Inspiration for Creating Daily Rituals & Magical Moments


Do you wake up in the morning feeling like there is something missing from life or do you wake up with so much energy you feel like you’re peeing glitter? 

Well okay, maybe you don’t want to pee glitter, that would hurt. But do you want to feel that glittery bouncy energy throughout the day? Yes! Then read on to fin dout how I do it. 

Recently I got reaquainted with the art of creating daily rituals and ceremonies in my life and WOW it has transformed my life, my energy levels and my sense of purpose! 

In fact I feel like I am living on purpose again. Metaphorically speaking there are moments in the day where I feel like I am peeing glitter ! 

Because by doing these daily rituals and ceremonies I am creating magical moment in my day where I can truly appreciate my life, ground, appreciate, transform and grow. Not to mention topping up my energy levels. 

Now I can hear you say Woot great for you but I don’t have time to do a daily ritual! 

Well I am sorry to bust your bubble my friend but there is a way to make a daily ritual or two in a day by ritualising a habit or behaviour you already have

So here is my list of favourite and simple rituals you can do to create magical moments in your day with rituals and ceremonies. Think of it as a loving nudge to get you to do something AMAZING for yourself <3

Morning rituals

  • My morning cup of coffee and social media free Breakfast(Barley coffe with rice milk). This is sacred ground. I like to start the day filling myself with good vibes. So no social media, or emails or sms’s and sometimes no conversations until I am fed and watered. 
  • Morning rituals. Now I am fully subscribed to the Hal Elrod Mirical Morning club. But it can take time I don’t have. So I have a a 5 min morning ritual, a 15 min morning ritual, a 30 minute and a full hour so that I can adapt it depending on the day.  The 5 min ritual is where I do Tsalagi Dance of Awakening a powerful way to connect The 15 minute ritual includes 5 minutes of yoga just waking my body up and 10 minutes priming which is guided visualisation, apprecitation and meditation in one. Obviously the longer ones are more involved. I highly reccomend making a few alternate morning rituals. Mine have a youtube playlist so I don’t need to decide what to do I just flow. If you only have 5 minutes to yourself in the morning how would you spend 5 minutes to set you up for the day? Reading, writing, moving, praying? 
  • Hygge Family Time One of my clients a single Mom and full-time student was really struggeling to get her three year old out the door in the morning without stressing at her. So in our coaching session we came up with ways to make it more fun. She hit on singing in the morning with her little girl and sure enough they do it to this day. A beautiful, hygge way to connect making a very normal moment a special moment each day.

during the day rituals

  • Mindful breaks Taking a break throughout the day to do something you normally do like eat lunch or drink a cup of tea in a mindfull presence is a great way to do a moment of peace. If my head is too noisy for mindfulness (and who hasn’t been there) I read at my lunch break. Also I make sure that when I eat I am not eating out of the box. Food goes on a plate. Drinks are from a glass or cup. Its a little shift to get me out of ‘work mode’ and recharge. 
  • Walks Walking is one of the best things we can do for ourselves in a day. And no not a walk with your phone. An observing walk where you spend a little time noticing what is happening around you. Even during lock down just once around the garden will help you connect. And if you are in nature a tree of life meditation is the perfect quick ceremony to recharge your batteries 
  • Concious Commuting This time is an amazing opportunity to do something just for you. Don’t fill it with zoom meetings and phone calls. Journal, write, meditate (yes with headphones and Youtube you can meditate anywhere), do your affirmations or gratitude practice, sing, pray, learn on an audio book. I wrote my book Walking the Wheel of the Year whilst commuting. 
  • Have a mindful Tea Ceremony Mindful tea ceremonies are the BEST! Make your tea mindfully, light some candles, drink your tea mindfully and clean up mindfully. Magical. Refreshing. And you get tea!!
  • Music & Dance breaks Music makes the heart sing, dancing makes the heart pound – combine the two and you have the perfect joy and energy recipie. I do this when making dinner in the kitchen. Everyday I hear you ask? Yes! Everyday. Dinner has become way more fun since!
  • Gratitude at dinner Thanksgiving does not have to be a once a year thing. Mr T and I have a practice of saying something we are grateful for about the other person from that specific day. Some familys say something they are grateful for, have learnt or enjoyed during the day. It’s a little ritual that brings alot of happiness. 

evening rituals

  • Reading in bed at night. Even if I’m super tired, I like to spend a little bit of time unwinding by reading in bed. And  I snuggle up with a real book. In fact very often Mr T and I read a book together. We are both busy in the day so this 10 mins of sharing something is a beautiful way to end the day
  • Wind down for the day ritual we do this for our kids and forget to do it for us. My evening winddown begins the minute my screen goes black and white on the mobile. I like to do a breathing exercise or 5 minutes of slow bed time yoga with adriene. Some of my clients like to make this the time where they do deep connection meditation, praying, journaling or ceremony
  • TaDahh list I got this from someone, I just can’t remember who. Going through my TaDahh list while I brush my teeth has become an AMAZING way to end the day. All I do is go through all the things I got done and celebrate how awesome I am for doing them. Evening on the days where all I can do is get out of bed. WOOT ! I got out of bed! SELF -FIVE !

What rituals and ceremonies do you do everyday to connect, ground and take a breath?  Let me know in the comments or dm me on instagram!

And let me know if you try some of my rituals, I’d love to hear how they work for you! 

Until next time make yourself some magical moments and Enjoy Your Journey 

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