#Lifelessons101 – What to do when you achieve a life dream? 5 steps to finding what is next

Achieved your life dream

This week I experienced one of the most amazing things that can ever happen to anybody. I achieved a life dream. I finally heard on Tuesday that my first book will be published in March (yes you heard it here first folks!) It is the most wonderful feeling in the world. But surprisingly quickly I found myself thinking – Well what now?

What am I going to do next?

When you have been slogging your guts out for your dream to a certain extent it is like having tunnel vision. All of a sudden you make it – WOO- HOO! However, it can also feel quite quickly as though you are emerging from a tunnel and the world is full of light blinding you. And to be honest you probably feel exhausted too. (That’s the part they don’t tell you about achieving your dreams.)


This can be a frustrating point in your life. You have got into the habit of working towards your life dream, then all of a sudden it’s there in your face and there is nothing to work towards. Many of my student clients often feel this a couple of months after starting or completing an education because the goal was to start or finish and after the shine wears of the what now starts to eat away at their motivation. 


So I devised a system to help people in the what now stage to inspire them in the next chapter of their love. And now it’s time to take my own advice and here are the things I intend to do which you might find useful too.


1. Celebrate

Yes, first and foremost shout it from the blooming rooftops! 


You achieved a dream and made it a reality. Nobody else did that. You did it. So you deserve to enjoy it and be proud. SOme clients I worked with found it helpful to define a period of  celebration for example 7 days others prefer just to celebrate and stop when they feel they have celebrated enough.

2. Recharge

Often when you have been working hard to achieve a dream when you finally get there you are exhausted. On top of which when we get to where we want to be there is an adrenaline rush that has a comedown hiding behind it.  So give yourself some well deserved r and r. And I mean a minimum of 3 days. Slow down a little. Do tasks that give you energy, boost your immune system, relax your soul. Build a pillow fort and hide a way for a little while. Whatever you need to feel energised.

3. Get inspired by checking in

Some people are natural idea generators and so the inspiration for the answer to ‘what now’ happens naturally. However, we are not all like that. Some of us need a different kind of push to get us started. Here I recommend self reflection. Do a life MOT and have a look at where you are right now. In a journal ask yourself:


What is working for me right now?

What is not working for me right now?

What am I grateful for? 

What is missing? 

What do I need? 

How do I start to create that?

4. Childhood Dreams

So maybe after that self reflection you still aren’t clear on what you want to work towards or alternatively you don’t feel ready to do it. Or you might just need a little more fun. So I suggest setting your sights instead on doing something you have always wanted to do but have never done. Accomplish a childhood dream. As children we are much more in touch with what we want and we have less disbelief in our abilities. But everyone has something they always wanted to do in childhood and haven’t done. So for now work on that. It will recharge your energy by putting you in connection with the spirit of the younger daredevil you and most importantly get you back in touch with you on a deeper level.

5. Get started again

Now some people say you should choose a bigger dream when you have achieved a life goal. I think every dream is big. So after at least a month or two something will have captured your imagination and desire so it’s time to get back on your manifestation pathway and to do what you need to do to achieve the next dream and the next and the next.

(If you are feeling a little lost…)

If you are really struggling to find a new dream then it’s more than likely you are on the precipice of a life change. Here I would recommend going back to the drawing board. For this I turn to Mark Manson’s 7 questions to help you find your life purpose. These questions help you identify what is important to who you are right here and now.And shows you what you truly care about. Reassessing our priorities and passions is a great starting point for finding a new direction in life.

It’s simple, effective and it works. What I love most about this process is that is allows the good things in our lives to inspire change instead of the bad. Which in my mind is a much more satisfactory .  Although this process has been created for when you have succeeded a life goal steps 3-5 are equally relevant if you are not sure where you want to be or what you want to work towards.


Which reminds me  after a nice relaxing bubble bath I need to start looking into hot air balloon rides. Because floating into the sky is one of my unfulfilled childhood dreams! Whether you, like me, are celebrating a dream achievement this weekend. Or you want to get an idea of where to go try these process and give yourself the inspiration to create a new dream this weekend


Enjoy your journey 


<3 Emma-Jane

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  1. So cool and inspiring…
    What an amazing Journey you embarked on Emma! Im sure to follow your Road to succes, and try to implement the steps Even though it is Hard to remeber doing then in these busy hurried times. Kien

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