414cc6edfbf287e5b41773b5151e126.jpg

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